Global warming for dummies

Let us investigate this well masked over semi-faceted political situation at the WORD level and try to bring some understanding forward and keep it simple so even Al Gore can understand it.


Now look at the first photo.

First you see a ….GLOBE, what does it do? It pulses 450,000 watts of radiation into the atmosphere with a radius of about 300 miles. If you look at the geometric patterns on most of these round globes it somewhat resembles a large soccer ball. Second, when you look at the symbolic meaning of the geometric patterns they could easily symbolize the earth’s grid, or ALL or Global Warming personified.


Get it, Got it, Good!

Anti-Global Warming 101


as above

If a weatherball could talk, what would it say?

“I radiate the earth’s upper atmosphere for hundreds of miles, I am able to steer large storms such as hurricanes and I am also responsible for global warming.” You think I’m here to protect you from severe weather. But guess what? I am the fuel for severe weather! I HATE ORGONITE!

so below

If a cell tower could talk, what would it say?

“I radiate the earth’s lower atmosphere from the ground up and focus my tremendous current on people.” I give you headaches cause leukemia and cancer and that’s only the beginning! You think I’m here so everyone can talk <em>safely</em> on their cell phones all day long and never have to worry about frying the delicate brain tissue behind their ears or becoming depressed. But guess what? I HATE ORGONITE!


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