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All of my e mails just sit in my out box, one got through to Don, while all other e mails to him never get through. Using [email protected] [email protected] Clever to swallow them and not get them to bounce back.

So thanks for the book heads up Louis (my email [email protected] ) . Also our main Scottish gifter can’t get through to Don either, Paddy: [email protected] I support his desire to be able to post on EW. Kelly and Cesco met him last year.

I think it was Don who first flagged for me the difference between healing and curing. I had noticed, like most people interested in healing, that some folk don’t want to get well. Dick Shulze said his programme will cure anyone of anything but only 10% of people stick to the programme–no incurable diseases only incurable people, is his saying. So that highlights the difference.

Dr Hamer claims all or most cancers were from emotional trauma, he got testicular cancer after his son died, although I don’t believe that regarding child cancers and cancers from poisons. He said he could CAT scan a victims brain and tell them where the cancer was. A CAT (or CT) scan is the equivalent to 400 chest X rays, by the way! http://www.whale.to/cancer/hamer.html

So the tricky bit is healing.

Some book titles hit the spot eg The Myth of Medicine by Shelton, and The Art of True Healing by Regardie.

With the right tec you can clear all emotional trauma out of the mind with TIR (traumatic incident therapy) which is Scientology tec, and removing them and making people feel better (by raising tone) is how they hook them. You then get the label ‘Clear’. Ie clear of emotional stuff. You can also remove trauma from war. Use of this tec outside Scientlogy goes by the labels: TIR, Metapsychology, Freezone. http://www.tir.org One friend who does TIR cured an alcoholic in one session, for example. AA say it is incurable. That may have taken 600 hours in Scientology, by the way.

That doesn’t quite get rid of it all as one couple discovered in Australia, they had one of those couldn’t live apart, couldn’t live together relationships, so he went to the Native Amercians and asked for help–they gave him a technique called Soul retrieval, and he found a past life relationship between them, cleared that and it worked. I had one session of that and had an emotional connection to a past life which was way more than anything I could feel in this life.

So that could be called a karmic healing. In my own case I have jaw infection or inflammation that wont go away (been dug out 3 times by dentists), a friend has seen some guy hammering a nail into my jaw in a past life. That one thing is the snake in my house, it gets in the way of meditation as it makes me eat the wrong stuff.

there seem to be different types of karma. the types need defining.

Going back to healing, most healers will make out they are healing you and you need to come back every week, most are in Propitiation on the tone scale http://www.whale.to/v/tone.html A nurse looking for a patient. I think my mother was one, she did that to my father and my sister. I think I escaped that after she stabbed me in the heart. Which brings up another thing, what the Native Americans call the ‘damaged child’. How much does the damaged child get in the way of healing? And how do you cure him/her?

I worked out one woman spent £30,000 on Jungian therapy over many years. Fritz Perls said you can take 2 weeks or 2 years, the choice is yours.

The Art of True Healing describes a technique similar to Carol’s Pyramid exercise. In his case you visualise the crown chakra and bring the energy down to the lower chakras. I have seemed to sabotage healings by other people, which makes me wonder if I have to heal myself using some technique such as this. Dooney said my 2nd and 3rd chakras are like black holes, and offered to do some healing via a chat session, but I didn’t feel I deserved that or maybe I want the knowledge to heal myself?

In Vipassana mediation you feel the energy from the head down to the feet and back up, on and on, until you push out any trauma or karmic junk.

Don, you talked about Carol doing ‘readings’, I wouldn’t mind one on my barriers to healing, and how to pay her?

‘Therapy’ is such a tabboo with the average person, that is the Matrix belief, to stop anyone getting well and stopping anyone looking inside. You only have to look at someones handwriting to get their personality and tone scale, then get their date of birth, and you can read them like a book, anyway. And if you know what paper they read, you don’t need the skill of mind reading to know what they think and how they will behave 24/7.

The personality is such a minute part of our being, keeping us trapped in that is good mind control.

There is an interesting cosmic law that the metapsychologists call ‘out exchange’. If you do something for someone without anything in exchange it causes an imbalance, which usually results in them making you wrong.


ps this is back of my HP, they do start out smooth don’t they, can’t remember?

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