From Salva Kirr in Sudan

(Don Croft) #1

Salva is waiting for his first shipment of orgonite from Georg of and in the meantime I asked him to share some personal info so we can be better acquainted. I’m sharing it with you because Africans are generally too modest to talk about themselves & we’re all curious to know them better.

We develop an appreciation for some of their unique life challenges this way, I think, so I"m sharing his reponse, then my email back to him.

If you want to contribute to his gifting effort and perhaps to ease his family’s burden, contact me and I’ll give you the particulars. We have a friend in the Kenya customs and postal department, Mrs. Nyakundi, who has promised to expedite our packages from now on and she’ll also be distributing orgonite in Nairobi. Please send Salva and his family some boosts when you think of it. This really helps! ~D


Its a wonderfull day over here i just hope its just the same over there.
Dear Don I am married to Cristine Oginya.We got married the year 1982 and we were blesed with two beutifull kid.The first born is Haji faye,second born is my beutifull doughter Maggy Debri and last born is Oginga Odinga whom i name after one late politician in Kenya.Don i would have love to tell you more about my familly but the more i tried the more its realy affect me spiritually.My Dad and three of my brothers were just sloutered like cow at the refuge camp.And it do bring back the sad memories of my Familly departure whenever i recall that.
Starting life some where is really had Don,and life have been treating me so ruoghly.Like now that we were heat by drought for some time now no rain no every thing to show even if you plant crops.I just hope there will be achange atleast some how.
Thanks alot once more for the bicycle and the money you add on top it really help me alot.
Yours Salva


Salva, most people over here can’t imagine a truly hard life but at least most of us feel some empathy for the current plight of many Africans and are willing to help materially when possible. The exceptions are the many millions of people who were abducted into government mind control programs as small children and brainwashed by methods involving rape and torture. The fact that the conscious memories were then erased doesn’t take away from the bad effects of the treatment, of course, and this is probably why there seem to be too many crazy or predatory people in our Western societies.

I’m very sorry to hear the news about your father and brothers! We can send good energy to the departed; it works like prayers and I’m doing that for them right now. I’m quite sure that they understand that the physical life is only a momentary one in the life of the soul and that we’re mainly the ones who experience the pain of our loved ones’ departure. If you want, Carol can look in on them, Inshallah, and tell us how they’re doing. She did that in Kenya in a village for the people whose family members had died. I’m quite sure that this world was meant to be a place of joy, prosperity and development, though, and you and I are doing our part to make that come true. After all, if we don’t do it, who will?

I’ll make sure that you get a cloudbuster from Georg Ritschl very soon, delivered to your Kenya address. The box of orgonite devices will probably induce some rain in your area after you distribute them to your family, friends and acquaintances. The cloudbuster has a lot more range and will get more results over the long term. Georg and others will be in your region, disabling weather-warfare transmitter arrays before long. This is what happened for David and Mrs Odondi in Western Kenya.

It won’t be difficult to cart that orgonite cloudbuster 18km to your village in Sudan with a bicycle, later on.

Apparently you may also be greeting visitors from South Africa, US, Canada, Europe and perhaps the Caribbean before much longer and they’ll want to see for themselves how effective their orgonite offerings are in Africa. I think that the effects are more dramatic where you live simply because the people are more personally acquainted with the dynamics of subtle energy.

Over here, we each contend with deep, lifelong programming of denial, cynicism, materialism and doubt, which is reinforced by the What To Think Network, schools, universities, churches, doctors, parents, grandparents, peers, spouses and so on. That’s all now breaking down pretty fast though. It’s amazing how fast someone can wake up from that deep spiritual sleep, actually, and this can always easily happen by the grace of God…

The real, enduring treasures of Africa are its people and ancient, vibrant cultures, of course, not diamonds, petroleum and gold.

Doc Kayiwa is in your country right now, far to the west, distributing orgonite in the more dangerous, wartorn region north of Uganda. He’s quite a spiritual warrior and you’ll no doubt meet him before long.

I know your internet time is limited and that you have to ride 18km to get online across the border in Kenya so I’m going to print out some of my journal reports so that you can be better acquainted with Carol and I. We hope to travel to Uganda this summer, if possible, and I would dearly love to visit your village in Sudan and personally add to the good work that you’re doing.

I know that only time heals the wounds caused by the untimely loss of loved ones but we do our best to console ourselves with the knowledge that where they went is a step up from where they were, at least.