Gift Hong Kong w/updates - 30/07/06

Hello everyone,

I think I only told Don about our late June gifting behind my place in Hong Kong:

Mount Davis – Kennedy Town
Sunny and I went gifting behind my place on top of the mountain on 24/06/06. On our way up we put 8 TBs. There are four towers including what I think you call drum towers. Each of them received 2 TB and I hope it will help. We placed a total of 16 TBs, not much but it is a start.

Please find the links below for pictures:

Last evening (24/07/2006) we went to The Peak. First to Victoria Peak (higher than the tourist spot) where stand (antennas, drums, …) like the pictures above. Some are 24h/7 TV monitored, some can’t even be reached, since they are in an enclosed area and guarded. The night falls early evening in HK (7pm) and we didn’t have any torch lamp to make our way, so, Sunny was rather afraid …ahahaha For the towers and antennas we dropped a total of 20 TBs.

We then went down the road, gifting along the way. We also went all around the Peak trail (tourist spot and 2.6kms walk) a total of 42 TBs were dropped coming down the road and all around the trail.

Today we have a hell of a smog all over Hong Kong!

Hello all,

I don’t know if the orgonite is responsible of it, but since I came back to Hong Kong

  • First week weather forecast: rain for the whole week

  • First week real weather: Sunny and hot

-Second week weather forecast: Sunny and hot (hot means 35˚)

  • Second week real weather: mild, overcast and breezy (28˚)

Today, we had very heavy rain and, some HK streets looked like rivers (hehehehe)

OH and a great news, I can’t believe it … ahahaha … Today I was offered to sell orgonite in a Hong Kong shop. I think I’ll decline te offer, since I know they are going to sell it like any other products, marking the price up and make lots of money out of it. Doesn’t it go against the very principles of orgonite???



I think it would be a great idea for you to sell orgonite there, you can sell it and teach them how to make it, I think one of the best things to do is to spread the info, tell people how to make it, and if they don’t, just buy it from someone else at a decent price, that could be you!

Hopefully that orgonite you make and sale will go somewhere and do the job. Can you imagine if they mass produce the TB’s and HHg’s? If instead one Didier gifting, it turns out to be 1,000 Didiers gifting? Can you imagine the results of the orgonite if that happens?

I’d say go for it! [Image Can Not Be Found]


pd: I often say to ignorant, closed minded, pj’s that the orgonite I make it’s something esthetic, to put anywhere, its better to gift and spread the orgonite this way with these people, than wasting time and energy on explaining or convincing. In fact, never try to convince anyone… as someone said before, I think it was Don, the orgonite around them will make them understand better…

Today, the weather was supposed to be rainy – we had torrential rains on Saturday), but since the weather was quite fine, we went gifting Bowen Road a walking trail of almost 4 kms that overviews Admiralty, Wanchai and Happy Valley districts. We started gifting below The HK Adventist hospital to Greenville house (almost the end of Bowen Road).
It was kind of hard to gift since there was lots of people along the trail but we definitely had a good time. We gifted 25 TBs along the trail
We then tossed 3 TBs (only) in Hong Kong Park. It is almost impossible to gift there, since there are lots of cameras all around the park.

Today Sunny and I went to Beacon Hill (457m) to gift the place and all along the mountain ridge through Lion Rock Mountain (495m) up to Shatin Pass. That makes about 6kms of perpendicular mountain ridge that separates Kowloon side from The New Territories, for those who know about Hong Kong. The path continues, on each side of the portion we’ve made today and the total length will be done, in later “outings”.

The weather was not nice in the morning, it was raining where Sunny lives; on my side it had rain during the night and the sky looked like it was about to rain soon. We headed towards Beacon Hill. We got wrong infos and the bus we took was not going there, so we had to check how we could go on the other side of the highway we landed. Since we were in a public park, we gifted it, then we gifted along the highway and on our way up (that includes a Water Department building, a jail, and the road up the mountain). It was very hot and humid, there was no air. We were sweating buckets, but were cheerful as usual.
We reached the top: gifted the antennas, and the first ball, then the second ball. When going down the road from the second ball, the air felt much lighter, there was a slight fresh breeze and the temperature felt cooler. Plus the sky became blue and the clouds were shooed away. You can see from the first picture that it was quite overcast and the other pictures show a sky bluer and lighter :cheers: . We were about to go down the mountain, when we decided to go on and gift the mountain ridge, so we walked back and gifted a few more kms. We found pylons, power lines and military war markings (1900-1945) which were also gifted along the way.
We had a wonderful day walking in the countryside and seeding Nature with nice little TBs

for the pictures follow the link:


