Haarpicanes for Fun & Profit

So, Crofts and cohorts, human and cetacean, have gifted the Caribbean, with thousands of TB’s. I have been watching tropical depressions seem to peeter out and bounce off landfall for months now.

Monster hurricanes were predicted, planned for, and monies were invested to profit from same. Seems some hedge funds are not laughing all the way to the bank, however. The following is from Financial Times Deutschland:

"…Hurricanes caused devastation to thousands of Americans last year, destroying homes, work and families. But this year the lack of hurricanes in the US has brought financial havoc to some hedge funds.

Amaranth Advisors warned last week that its main funds were down more than 35 per cent this year in the wake of losing bets on natural gas. This follows the admission that fellow hedge fund MotherRock Energy Fund was closing down, and that investors would not receive any of their original investment after the fund suffered “substantial losses resulting from extraordinary volatility in the natural gas markets”.

MotherRock and Amaranth took big positions in US natural gas this summer on predictions of another season of hurricanes disrupting supplies, which in turn would have sent prices higher.

So far, there have been no hurricanes in the Atlantic basin that have disturbed the oil and gas platforms, pipelines or tankers in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil and gas traders have almost given up on any supply disruption and have been selling oil and gas futures…."


That is poetic

Thanks for the post!

thank you “seize the day” for posting this monumentous newsflash. i am presently feeling the almost unbearable sweetness of life and satisfaction as i write this.

a crimminal conspiracy has been stopped inadvertently as a byproduct of the gifting network’s activity. this actual collapsing of a piece of the world odor’s agendea wil be typical and everincreasing very soon.

it is a 3d confirmation of the already begun, enevitable , collapse of the parasitic hierarchy. imagine the heads rolling after this and other events unfold.

don and carol have stated that the dolphins , recieving all that orgonite from the atlantic ocean gifters , have most likely taken it to the places where it was most needed. i concurr. i have had the additional impression after watching the ongoing failure of the atlantic haarpicane season that not only are the dolphins putting it where it is most needed, but i think that our gifts are continuously being moved to different locations by them on an as-needed basis.

imagine the thousands upon thousands of pieces of orgonite being moved to locations as they are needed by our allies in the sea. i think it may be another unexpected successful by-product of all of our original intentions and an operator-engineered outcome of our human efforts with our limited, but good and enabling intentions.

that seems to be the theme as we move closer and closer to an overturning moment in history when this lousy world odor completely fails- that what we may have originally intended with our inspired plans turns out surprisingly much more effective and awesome than we planned.

how awesome is an etheric weapon composed of several thousand orgonite components that is completely portable? it can travel to where it is most needed at the proper time. the cetaceans and elementals are armed!

just like georg’s latest african gifting megatour turned into a living, growing human orgonite network, don and carol’s original intention of establishing contact with dolphins here to facilitate ocean gifting, may have turned into the single most terrifying weapon the world odor has seen yet. the atlantic/caribbean movable orgone field.

a caveat to the previous paragraph- carol has stated that what one expects and intends with regard to cetaceans, in this case the dolphins, is not always what will turn out. hence the wild variations from our original plans. can anyone think of a single case when our gifting plans were changed by “circunstance” that did not turn out much better than planned? i bet not. don and i have joked about bumbling through our missions, cosmic clowns speeding ass-backwards toward goals greater than we can concieve.

i do not mind my position as an operator fool. i would like to say thanks to dave emmett for his essential role in the atlantic/caribbean project. he has got to be laughing as hard as me at the amazing fallout from our project which has taken two years, so far. i want to say thanks to don and carol, too , for their never-ending energy and vision, inspiration and information.

This is great news. Really nice t think that betting on the shenanigans of the NEW WORLD ODOR becomes financially unsustainable.

Really great stuff.


i would like to go ahead and announce this too:

. it was also a by-product of the atlantic mission albiet a more directly intended one. we had spent some of our gifting efforts on the west coast of florida in an attempt to wipe out the plaguing red-tide that happens over there.

we had located the nexus of that infection and gifted it as well. we gifted the florida keys reefs last february and upon a dive at sombrero key, actually a shallow reef, we observed murky water and a bleached coral reef, sadly and completely dead covered about 75% with an algae that was fine, hair-like and dark green. it was sickening.

upon our return to sombrerro key this august, the day we finished the atlantic/caribbean haarp mitigation project, we tied off and dove yet again to see if there was any change in the condition of the reef.

to my surprise and satisfaction, all, i mean ALL the algae was gone and the formerly bleached and dead coral reef was covered with an endless amount of baby corals of all varieties, each about four to six inches across an/or high!


fish were teeming everywhere and the water was bluish and crystal clear. never in my life have i felt the life force so sweetly and distinctly.

what an amazing confirmation to the power of orgonite to change sick and dead enviroments into healthy and living ones!

i am waiting to see who claims credit for this or explains why they think this growth occurred. i have seen nothing yet.

it is imperative to get orgonite in the world’s oceans now more than ever, now that we have tangible evidence of it’s action. i think the equatorial orgonite band should be installed soon, from an airplane.

Hi Everyone,

This is all just fantastic!!! What a great thing you people have done on the east coast.

I always knew the dolphins and whales are intelligent just like us.

Whenever I can get to the ocean I will be sure to throw orgonite in.

Just fantastic about the coral also.

Being a former sailor in the USN I know the damage that is being done to that environment and with the orgonite we can bring it back from the point of devastation.

Good job and keep throwing it in the water.


Thank you so for feedback re ocean gifting. That, DOR/pollution-induced toxic algae and death of coral were REVERSED by orgonite, gave me shivers of glee this morning!! I lived in Key West as a child, happy as a dolphin in those gorgeous waters.

Am bizzy making TB’s for ferry drops in the North Atlantic. Hope to enlist a boat captain friend as well.

Thank you also for the reminder re being Holy Fools, bumbling bass-ackwards into unexpected outcomes, with a good heart!

I follow the markets, which in case you hadn’t noticed ?:wink: are rigged. It takes a couple generations for folks to forget the white-eyed panic of their forebears. Wall St.+Madison Ave+Feral Reserve, etc. created the biggest Ponzi triumph in history. Let me translate that: the greatest wealth transfer in history, by beguiling shnooks with “bull market genius” crumbs from the trough.

This hedge fund story, this unexcpected outcome of iconoclasts interacting with sea and cetaceans, does kindle my imagination. Predators thrive, by creating mayhem and fear, then offering draconian “solutions”, meanwhile profiting, profiting. At this time in the world, we have techno black magus DOR via the horrid towers/masts. It may feel like tilting at windmills, to be doing this handy-hands-at-home project, and each, of now many, expanding the radius of mischief.

Given this ramifying haarpicane story, we may not know what malice is unhinged, we simply show up and do our bit. it’s something like a global “victory garden” effort vs forces which create deserts and domination.

Have you heard about the US apparently rousing on Oct. 5th? <a http://www.worldcantwait.net

Cheers to the do-ers.

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