Happy New Year

Happy New Year Every One!

It`s going to be a good one.

Little Cesco

You too Cesco

I truly believe that this year is going to be the one.

I remember reading awhile back that the rest of Wilheim Reich’s works would be released to the public in 2007. Should be very interesting stuff.

Happy New Year,

~Ned Walsh

I concur with you guys: happy new year!


Happy New Year from Hong Kong

(01/01/2007 – 2:40am)

Happy end of the year guys, may all your goals take place succesfully, warm regards from Dominican Republic,


I agree! Rats are on the run and orgone is changing the world.

Happy New Year to all!

Jose, I was very close you when our ship went from Jamaica to Grand Turk.

Your part of the world is very beautiful!



I feel the same and so does every one else I talk to down here, its going to be a good one!.
Happy New year to you all.

Happy New Year from Malaysia
I got a good feeling about this year as well. Anyway, my neighbours finally have a ‘rough idea’ what the heck that CB in my home does. They found out about it on new year’s eve, that night. The PJ folks seem to be ‘slowly’ waking up . A very good start and a promising year to come. Wishing everyone, a very good new year!



Happy New Year to you all from Scotland!

Last night before midnight I was holding the CB in my hands pointing towards the wind screaming loud against a hurrycane for help from SYLPS. (They said on the news it was 85-90 miles/h, but I thought it was more than that. The wind stopped just before ding/dong. Yes, it will be a good year, folks!

Love, Elen

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