G-7 Bankers Meeting In Marseille

Although I’ve done a good deal of gifting in Marseille, there are still some large holes on the map.
I was glad to see they chose a meeting spot that has been treated well by yours truly, may the Force be with them!


the recent marseille G7 meeting was nothing but arguing and more of the same, with all agreeing on only one thing and that was that the financial crises they are presently in is far worse than '08… greek bonds yesterday(I’m in asia) just went over 111%! how long do You think a sovereign can stay afloat paying over 100% annual interest? iMho greece will be toast before this weekend, then the entire EURO will collapse! guess who’s next?

I’m sure Dirk’s t/b’s played their part in helping to speed this worldwide monetary collapse that I’ve been waiting 10 yrs for… got enough silver yet?