Haarpicane beryl


Is this for real or man made ?

If it was natural “they” would try to juice it anyway, so myhunch.com

is that “they” are behind it in some fashion, which would mean that because it is not destructive then the ORGONITE is working to keep it in balance.

Another V for victory against the man made HAARPICANE’s .

Bring it ashore on Martha’s Vineyard, so we can all see the power of orgone energy against the forces of evil.

Let’s not forget the Vineyard is full of orgonite and the ocean and sound around it has 100’s of tb’s in it as well .

See the smiley face in the storm clouds ?


I have a CB up and running near the coast in NJ about 15 or so miles south of Sandy Hook. The eye of this is a little south of there right now. PJ is another NJ gifter who’s a little south of me and I think she’s got a CB up and running near the coast too. Wish I would have known before I left this morning that this storm would be near us today. But I’ll aim my CB at it when I get home today after work.</font>

eric and dave, hey.

i do think it is a haarpical storm. when in history has a tropical storm ever hit the north-east coast in july?

i heard it stated on the weather channelers network that a ’ storm would hit new york’. there ya go. not too strong is it?

eric, didn’t you say a little while back you wanted a storm up there to test your orgone field? there ya go again. and eric, remember when you gave me all that emerald to use in orgonite? isn’t emerald in the beryll family?

anyway, y’all enjoy your swirl. take note of how it actually is compared with the what to think network’s assessment of superlative hyperbole.

Hey Jeff!

Doesn’t look very strong at all based on the current radar loop that Eric posted a link to. I’m in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ right now at work about a mile from the ocean. My office faces east, and although I can see some gray clouds out over the ocean, we have blue skies with some white clouds above us. Of course, this storm is out over the ocean.

After taking another look at the picture that Eric posted above, I think the eye of this storm looks like a reptile eye!

If you can see city names on the map in that radar loop, I’m just about to the right of where the second “n” in Trenton is, right on the coast.

I’ll be home from work by 5:30 and will aim my CB at the storm as soon as I get home. Let’s see what happens…

Just for the record…

At 5:40 PM EST I pointed my CB in the general direction of this storm. Just now, about 7:35 PM I readjusted slightly to the north of the original position to follow the track of the storm.

This is the second would-be HAARPicane that’s apparently generated by the HAARP facility on Grand Bahama Island, fifty miles east of Jeff (el jeffe) and us. I frankly dread going there to bust it because they’re going to send strong winds at us in the Gulf STream, which will probably stack up to six to eight foot waves. I’m so chicken, in fact, and our boat is so lousy at going into head seas that we’ll leave from Miami that day (a hundred miles south) just so we can go across the seas instead of into them. Carol’s adamant about the need to bust the damn thing, though.

We can see the sky over Grand Bahama every day and it’s loaded with storm clouds, just like what used to be over Homestead AFB, five years ago, when we lived in FL the first time. It would be smart of us to put extenders on a CB and point it low at the horizon from here during our upcoming trip.

I think that if we just bite the bullet and go bust GRand Bahama we can have some fun a little later with the dolphins near Bimini and can go bust that huge, ancient now-American/British underwater base east of Andros without a lot of interference.

Meanwhile, HAARP isn’t trying to sneak any storms past Dave Emmett in Barbados, please note [Image Can Not Be Found] and he told us that he’s about to dump another thousand TBs in the sea there, which the dolphins will probably distribute far and wide, again.

I think we’re killing HAARP, finally.

Dave, you and dozens of others have orgonite cloudbusters on or near the entire East Coast. I’m not worried about any fake or real storms doing damage there. Note that the coast of Texas has remained relatively untouched for the past four HAARPicane seasons, though many storms were thrown at Texas. The only coastal gap was New Orleans to Florida Panhandle and Robert and Louis have got that covered fine, now. Wilma was pretty weak when it reached Naples, Florida last year. They had to boost it along the straitght route across Florida to our front door and Eric, Jeffe and I busted all the towers along that route during the winter after that.


By the time Beryl passed over the Vineyard it wasn’t even a tropical storm.

So, were they just testing with this FAKE storm or did they mean to have it ramped up to cause destruction ?

If damage was the intent then they obviously didn’t get what they wanted.

I’d like to see them throw another one at me this season, so I can start to

CELEBRATE the win over HAARPICANE and relish in my sea(literally and figuratively )

of orgone energy .

Orgonite is so magical isn’t it ?

500 tb’s coming soon to a southern town near you .

This is from Yahoo…

All emphasis has been added. My comments in [ ].

Tropical storm Beryl weakens <!-- END HEADLINE --> <!-- BEGIN STORY BODY -->

By Richard C. Lewis Fri Jul 21, 10:29 AM ET

Tropical Storm Beryl, the second of the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season, whipped up chest-high waves as it blew over Nantucket island on Friday before weakening and heading out to sea.

Beryl hit the southeastern Massachusetts island at about 3 a.m. (0700 GMT) with winds of up to 44 mph (71 kph), before encountering colder air over the Atlantic Ocean and dissipating into a milder storm, the National Weather Service said.

Beryl felt like a mild “Nor’easter,” with wind gusts and heavy rain, said locals in Nantucket, a historic whaling port and upscale resort area.

“It wasn’t a storm, really,” said Sophia Orr of Island Coffee, a bakery and cafe on Nantucket’s Steamboat Wharf.

A tropical storm warning was lifted across southeastern Massachusetts, including Cape Cod, although the storm may cause higher tides than normal.

Beryl brought up to 3 inches of rain off the coast and the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, but the center of Nantucket received only with about half an inch (1.3 cm) of rain, Bill Simpson of the National Weather Service in Massachusetts said.

At 5 a.m. (0900 GMT), the storm system was moving northeast at about 21 mph (33 kph), the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said.

Beryl drew dozens of surfers to Rhode Island’s popular Narragansett Bay beaches.

"The waves were better, so I was excited. You caught a few and they were great," surfer Mark Osman, 30, said.

Locals on Cape Cod, a popular summer holiday destination, said Beryl caused barely a ripple. “It’s weakened a lot,” said Pat Smith of Riverview Bait & Tackle in South Yarmouth on Cape Cod. “It’s actually fairly decent out.”

Beryl’s likely path would take its remnants over or near the Canadian province of Nova Scotia by late Friday or Saturday.

Forecasters expect a busy June 1-November 30 Atlantic hurricane season this year, with up to 17 tropical storms.

oh really!?!?

Last year saw a record 28 tropical storms, 15 of which strengthened into hurricanes with winds of at least 74 mph (119 kph). Among them was Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans, killed more than 1,300 people and became the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history.

The first tropical storm of the 2006 season, Alberto, came harmlessly ashore in the Florida Panhandle on June 13.

(Additional reporting by Chris Wilson in Washington and Jason Szep in Boston)

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