Gifting Canals With TBs


Has anyone done it and what were the results?

Or any body of water like a small lake etc.



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I mostly gift waters as I always think that the water always end up sometime being drank by people, so energised water is one of my main interests to affect people in the places I gift.

I don’t have any photos to show it but in small ponds I noticed the water getting clearer in some weeks.

One thing I did once was water a dying tree with water charged above my Cloudbuster and in less than two days the parts of the tree that were still alive became green again and brillant with life.

From my own observations I found orgonised water to have great effects on plants and animals.

I remember some years ago about ‘dead’ coral rifts being completly replenished after water giftings? Does anyone have pictures of that or remember details about that?

I also remember when the geneva lake was gifted in 2007, a report was written in a journal (GHI) which explained that the water in the lake has never been as clear in the last 40 years!
Here is a saved version:
It’s in french, use google translate

Like Braikar, I favour gifting water over land. For me, it’s because so much animal- and plantlife depend on water. Holland is a watery country, of course – with lots of rivers, lakes, pools, flows and canals – and most of it’s land below sea-level. Fighting rising water levels by inland dikes, as wel as farming, has shaped the landscape over centuries into a human footprint: there isn’t much “wildlife” left, nature is groomed and park-like. Over here, it’s much easier to hide orgonite in water then on land because of this grooming. You don’t want your orgonite to be found after all.

Two years ago I gifted several kilometers of the Lek, a downstream river part of the Rhine. Since the country side is very flat, the river forelands are quite broad and the only proper access is by foot (if you lack the finance to hire a boat), ploughing your way through the clay. The advance was that I got to gift many pools in the forelands as well – where migrating geese and other birds rest on their annual journeys, flying from north to south and back. On my daily trips to work by train, crossing the Lek locally, I noticed wild geese preferred the sides of those pools where I had tossed my orgonite. Where there had been a bird flu alert in Holland the previous year (all domestic poultry had to be kept indoors), there was no local warning in our province that year, despite bird flu alerts in Germany (more upstream).

[During the gifting trips themselves, the waterpatrol police surveilled me frequently from a distance. Also some energy company cars drove by at walking speed, staring at me, on my walks back home over the dike. And I saw radar equipment on a boat navigating randomly downstream a few weeks later. All this, to me, was a confirmation there probably are frequency transmitters on the riverbeds indeed.]

Spa bottle (emptied) with river water, devided over two glasses.

Last week – inspired by Mark’s garden tests – I asked my man to collect some riverwater in a bottle. I grew up near the Rhine for twenty years and ended up living downstream at the Lek riverside now, so I know very wel what the water looked and smelled like over the years. It always had a brownish colour and a penetrant, chloral odour. Over the years, the quality had improved due to environmental laws on dumping and even salmons returned. Assuming my man would bring home a bottle of brownish, stinking water for orgonite testing, to my surprise the water was as clear as tapwater and smelled like fresh rain. The cat, who prefers licking drops of rain off of surfaces (over tapwater in a tray), was eager to drink from those glasses in the window-sill – so I threw it away finally. Thus ended my experiment…. [Image Can Not Be Found] I should have taken a sample before gifting the river!

Another thing I have noticed in relation to orgonite and water, is that small birds prefer to drink water from the cloudbuster’s bucket. There’s always a swallow layer of rainwater on top of the cloudbuster’s base. We also have waterdishes for birds in our garden, but small birds like ‘koolmeesjes’ (great mouse?), sparrows and even a resident robin only sip water from the cloudbuster bucket nowadays. I hope to catch their act on camera one day, but they’re usually too quick for me. The cat regularly drinks water from the bucket too – making sure he doesn’t touch the pipes with his head or moustage, so I noticed. Birds avoid that too, they don’t plunge in.

Locally, I have gifted some water ponds that were polluted in summer (can’t think of the name right now, it’s that bacteria that kills ducks and is hazardous for people too botulism I had gifted them before, but there had been a lot of chemtrail spraying last summer. So when warning signs for this disease were put up next to the ponds, I gifted some more to see how long it would take for them to remove the signs. This took up to one and a half week. Also saw some men in fishing boats searching the bottom of the ponds. They were too welldressed for fishermen. Besides, fishing wasn’t allowed because of the pollution.

So far some of my impressions,


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Botulism (Latin, botulus, “sausage”) also known as “Botulinus Intoxication,” is a rare but serious paralytic illness caused by botulin toxin. The toxin is produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. C. botulinum is an anaerobic, Gram positive, spore-forming rod. Botulin toxin is one of the most powerful known toxins: about one microgram is lethal to humans. It acts by blocking nerve function and leads to respiratory and musculoskeletal paralysis.


Thanks for all the information and reports. Looks like a plan is forming to get up there and do a segment of the canal and then return several months later and see what its like.

Will document of course and see about water samples too.

Its all a bit vague at the moment but slowly firming up.


Mark Bennett Hello

Thanks for all the information and reports. Looks like a plan is forming to get up there and do a segment of the canal and then return several months later and see what its like.

Will document of course and see about water samples too.

Its all a bit vague at the moment but slowly firming up.


If you wish to use visual confirmations, it is quite imperative (IMO) to take a recording of the weather the week running up to your tests/gifting, as the UK is a rainy island and this will kick up alot of mud etc, then you can look to review this after a period of weather which matches that which existed prior to the gifting.

Also for water samples this would apply.

Likewise, the volume of traffic on the canal would be important for both churning and pollutants (engines etc) would significantly effect this, more so than on a river.

Water gifting rocks :~)


Thanks Rich, will collect data (or ask locals) when my trip is closer.

As per the traffic – think there’s none as they’re not used anymore.