I am still wondering if gifting protects us … ok ok … I know, I’m rather stubborn Sealed, but we’ve had a bad typhoon last week for 4 days, it didn’t get too close to HK and that was fortunate, because even we had a typhoon signal n˚ 3 (there are signals n˚1, n˚3, n˚8, n˚10), there was damages. This week we are literally “sandwiched” in between two typhoons. The one on the South is weakening into a low depression but it was a typhoon signal n˚3 last evening. The one on the North is about to land in China, this one is BIG. We are lucky, I think. Find the link to the animation below

Typhoon animation"
errr … I think more gifting is needed over the week end Wink

Didier Cool

As I was alone for gifting today, I decided to go to Lamma Island to gift the (coal) power plant and the antennas on top of one of the mountains.
I reached Central pier at about 8:50am and asked for the next “open” ferry (so that I can gift the harbour on my way to Lamma) and the lady told me there was no more of them now. I discovered, when reaching Lamma island that one of those “open” ferry was ready to leave back to Central pier. I hated that woman for telling me a lie Yell. Anyway … at 9:20am I gifted Yung Shue Wan pier, then up the village to the test wind power station. Went down to the coal power plant. I couldn’t go through so I could only place two tbs there, but I found strange that the butterfly I wanted to take a picture of, started to play with me and did so for at least 5mn. It was flying around me and going back to the same area where I found it, it even went on my head Embarassed.I would have loved to stay and play with it a bit longer, but I went back onto the track that led me to a police station, then a beach, up and down mountains (lovely hilly HK … hehehe). Gifted near the two WWII kamikaze caves, and reached Tin Hau temple in Sok Kwu Wan port at about 11am. I gifted it before having a lovely sea food, tao fu lunch and a good beer to make me forget the heat (35˚c). After lunch, I went on around Sok Kwu Wan (Picnic Bay in english). I missed the path going uphill, so I walked much longer going around the island and finally found another path going up … HELL! … no shade at all, it felt like being in a frying pan. 136 meters high doesn’t sound much but sometimes, it really does especially when carrying a load of TBs. We hardly can gift with a car, in HK. I had started my walk wit 70 TBS and had 34 left when reaching the mountain top! Cry
I was so happy to find the antennas and their heliport but didn’t stay long, gifted them and here I went on , going down this time. I went back to Sok Kwu Wan and had a drink before taking the ferry.
I used the 28 TBs left I had for gifting the sea on my way back to Central.
My walk was around 13 km and the boat journey back to Queen’s Pier Central was 11.5 km (thanks Google Earth [Image Can Not Be Found])

Our friend Google and its spies will be happy to know we can calculate and show to our friends our gifting journeys and use their satellite maps to make pictures of them ( my walk + boat trip back in the picture section).

Didier Wink

Seeing how the following route is rather long I thought it would rather be nice to walk it alone since my gifting friend was not with me today. So I decided to go gift the half left North side of the biggest island in Hong Kong … LANTAU Island, It is just below the new huge international airport that was built just before the handover from UK to China in 1997.

I think this area needs lots of gifting especially when knowing the airport site is now replacing what was before the breeding ground for the Hong Kong Pink dolphin.

The gifting route I had prepared to do on foot was roughly 14kms long (1km more than last week in Lamma island). I also had in mind the gifting of the ferry route on my way back from Mui Wo (Eastern side of Lantau Island) to Central, Hk Island a roughly 20kms long ferry journey. For so much gifting I had planned to do it this time with my big bagpack, since my little city backpack almost killed me the other times. This time, 120 TBs were planned for the trip. Few antennas to gift along the way, south of the artificial airport island in the channel, and then going along the coast. Gifting Tai O village was the end of my island journey. The chinese (wrongly) call that fishermen village “The asian Venice”. 16 years back it was still quite a nice and very “local”, with a boatwoman helping you crossing the little channel for only HK$0.20 (US$0.03) but to replace that lovely old lady and her wooden boat, they didn’t find any better than building an ugly iron and concrete bridge that destroys the view of that beautiful village made of houses on piles. They always come up with very ugly buildings to replace all the old beautiful ones. In Tai O village, there are two antennas to gift + some army barracks and a heliport. Of course the harbour is in big need of gifting since the pollution is horrendous! So I was very happy about my planning.

