Hal Turner On The Amero And Death Of The Dollar

Andy Schwarm
05 Oct 2008 15:53
Subject: Hal Turner On The Amero And Death Of The Dollar
I have never seen any mainstream-media coverage of the facts concerning
The North American Union or the Amero. When you see the actual coin
(minted in Denver last year) it’s a bit sobering. Hal’s predictions are scary as heck.

I hate to say it, but this guy makes sense. Force Majeur, indeed.


Don Croft
06 Oct 2008 13:06
Subject: Re: Hal Turner On The Amero And Death Of The Dollar
Andy, this is a good product to put in the ‘wait and see’ file, I think, especially since Sorcha Faal is also proclaiming it. Stevo, who coined ‘Mossadomites®’ also coined ‘Sorta False,’ for this KGB broad, according to whose strident accounts, Americans are now cooking and eating each other in the streets, across the land, and are about to be punished by the Kremlin for our (sic) global atrocities Cool

In the disinformants’ ‘best of all possible worlds,’ the unseen, un-named international bankers are, indeed, still in complete control of the globe’s economy and Americans are unarmed and would welcome the arrival of Chinese military ‘peacekeepers’ any moment.

Still, the rubber is finally meeting the road because white people in America and Europe are about to face the reality of the world order’s ancient, parasitic machinations. I think we’ll all be astonished by how easily this old global cancer will be cured.


Andy Schwarm
06 Oct 2008 14:28
Subject: Re: Hal Turner On The Amero And Death Of The Dollar
Prior to seeing Hal Turner’s Amero, the only ones I’d seen were either photos or drawings.
To see the real coin, bounce-off a table top is pretty convincing. Also, the very diabolicalness
of it makes sense to me. Kill the dollar, hold-up in the underground, plush bases until the storm
blows-over then go back to biz as usual with a new fiat currency at 25 cents to the buck.
I wouldn’t put that past the world odor for a second.

I quit reading Sorcha Fal’s BS a couple years ago or more. Her stuff is such obvious propaganda
that most folks agree, if someone is quoting her, they are pretty clueless. If that’s the case with
this Hal Turner guy, then I’m glad that we aren’t about to get stuck with a shiny-new currency
at 25 cents on the buck, and I’m glad I was wrong to make a big deal out of it.

Frankly, I don’t see what-all the USG has to worry about; they have the “elections” covered
and dirt on every financial-guy on the planet. That tells me the USG will cruise through this and
the doomsday scenarios are a distraction. I just don’t know.

Nobody told me there’d be days like these.

Strange days indeed, Mama. Question

Andy Schwarm
07 Oct 2008 05:40
Subject: Re: Hal Turner On The Amero And Death Of The Dollar
Now I get an email from the original sender saying, oops, looks like a hoax, nevermind!


From: 7dirt9r4us <[email protected]>
Subject: Correction Re: Hal Turner: I Have Obtained An Actual “Amero” From the Shipment Sent to China
Date: Sunday, October 5, 2008, 3:17 PM

Just received correction on this one…apologies everyone….much discernment required now in all we hear/see….my spidy sense was wayyyyy offf…D It originated w/Sorcha….
B wrote:If you look at the comments under his posts, they are populated by White Power nazi slogans. Are you so sure this is a reputable as reported?

Posted By: agent777 <Send E-Mail>
Date: Sunday, 5 October 2008, 5:32 a.m.

In Response To: (sigh) Reader: “HAL TURNER SAYS HE’S GOT AN AMERO…” (hobie)

Here is where these coins come from and who minted them:

Welcome to DC-Coin.com – coins, medals, & tokens -
the official web site for issues by sculptor Daniel Carr.

All items offered here were designed and sculpted in 3-D by Daniel Carr using a digital mechanical transfer process. A design by Daniel Carr was one of seven official US Mint finalists for the reverse of the Sacagawea dollar. Daniel Carr also designed the actual 2001 New York and Rhode Island state quarters for the US Mint. A brief history is outlined in his resume.


There are “Amero” versions from 2007 and 2008 that have been available for quite some time. And a page where the artist explains the “Amero” coins.

They are fantasy coins.

And yes some of them are even complete with what appears to be a D mint mark.

Here is a list of current coins for sale and YES some of them, too have the “D” sign.


