Full Moon Gathering Event

I will be holding a series of events on Full Moon day, online at first and broadcasted through a 3d venue in the near future.

First edition is next Wednesday, May 2nd and it will be online at



So-called confirmations come sometimes in weird ways… an email sent to me by a dear Soul out there…

Planet Alert Special by Mahala
I would like to let everyone know that the feminine Stargate in Iran started opening at 12:35 PM PDT, today April 27, 2007. This is a very important event. It will continue to open until the full moon of May 2, at 3:09 AM PDT. The Stargate in Iraq has been controlled by the dark side for a long time. Whoever controls that gate controls the world.(Note from Steeve: IS THAT US NOW??!)
(,)We need an army of light workers sending unconditional love to that area as the gate continues to open.

Yes all of this at one level…
With Love,

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