Well, to finally get to the point, this morning around 11am I suddenly decided not to go today, I had in mind it would be too dangerous to do it alone and I am happy I didn’t. The sky turned rather smoggy 1 hour later deciding to stay home, we then had a very big storm. Thunder and heavy rain for quite a while. The bad weather remained as such until 5pm and the smog turned rosy-red when the sun set.

I’m sorry I couldn’t go this week but I think next week we’ll do it with Sunny Smile

Tuesday 22nd of August 2006 I went gifting the new city of Tung Chung, a city which they started to built in 1996 together with the new airport and are still developing, right next to the New Hong Kong Airport .

I started gifting south all along the coast starting from the very old fisherman village up to some strange antennas, these are weather facilities (see sign on picture) down the Airport. The walk took me 1.5 hour one way (13 km return journey).
So this is going to be the first leg of a much longer gifting on the West side of Lantau Island (and HK Territory). I used the 30 TBs I brought along with me and place some afar from the airport shore (it’s on a protected man made island) where I could see another of those nasty antennas. I have discovered few ferry routes go around the whole airport, I hope I’ll find “open” ferries (those with a deck on which we can go) so that I can throw TBs all around the channel.

I also left 4 TBs at some friend’s place who lives in Tung Chung.

That was two days ago and the weather was very hot and the sky was blue. It was the same until yesterday evening, we suddenly had rain and today we had showers on an off. Now it is almost midnight, I can see lightning from my windows and there is thunder rumbling in the back!


August 27th, 2006 Today was wonderful! Sunny changed his plans and couldn't join again. so I asked another friend of mine to join gifting in Lantau. Distances are approximates made on Google Earth.

Last tuesday I went from Tung Chung to just above Sha Lo Wan, as for today:

I had taken 120 TBs in my bag-pack, today. We took the ferry at Central at 9am.

  • We started from Central ferry Pier (Victoria Island, known as well as Hong Kong Island) to Mui Wo ferry Pier. Distance 17 km (or 9.20 nautical miles)
    We gifted all along the distance, more TBs were gifted near each pier. It was fun, the ferry was an open deck and we were alone at the back of the boat most of the time.

We then had to make a journey by bus from Mui Wo to Tai O which lasted about 45mn

Upon arrival in Tai O we noticed there was tours to see pink dolphins for about 25mn the cost was HK$20 per person (about US$2.57). We decided to take it and we were the only two of us + the tour guide and the boat captain. The captain sailed offshore for a while and I kept gifting the sea while we were on our way. At some stage he stopped and we saw them from afar. These were the first dolphins I ever saw in the wild Laughing
The Hong Kong dolphin is a Humpback dolphin, its scientific name is Sousa chinensis and its color is pink! Since I could not make pictures of them (I was far too slow and they were too far away), you can see the HK dolphins pictures at

Hong Kong Dolphinwatch Limited

I also gave about 6-10 TBs, and only one dolphin swam closer to us very briefly (about 20-30 metres) but I think they were scared of us since the captain was making his engine roar to speed up and get closer to them [Image Can Not Be Found]
He and the guide were also extremely noisy (HK people communicate by shouting, mostly. The more noise the better!) Anyway, it was great to see the dolphins swim and I’m sure I’ll go back some time with dolphin balls! That portion of trip was about 11 km (or 5.94 nautical miles).
After the very ugly bridge they’ve built 5 years ago that helps crossing the channel in Tai O, I was very unhappy to discover that the government has built a Typhoon shelter in Tai O bay against people’s will (HK$12 millions – US$1.55 millions). That harbour never needed a typhoon shelter, and now there is an ugly stone wall is there, people complain, they no longer can see the sunset which was undoubtedly wonderful. How to waste money and make people unhappy? Ask again who can do it best! On the satellite pictures you will not see the typhoon shelter since pictures were made prior to its construction.

Anyway … we went back to Tai O pier and decided to go to lunch before either walking to Sha Lo Wan either taking the ferry there. During lunch we decided the weather was far too hot to walk all the way up the island, so we would take the ferry instead and gift the sea on our way there.

After lunch we gifted Tai O Village (some parts of it) among which the Heliport and some (unknown) facilities attached to it and other places and I decided I’d go back to finish the place another time since our ferry was arriving. I noticed a weather facility above another mountain further south so I’ll have to go back for sure!
That part of gifting was about 5.6 km. We ran to make sure we’d get our ferry

We were again lucky on that ferry. We had a little bench at the back of the upper OPEN deck. So we sat and gifted our way to Sha Lo Wan pier : 9 km or 5 nautical miles.

