Global Dimming? Latest Disinfo Rap on the What To Think Netw

(Egoli.buster) #1

A few days ago I saw a BBC-Show on South African TV. Subject “Global Dimming”…

This was the storyline:

“Scientists” in Israel, Australia and Germany have found that the Sun radiation reaching earth’s surfac e has decreased by 10% in tha last 30 years. (1976 was pretty much the onset of large scale weather control as we know)…

Due to that changes in weather patterns, monsoon diesn’t work likje it used to, etc.

Hence the well known drought catastrophes in Ethiopia etc…

The were very bold and showed lots of obvious chemtrail in satellite imagery and sky photos, obviously to hammer the mind control spell down the sheeples brains that these were CONRTAILS…

So they said, ok, shame, a few million dead from crop failure, famin, drought, but hey, there is a hidden benefit because global dimming counteracts “GLOBAL WARMING”…

BTW some of these guys measured the temperature effect that the grounding of all Air Traffic after 9-11 had and it was statistically very significant.

So these scientists were paraded as kind of “maverick scientists” and their findings as a “provocative minority opinion” of course, so that the progressive and restless elements within the sheeple would trust them and sympathise with their “revolutionary hypothesis”.

It’s so much fun to be alert and see how mindcontrol works, heh?

Expect to hear more about “global dimming” in the near future

And make sure you don’t get dimmed to much, he?


(Don Croft) #2

heheh, that’s pretty funny, Georg, thanks!

Do you remember, 7 or 8 years ago, when UV output of the sun jumped up significantly? I was using solar panels at the time and I had noticed that everything seemed a lot brighter on sunny days. Everyone who uses solar panels noted a big jump in electrical output.

For a long time people have been scammed into slathering cancer-inducing sun screen on their exposed skin, especially iln Australia, where people tend to just go along with disinformation more than here.

I rather made a point of using no sunscreen or suntan lotion and when I had my little seagoing mishap, five years ago, and spent several days exposed to sunshine I got a really niced tan and never even burned.

Last month on our reef-gifting sortie, which lasted about six hours in bright sun, I left my shirt off and we got a pretty good burn but I didn’t even blister from that, nor did Carol. Jeff, who gets red in sun, had put on sunscreen [Image Can Not Be Found]

The function of how fast teh Pajama People will stop swallowing disinfo like this is how soon they’ll start looking at the lovely sky outdoors instead of looking at doctored images and doomsaying on the What To Think Network. They’re actually waking up now, and expiring in old age, which can’t be ignored as an important factor in social progress.

This may seem heartless but in fact I love PJ folks.