Harrassed By The Local Cops

Monday night I was sitting at my computer doing some email. It was 10:45 PM. There was a rap at my door. I opened the door after turning on the porchlight and there’s two of Monrovia’s “Finest.”

“We were told there’s a noise complaint, a baby crtying.” The other cop says, "Can we come in and look around and as I said, “No.” the big one pushed past me into my livingroom. The other one followed. One waited with me in my living room while the other one, unsupervised, prowled my small flat looking for a crying baby or God knows what.

The one in my livingroom was shining his flashlight on an HHG, some half-finished Boneheads and all my manufacturing stuff sitting about. He didn’t say anything. The other one finished his big search and they left, saying little.

Don says I should file a complaint but I don’t want to go to war with them. But they bettter never pull that crap again. I wonder if he planted something?

Front-line orgonite peeps are under attack.

I find it sort of flattering and confirming that we are on the right track.



Today I went to Subway, a couple blocks from home, and after grabbing a sandwich, I pulled out of the parking lot onto a side street, I then turned-right onto Foothill Blvd, the main drag. About half a block later I notice a police car coming up behind me, a couple blocks back so I buckle-up.

The cop pulls me over and tickets me for disobeying a posted sign, no right turn on red.

Those are rare in Cali, you can right turn on red most everywhere, UNLESS posted. I have lived for many years and I don’t remember that sign being there. After finishing my Turkey Breast Sub, I’m gonna go look.

First taffic ticket in six years.


Maybe it’s time to leave Monrovia. I mean really leave.

My new passport was delivered today. I’m surprised they issued me one.

Likely a bug was planted by Cop 2 while Cop 1 distracted you.

Standard Operating Procedure.


I drove back to the “scene of the crime” and there is indeed a “no right turn on red” sign there. And thinking about it, that sign’s been there for years. I was brain-fogged, and it’s my fault.

Not an hour before getting the ticket, I got my car washed at the full-service car wash. When I get my car washed, I take Mr. Bonehead out of his dash-socket and stash him in the glove box, so the car-wash guys don’t bust him in half, while hastily drying my car. When I left the car wash, I forgot to rescue Mr. Bonehead from his dark hiding place and plug him back in.

So, I was driving around Monrovia soaking up the brain-fog crap from my pursuers while I had my main protection languishing in my glovebox, juiceless, useless and disconnected.

Guess I’m the Bonehead! If ya have tools of protection, use them! We must keep the battery companies in business with all our needs, but that little bit of energy that our radionic toys use, is miniscule compared to their benefit.

Leaving Mr. BH in my glovebox will cost me the ticket and the cost of traffic school. Probably around $500. Good for the Monrovia PD, they caught me with my pants about my ankles. We live and learn. And if one of them tries to get into my house again I’ll scream bloody murder!

I’m going to find a private security company to sweep my place for bugs.

I must admit winning my counter-claim at PayPal takes a lot of the sting out of this traffic ticket. :O)

Don’s book is for sale and I suspect we are all going to get very busy real soon. I ordered mine yesterday from the publisher, Trafford. Won’t you?

Could be an indication to move. A vaccine activist I met via the internet had a nasty neighbour in the US (among other things), she now lives up the road in the Brecon Beacons hills, Wales, and really likes it there.

I always thought the phone acted as a bug with a 200 ft or yd reach.


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