Arrived at the pier which is just at the tip of the HK international airport. We got off and started our journey to Sham Wat Wan, hoping to take the bus back to Mui Wo for me and to the beach for my friend. When arriving there, the lady from the café told us there is not enough business around so there is NO bus! We had the option to get a taxi or her friend could also drive us up if we were paying him the same price as for the taxi (hello the crooks!) We nicely declined saying we would walk insteadup to just below Po Lin Monastery and take the bus from there.
From altitude 0 to about 345 meters. It was quite hard but it was great, we gifted along the way up.
Arrived on top I saw a kind of antenna so I went checking for it and sicne it is a GPS antenna I gifted it too. From the Sha Lo Wan pier to that bus stop it was about 7.8 km which makes the total walk a bit more than 13 km.

I arrived home exhausted but light hearted and discovered that out of 120 TBs, we gifted 112, today.

updated pix at:…..0Seas.html

Pic 1 = satellite view of our ferry journey from Central ferry Pier to Mui Wo ferry Pier Pic 2 = satellite view of our boat journey to the dolphins Pic 3 = view of what the dolphins can see on one side of their playground (the other side is unfortunately the HK International airport) Pic 4 = satellite view of our gifting in Tai O village Pic 5 = view of traditional fishermen Tai O village (and its modern and ugly bridge) Pic 6 = close up view of the ugly bridge that replaces the old boat-woman. Pic 7 = view of Tai O village traditional houses. Pic 8 = partly view of the ugly typhoon shelter breaking beautiful sea view and sunset. Pic 9 = view of shrimp paste making at the port. Pic 10 = view of Tai O from mountain Pic 11 = view of mountain top + antennas in Tai O Pic 12 = satellite view of our boat journey from Tai O to Sha Lo Wan pier Pic 13 = satellite view of our gifting journey from Sha Lo Wan pier to Tai Fung Au Pic 14 = view of the gifted GPS antenna at Tai Fung Au

Yesterday was a wonderful day/experience. It was at first one of those day with no draft of air. It was also the hardest gifting day, though and I was alone.
I started to gift from Quarry Bay at 11:15am, going uphill towards Mount Parker.

At the beginning of the walk it was impossible to gift as there was so many persons coming down or going up … anyway, I managed to gift a big phone pole relay on my way up.
The more I was going up, the least people I was meeting, since most people like to flock downhill to the 2 or 3 barbecue area.

In between Mount Parker and Mount Butler is “Quarry Gap” or “Tai Fung Au” where 95% of the remnant walkers stop for picnic. The rest of the journey up to Mount Parker was then VERY quiet, allowing me to gift in peace. Laughing
The top of Mount Parker has two so-called wireless transmitting stations + antennas, I gifted the antennas and went all around both station to surround them with TBs.
On my way down there was a nice little breeze and the sun started to appear. it was 12:15 pm
I didn’t even stop at “Quarry Gap”, I started to go up the long line of steps to Mount Butler. THE dying experience! ahahaha it’s so damn steep!

From there, I went down to just behind the Quarry and took the path that goes towards Braemar Hill. Gifted another big antenna and reached the place I had noticed on one of my maps. There is a “wireless station” and 18 antennas/mats stated on my map. In fact, it’s a huge compound and there are now more than 25 mats for sure and there is also what I would call the “umbrella or spider antenna” not exactly in the centre. Many of the mats are linked to each other and to the “spider”. It looks a bit like the HAARP antenna grid even the mats are on different little hills (with sometimes no path found to link them). I definitely went into a maze and lost my way. There was sometimes no path, or only water stream path at times. I spent three hours gifting all those, making sure I don’t step on a snake … ahahah Anyway, I criss-crossed the hills trying to gift intelligently and not waste my CBs. I even found a nice stream in which I had a nice foot bath for a while [Image Can Not Be Found].
There was also an old strange little house with a kind of miror thing on it (see picture) and the whole compound which is rather large overviews all North and West HK Island
I got really scared when leaving the compound, I saw a sign that says that HK Telecom would not be responsible for any damage, injury or … death~! Gulp!Foot in mouth ahahaha Then I went down through another path I also gifted till I reached the city world again

Total walk more than 17kms
Gifted 58 TBs

Link to the latest pictures

a little post cryptom: I think I’ll stop my HK updates from now on and gift in silence. It takes too much time to prepare all the pictures and the updates. Since I also help MIISTERD and the french forum, I won’t have time for everything.