Peruse the site.


There are plenty available on ebay – just search Amero.

We’ve been down this road before and there is still nothing to see here

Don Croft
07 Oct 2008 17:33
Subject: Re: Hal Turner On The Amero And Death Of The Dollar
This may be a lightning rod rather than a hoax. Who else but the CIA has the resources for tricks like that, after all?

Oops, the NSA also does Wink

The intention of all disinformation regarding doomsday scenarios is to get the reader excited enough to send these links to all his friends and acquaintances. After all, if otherwise intelligent people can be induced to duck and cover whenever some new ‘hoax’ is circulated by agents saboteurs how are these folks going to find the time or inclination to do something worthwhile?

My guess is that the Chinese are keeping the Amero option open in case they (who seem to some of us to be the world order, by now) can con Americans, Canadians and Mexicans into erasong those old borders.

I personally favor doing away with all customs and immigration practices thorughout the planet. After all, these are designed to stop the internatinal movement of criminals but criminals are in charge of all the relevant governmetns, so it’s not working.

The US Government has been made by the world order to be a deadly cancer on the world’s body politic and it needs to be destroyed. My bet is that it’s going to happen, perhaps through secession, without firing a shot. Zappers quietly and undramatically cure cancer within three weeks simply by ionization. Ionization is, coincidentally, the measurable effect of humble orgonite on our environment, so let’s keep tossing our towerbusters until the Behemoth breathes its last horric breath! Cool

Without their schoolyard bully (US Armed Forces and the CIA) the world order will collapse on itself.

A peculiarity of modern man’s programmed schizophrenia is that one will end a bad marriage at the drop of a hat but one will not as readily dump a government that’s obviously run by felons, as ours in the USA has been for living memory.

I absolutely favor a world currency, along with relaxation of borders and abolition of passports. If we were to follow the logic of the felons who govern us, we ought to have a passport in order to cross over into another US state. This was no doubt the intention for the National ID Card, which is how the Mexican version is used within Mexico. The fact that they had to surreptitiously turn our state driver licenses into national ID cards might be an ecouraging sign, though a driver license is, in itself, anti-Constitutional.


Andy Schwarm
07 Oct 2008 18:16
Subject: Re: Hal Turner On The Amero And Death Of The Dollar
If you look at the photos of the “Amero” on Hal Turner’s site, you can see a little trademark, opposite the “D” at the seven-O’Clock position, that belongs to the guy that makes the fantasy coins! That proves the coin Hal shows is one of the fantasy coins, which were made in very limited numbers, according to the coin site. 600 Billion were sent to China?


I’m sorry I ever posted his crap, I apologize!


Don Croft
07 Oct 2008 18:35
Subject: Re: Hal Turner On The Amero And Death Of The Dollar
No need to apologize. It seems likely that all US currency will be made in China from now on.

There’s an old printing company in New York that makes much of the world’s paper currency, by the way. I forgot the name of it. It shouldn’t be surprising that they printed all of the Confederate money during the Civil War. I think the only people who might be surprised by that are people who believe in non-conspiracy theories but we’re not playing to that crowd, after all.

When I brought my little family back to Hawaii from the Kingdom of Tonga in 1985 I tried to trade in all that Tongan paper money that I still had but none of the banks would do it. They said it wasn’t worth anything outside of Tonga. I think that money was also printed in New York but I forgot how I heard or read about that.

Someone told me that the feds are going to stamp out some new pennies shortly. If that’s so, what does that tell us about ‘runaway inflation?’ If there were to be runaway inflation, pennies would be worthless, so why would they bother in that case? Peking is evidently calling the world’s money/credit shots, now, so they still probably wouldn’t let their shiny, new corporate asset, the US Treasury, produce new coins that were worthless. I think the Chinese are more pragmatic than that.

Real news is never on the front page of any yellow newspaper, of course, and it only gets a mention during the night on the What To Think Network becuase the CIA media censors are effete and arrogant, so they only work bankers’ hours. Real news is also never promoted in kneejerk fashion at the behest of Chicken Littles but I personally like to keep track of their current cacklings, so thx again, Andy. Sure, picking the truth out of disinfo is just a little less onerous than picking corn kernels out of dog$#!+ but it’s productive on some level.


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