Heart Promptings

14 Dec 2008 13:32
Subject: Heart Promptings
14 December 2008
One of the things I learned while studying to become a humanistic counsellor, was to consider “synchronicity” as an insignificant fact. It was people themselves, who gave meaning to events in their life – so the atheist tradition said. Life was supposed to be chaotic and made no sense in itself.

What fascinated me when I started gifting, was the instant feeling of belonging. Of course I was scared shitless of being caught trespassing at first. And it sure is rewarding to think of gifting death towers as an act of reclamation. But there is something beyond words about tossing orgonite, too, that keeps you hooked to the experience. What is that?

I realize it’s a very slippery subject to mention. Before you know it, you’re up to your neck in mystifying spiritual presumptions that will only alienate people. And reclamation is what keeps me gifting anyway. But indeed there is something very fulfilling in the act of gifting too. Some sort of connection with nature, if you will, that is special to me personally as well.

Anyway, I bring this up, because I wonder to what extent orgone energy is related to elemental beings. And if more people have such interacting experiences during gifting. Or if I am making too much out of this. Something like that.

Last spring, I was gifting a creek in the woods. It was one of those windy days where puffy clouds would suddenly overcast the sunlight. While taking pictures with my camera, my thoughts were occupied to find an answer on where my life was going: uphill or downhill. Suddenly the light changed at the second shot and there was this figure in the bottom left of the photo – looking like me, climbing uphill. The strange thing is, it felt like a positive answer in my heart too. And it still does.


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