I will indeed stay in EW and might post when I have something to share, but nt in so much details.

Cheers to all

Didier Wink

A Honk Kong weather update:

I think I am really going to believe my cloudbuster has some effect on the local weather (well, sorry but despite all the gifting I’m doing here, I still have doubts Embarassed )

As you will see on the picture link below, there was a typhoon heading right to Hong Kong during the past two days, and then the typhoon made a 90˚ West turn and then started to head towards the South West Chinese peninsula and Hainan island

I’m glad my colleagues do not know about my gifting, they would kill me, lol Laughing … they always check in the newspaper if we’ll get a typhoon over HK (when we get a typhoon signal 8, we don’t have to go for work and still get paid)

Last sunday my old friend Ken and I went gifting the Top of Tai Mo Shan. The first picture will show you the top of the mountain the way I see it from my flat window, on the other side of the harbour. In the second picture the blue dots show you our walk and gifting path (Google Earth area was overcast when they took the pictures, so I couldn’t see our path on it).
Since there is no nice path to go up and it’s at about 957m altitude. The road up the mountain is extremely long , we definitely made a good choice by taking a taxi. There is a parking spot where cars can’t go any further up at about 800m altitude. We then went up gifting all along the way. Unfortunately the weather was kind of hazy so the pictures seem a bit blurred, I’ll definitely go back and gift again (with HHG, then) and take pictures again when the season is nice.
The road then path are very nice and there are beautiful tree spots along the way. The view is also amazing. When we were going up, the sky turned hazier and hazier but when we reached down the mountain at “Lead mine pass” the sky above was blue. We then went further down to my most favourite HK reservoir “Shing Mun Reservoir” and its niaouli tree forest (a type of eucalyptus tree).
On sunday, the reservoir was completely full (because of the past two weeks heavy rain we had – but no typhoon, hehehe) Of course we saw the agressive monkeys, I
took pictures of them but they all turned out blurred. I’m sure it’s because I was afraid of the monkeys, since they sometimes try to attack one when they get too close.

for whicever reason, the link doesn’t work and I can’t accesss the pictures I posted even through my website, so … I just hope things are going to be sorted out soon Laughing

Hello All,

I have finally succeded in fixing my picture site, and now that things are cooling down I’m also going to resume posting.

For some of my gifting pics (they will let you get to know HK) Gifting Earth and Seas

I still have to catch up with my French well updates (I have all the datas) since I stopped working on that more than a month ago.

I wish to go on developing the cantonese presentation of orgone/orgonite but my cantonese abilities being close to zero, I need cantonese speakers among the gifters to join in the translation part. (s)he’ll/they’ll be most welcome because my local friends here are a bit lazy on that part hahahaah.


PS: Please let me know if the link deson’t work – Thanks Laughing

Today is Cheung Yeung Festival (in Spring Ching Ming is its counterpart. In the western world the equivalent to that festival is All Saints Day). Everybody is supposed to journey to their ancestors grave in order to pay their respects to them. They also clean the graves and do food offerings. This is a day when people are supposed to go up to the mountains thinking they will be promoted to the top (based on a old legend that saved an entire family from slaughter). Trust me, chinese people follow traditions quite seriously, so this day is one of the few you’ll find “human traffic jams” in the mountains (where most of the cemeteries are).
This year, Cheung Yeung falls on a Monday (today) it is as well a public holiday in Hong Kong and yesterday (sunday), many paths were packed with people already fulfilling their good deeds for the ancestors.
We made appointment with Ken for 11 am, so that we have lunch before walking. We ate in a local restaurant and we headed to the mountains. I had planned a 20 km (or so walk) and had brought 140TBs in my bag pack. That journey was meant to finish the gifting of South Eastern Kowloon mountain range.
According to the chinese calendar, we’re at end of autumn and the weather is mild and very agreeable for hiking… well supposedly … the temperature was at least 28˚C and there was no air (at sea level). The first section of our walk was the least interesting; going uphill on the roadside in order to reach the Wilson Trail. the VERY narrow pavement was hardly practicable because of the Cheung Yeung Festival crowd going to the very large cemetery nearby. The crowd shoutings and energy was kind of heavy and gifting was a prowess. What stunned me most was that I was already feeling tired at the beginning of the walk and put it on the heavy load I had to carry and the ambiance (crowd).
We finally reached the Wilson trail. The map stated the first part of our walk was to be 10 km long. We found much less people on that one and it become much better to walk and we could relax while gifting. The more we walked the weaker I was feeling ad we had to stop a few times while I usually don’t need to and after a few hills my legs were shaking. After gifting some strange large and white panels I had to accept that journey would have to end at the initial 10 km since the second part of the walk is much harder than the first one. That was a disappointment but I wanted to make sure I’ll make it back home and not to the hospital … or the graveyard [Image Can Not Be Found]
Anyway, we gifted all the path. Ken and I parted, I took a bus back home, had a shower and noticed rashes all over my torso. These are for me signs of food poisoning which I know so well. So, I went to sleep for 3 hours finally knowing why I had felt so weak for the whole afternoon and dreaming of that 602m high “Kowloon Peak” and its ugly antennas I have to visit to complete my gifting of the South Eastern Kowloon mountain range.
DidierHK Smile

