Genuine Chemtrail Enquiry on German TV?

Terry in New Jersey sent me this YouTube link:

It’s got English subtitles on the screen but I’m getting hacked while trying to watch it now. Maybe German speakers on EW can comment on the news footage.

Thanks, Terry!


HoHum—looks like disinfo but at least they’re saying ‘chemtrail’ on the What To Think Network in Germany

I still appreciate getting the YOuTube link from Terry, of course. It’s a good idea to keep track of the CIA/MI6 scams as they’re being introduced, after all. Over the years we’ve seen that the disinformants are constrained to include more and more truth among their smelly lies.

I see that they’re still promoting NESARA-type scams, though, which have no truth at all in them. I don’t blame people in other countries for considering that the US Congress was drafting benevolent legislation during the years of the NESARA scam, even though when we look back on those days before the feds blew up the World Trade Center, Congress was actually busy creating the Hitlerian Patriot Acts, instead. The What To Think Network promoted the Patriot Acts as a done deal within days of the demolition of the WTC, after all.

A couple of other old scams that are being aimed at German gifters ought to get a mention, too:

The disinformants in the English-speaking areas were promoting the notion, several years ago, that polymer fibers were being released in chemtrails and that these were somehow injurious to our lungs. Many people could see the little fibers with a blacklight, if memory serves. As far as I can tell, from correspondence with thousands of sick folks who wanted to know about zappers, nobody had come down with any new lung sicknesses from that. Some time later, ‘Morgellons Disease’ was being promoted in another disinfo campaign and a lot of people who had some symptoms related to these claims assumed that they were suffering from teh sickness but I’ve only ever heard from two or three of these, so the alleged endemic was apparently not genuine.

The host of new chronic sicknesses that did become endemic all of a sudden in 1999 could be directly linked to chemtrails, especially since all these millions of sufferers started out with respiratory distress and infections before their sicknesses got going. Dr von Peters of developed ChemBuster at our request, four years ago, to help these people recover and it’s been incredibly successful on our customers who used it for that purpose. This is a tonic, specifically designed to ‘jump start’ kidneys/liver/spleen functions. These organs were apparently targetted by the real bioweaponry in the chemtrails, apparently so that ‘phase two’ would have killed all the people who had been thus compromised. There were apparnetly enough cloudbusters by the middle of 2002 to prevent Phase Two from either being effective or deployed at all. I don’t think I’ve heard of any new cases of these chronic sicknesses since then, by the way, though isolated gifters, especially in areas where teh world odor is particularly fond of its death-energy infrastructure, have gotten dosed by low-flying planes and helicopters. Zappers usually handle that, thankfully. If one zaps immediately when one starts feeling sick, it’s likely that the toxin/weaponry will be neutralized by ionization before it can damage the body significantly, so recovery is quite fast.

Any zapper does this, by the way. I’ve been promoting to my customers who express skepticism about our claims, by the way. I think that one’s superior to the Clark/Beck products and their knockoffs.

Another bit of disinfo that’s getting cycled through the German gifting network is the notion that ‘aluminum is bad to use in orgone technology.’ Dr DeMeo vigorously promoted this claim six years ago when a lot of people were making cloudbusters. I noticed, in those days, that whenever he made a claim it was echoed in Germany. He went to Germany on a lecture tour, five years or so ago, apparently to warn people against following our recommendations and it was right after that when suddenly there were a lot of Germans making orgonite cloudbusters, finally.

Dr Reich wasn’t fond of aluminum and warned against using it in orgone accumulators. As far as I can tell, he didn’t offer an explanation or suggest that he determined this from experimenting. I started making orgone accumulators ten years ago, before I read any of DeMeo’s writings and I’m glad I did because Serge Kahili King, who inspired me to do my own experimenting, advised making orgone accumulators by layering aluminum foil and plastic film and I found that to be incredibly powerful and envigorating, also a good aid for dowsing and psychic work. If I’d read DeMeo’s book or Reich’s earlier instructions (DeMeo simply repeats Reich’s claims), I doubt I’d have become interested in orgone tech at all because the old way is quite cumbersome. I doubt aluminum foil or plastic were even around in Reich’s day. The foil/plastic accumulators could be made in interesting shapes and sizes, after all. I even made a coffin-sized box to lie in and it was phenomenal–helped me quickly overcome hypothermia during the winter months when I was working outside for long hours.

Dr Reich was adamant about expecting people not to merely parrot his words, as you may know. He insisted that all of his claims and findings should be looked at rationally, objectively and in successive generations, then improved upon or discarded, as the case might be. He openly despised the sort of sycophantic imitation and the groundless mysticism that characterizes materialistic science, academia and all of the Theosophy-based cults that were prevalant then, as now. I’m pretty sure that he’d concede that our use of aluminum is valid and right on target. It’s the most abundant metal for us, after all, and is quite easy to work with, not to mention carry around [Image Can Not Be Found];

Nobody who can see or sense energy and has a good reputation has ever had anything bad to say about the use of aluminum in orgonite. Consensus among reputable sensitives can be considered empirical evidence. It’s how Carol and I evaluate all of our own creations, by the way. It’s great to have friends who can do this.

Of course, the use of various metals has more specific applications in the treatment of the human body and consciousness, which is why some of the more talented vendors use brass, copper, titanium, etc., in their interactive devices, along with aluminum in some cases. It’s kind of like the way they choose combinations of specific gems.

I made our first orgonite cloudbuster in March, 2001, with sweepings from a machine shop in Florida where farm equipment was worked on so it was all steel with a smattering of cigarette butts and perhaps dried tobacco spit and boogers. It worked just fine. In Africa we couldn’t find much aluminum so we used steel and even the powdery turnings of brake drums one time.

I had to gift Washington, DC’s, enormous satanic pentacle adn most of Atlanta with much heavier BBs (trade name for the little steel ball bearings that are shot from children’s airguns) in my orgonite because I was simply unable to find aluminum in those cases. I didn’t enjoy schlepping all that heavy orgonite around on foot, nor did it my spud-gun launched TBs go nearly as far.

If I had a nickel for every time I asked someone in email or posts to be rational about the claims of disinformants rather than just promote them unquestioningly, I’d have a $#!+load of nickels

After having listened to the report in german, here a short summary:

The word “chemtrail” is not existent in the spoken report, although it is written in the subtitles. The used word is “dueppel”, a term for military tech.
They are talking about military experiments for hiding aircraft on the radars, which then appear as rainclouds on the weather radars. The report says, that these clouds are not observable on satellite images or in the skies.
There are also at least some “critical” voices concerning the fact.

Anyway, it seems to be one of the few reports on german tv about chemical manipulation of weather and skies.
That´s a good sign, because it indicates that enough people have at least noticed the phenomena.

Thanks for the review, Manfred. It’s a higher grade of disinfo, perhaps: begs the question of why the news people never commented on the chemtrails when they were much more prevalant and lasted longer in the sky but at least they’re not trying to sell chemtrails as beneficial, as some of the disinformants over here have done.

If anyone reading this is in the vicinity of Mojave Airfield (not far from Edwards Nasty Air Force Base), by the way, I’d love to know whether the enormous outdoor assembly line that turns British and American passenger jets into spewplanes is still operating and, if so, whether there are more or less planes in teh assembly line than there were a few years ago. You’ll need binoculars to get a good view from the adjacent highway. I think that by now there are obviously many, many more spewplanes than passenger jets in the world’s skies, especially in the West where the terrorism scam is still in play.