Gio' Pomodoro, sculptures associated with free energy production

I cannot remember who wrote about the Repulsine, spheres inside spheres, Vatican own and Wtrade NY.

Last week found a sculpture by the same artist mr Gio Pomodoro, its a t the Economy Of Commerce Univeristy Bocconi of Milan. It is actually on the ground where there is a bank (San Paolo) and the campus, notice the tube structure behind the sculpture also has llamae llamass on. (There is going to be some gifting coming around too). Other images coming

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This is a artistic bronze obelisk like, a different artist from Japan. Its about one year old, strategical location, the monumental cemetery, opposite of the road a ‘electrical station’ with additional antennas. They didnt expect it would get hhgs

Watching the ‘Aus dem nicht’ Out of the void. I think the film is toungue in cheek, they all know that free energy is already here, and already wasbefore they born.

There is space outside a object or also there is space inside objects, does that create a different reflection? It would take us back to the geriatric hospital.

The sculptures of popes with the void inside by H. Rosenthal and the 7 transparent pyramids obelisks.

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Speak, what is the mental shape ‘forma mentale’ that created this inventions. The empty emycircle of the statue trunk and the very image of the pope with the symbols on the scarf, positioned on the angle of the building. What is the objective of this creation. Beside the historic false that his back had never been a straight kind.

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Speak boy with a big fatt tummy inside the Saint George at Vigoleno next to an inverted cross made of round spheres (pomi d’oro)!