Hello all,

I’m back on track after one month illness. The food poisoning was in fact a reaction of my immune system. I had a “virus” since doctors only tell you that here and was stupid enough to go to doctors. I got 3 antibiotic treatments in 2 weeks. I decided not to go back after realising how conditioned we are to allopathic medicine. I should simply consult a traditional chinese doctor instead, I’m sure it would have gone faster!

Anyway, the pollution was extremely high in HK from around 25th of September until last week. The “official” and biaised records have shown that Hong Kong is one of the most polluted cities in the wolrd (after of course, few mainland chinese cities) Lots of and more and more people have been ill with lungs problems( like me recently) and there seems that finally out of despair there is finally something taking place.

I do not know exactly what’s happening but in the past month there were few articles on HK pollution and now it’s at least one article per day, in the mainstream newspapers. I only hope there will be more and more of those articles in HK.

The readers could discover that Pollution controls do not follow the international standards as it was said in the newspapers few days ago. Our Chief executive has made a stupid campain " Hong Kong blue sky" trying to divert people’s mind from the real problem. Banning smoking in public areas is almost fully applied (I’m a non smoker but I do know that smoking doesn’t create Hong Kong pollution, however it seems the mass has yet to realise that!) and saying that people have to be more concerned about Hong Kong pollution and they should try not to pollute (let’s make people feel guilty it’s the best thing even, isn’t it?). He forgot to speak of all the dirty factories of the Pearl river delta that have burgeoned in the less than past ten years, the extra highways they are already building while pollution levels have litterally exploded and the higher buildings they are building all over Hong Kong which will prevent natural air flow. He also said there is no miracle to do on Hong Kong pollution AND presented not a single plan to do his best at least to prevent more pollution to come. But now, it seems, the local government is getting real pressure by many different green groups and asked to ACT and not to speak.

As for myself, since I received the 5 kgs of aluminum scraps Laozu/Kelly kindly sent me as a gift (THANK YOU KELLY) I am going to make orgonite this week and will get back to my long walks on Hong Kong trails and roads … can’t wait!

Good to hear you are somewhat recovered Didier.

You are very welcome to the metal: good gifting!

Yesterday after one month lethargy, I could finally resume gifting. Of course I made my new TB’s with Laozu aluminum and that feels great!

I finished gifting the South Kowloon mountain range I had started few months ago. I was alone to gift from Wong Tai Sin to Kowloon Peak (603m) and down to the city.
The walk length was of about 12km and the altitude was playing yoyo from sea level to 603m high. To go down from that highest point, I followed a river bed and am glad I didn’t break anything as I wonder how I could have been rescued in the middle of a mountain hehe
Some of the “facilities” I gifted where not built when Google took pictures of HK.
I will update pictures later on! and will post the link in here

Besides the gifting, to talk about Hong Kong news:
Donald Tsang (Chief Executive of HK) is still being challenged over Hong Kong air pollution for more than a month. Everyday brings new articles about it and I just hope it’s not going to cool down. Yesterday medical students demonstrated against the stupid comments he [Donald Tsang] made a week ago to tackle pollution protestors : " HK is one of the healthier places to live with very long life expectancy". He forgot to mention that with the air we breathe life expectancy is going to drop drastically within 10 years!

I have updated my gifitng blog that has links to pictures as well. It has been done in french and in english. From now on, I’ll just mention the date of the gifting and the link to the blog

17th December gifting:



The link doesn’t work for me :-/