'Hello From the Prison Nation!'

Wouldn’t that look terrrific on a picture post card, perhaps of one of the brand new, costly ‘federal courthouses’ that are silently springing up all over the landscape under current martial law?

I read someone’s published statement that America had statistically become the ‘prison country,’ on accouunt of there being more people in jail, per capita, than any other nation in history, includinig Russia, China, Nicaraqua (in commie times) and Cuba. I was wondering when someone else was going to mention it publicly. The felons in DC have gotten away with instituting massive scale, growing chronic oppression for this long, of course, because the beer-swilling and NPR-devoted Europoid Pajama People in America don’t care as long as most of the captives are people of color but the appointment of O’Bomber to the presidency, last June, indicates that the feds are finally worried about what the rest of the populace might do about this and other ‘problems’ that the felonious corporate feds have caused [Image Can Not Be Found] , especially since Roosevelt’s Raw Deal, when the US Consitution (the rule of law) was turned into the oligarchs’ toilet paper.

More amazing, to me, is that I’m still out walking around after having done and instigated so much irreparable damage to the unlawful federal government’s oppressive infrastructure


“More amazing, to me, is that I’m still out walking around after having done and instigated so much irreparable damage to the unlawful federal government’s oppressive infrastructure.”

Hi, Don…I think it’s for the same reason the ‘What’s Really Going On’ disinfo sites don’t even dare MENTION the word ‘orgonite’…because the more attention is paid to the subject, the more that free-will-possessing individuals can notice the subject, check it out, make their own decisions, and often get on board. If, er, harm came to you, you would be effectively martyred to the cause, and it would create a groundswell of attention, interest, which is the last thing they can afford. It’s the monkey with its hand caught in the monkey trap.

When I introduce the subject of orgonite to people, I often close with ‘it’s based on the work of Wilhelm Reich…the feds jailed him, and then killed him in jail, and then burned all his books, so you know it’s legit.’ It’s Truth, with a capital ‘T’, you know? Wait, I mean it’s my own personal Truth, which, it must be noted, is merely my own subjective assessment of the situation. Anyone who ‘notices’ and then researches orgonite will quickly learn the history, and come to their own conclusions as to whether my subjective assessment of Reich, his treatment, and orgonite as a whole resonates as truth to them, or no.

So any ‘noticing’, any research of orgonite, must be stopped at all costs, and dignifying Don Croft with the sort of ‘reply’ you mention would (happily for you!) certainly not help their cause.

Actually, I should rephrase and say ‘reply obvious even to the PJ Wearing’. Because, as you’ve said previously, it’s not like they haven’t been trying to do it on the sly – and as assiduously as possible – with multiple poisonings and mountain pass ‘car accidents’ and etheric-life-energy-drainings and remote-energy-shenanigan plane downings, and such and such.

Thanks a lot, Jeff–I think you’ve got a good handle on the dynamics and I appreciate you expressing it in this thread.

I rather revel in the obscurity of ethericwarriors.com and in it’s peculiar attraction for people who are fed up with disinformation websites. Carol has always felt that the ultimate purpose of disinformation is to sort of propel the more self-motivated seekers along the path to empowerment. The fact that most of the seekers who are guided into or stumble into the plethora disinformation sites remain there, spinning their wheels, are reaping the results of being committed to avoiding accountability

The vigor with which Alex Jones assaults the characters of any callers to his radio shows who mention orgonite has brought several prolific gifters from his radio audience to the ‘war effort.’ The assaults on orgonite cloudbusters that Jeff Rense sponsored for a couple of months in late 2002 seemed to almost double our numbers, which is probably why he stopped so abruptly, then, and it’s taken this long for him to launch another assault. The current one seems a lot more tentative than the previous one did

Having failed to destroy this progressive movement by contrived association with newage sewage and a parade of sponsored chest pounders’ arcanery in the past, the agencies have become rather reactive in regard to the steadily increasing dissemination of this empowering information. As time passes we’ve gotten personal contact from more and more substantive people. I can’t even talk about some of them because it would endanger them. That’s pretty frustrating for me, actually, because I love to share anything (and anyone) that can help people break free of the shackles of conventional thinking.

There’s nothing as calamitous as the mental conditioning (spiritual rape) of the corporate world order’s mystical institutions: churchianity, academia, Theosophy, materialism, political correctness, partisan politics, bread and circus, and the What To Think Network. ‘Earth changes’ would be a little bitch slap compared to this collective horror


Hi Don,

Some folks seem to think ALAN WATT and his website [Cutting Through the Matrix.com

is a cut above the dis-info sites because of the depth of his revealing of the mind control apparatus, but
I’m here to tell you he is a schill/agent provecteur.

I’ve listened to his radio show and have had e-mail exchanges with him where he totally trashes Orgonite and the Don Croft style cloud buster. He is also pretty much telling people that we’re all doomed to the nwo agenda and that the illuminati plans are on schedule and moving forward. I’d like to meet him face to face and have him explain away all the crap they have thrown my way over the years.
I’d like to refresh some memories a bit about me and what happened to me when I made my 2nd Don Croft style cloud buster. I had made it a mom’s place in Duxbury MA in the spring of 2002 and within ONE HOUR of me standing it up staight I had an unmarked, green military helicopter with at least 4 uniformed army jamokes in it
circling my moms house at a maximum 500 feet off the ground. They circled the house, which sits in the center of the small town 3 times and each time they got to be above the house I heard the pilot screaming over the top of the rotor blades,
LOOK DOWN THERE, IT IS DOWN THERE ! I only wish I had taken a photo of it.
It was very alarming to me, so instead of standing next to it and pointing back at them I went over to the neighbors yard to watch it all happen. They looked like they were about to descend on ropes right into the backyard that’s how close to the ground they were. If it happened today I would have stayed put next to the cloud buster and have taken photos and even videotaped it. Explain all that away Mr.Watts


Thanks for sharing this experience. I found it very useful and I find it valuable to hear about. I have never been to Mr. Watts’ site but earlier when I started gifting I spent a bit of time on a site called http://www.montalk.net searching for info and read their e-book etc. I corresponded with “Tom” who runs the site. Then in one of my emails I mentioned the gifting of orgonite and Tom sent back a reply ripping it to shreds. But I was thinking and FEELING…"hold on a minute, I am having these profound experiences with orgonite that I surely can’t explain…yes Tom has quite a grand intellectual capacity…and I have the IQ of a gnat comparatively…but hey I am having these EXPERIENCES with orgonite and gifting and they can’t just be explained away as dillusion or idiocy. Like with your helicopter experience…“ya can’t just explain that away as dillusion or idiocy…something is going on.” What…hey I don’t have a clue…but something.

I feel the value in sharing this with others is NOT that we expose Mr. Watts or Tom at Montalk etc. etc. The real value is that we inspire ourselves and others to put our “inner promptings and experiences” FIRST before the supposed opinion of an “expert.” Gosh I have been so utterly programmed to obey authority and be a good little robot-boy it’s wild…programmed to listen to authority… programmed to seek approval … programmed to be afraid … programmed to want my cookies and milk.

Thanks mucho appreciated…Hong Kong John (Formerly Johnny-Robot)

I feel the value in sharing this with others is NOT that we expose Mr. Watts or Tom at Montalk etc. etc. The real value is that we inspire ourselves and others to put our “inner promptings and experiences” FIRST before the supposed opinion of an “expert.”

Well said John, exactly my experience. It’s taken me a few years to realise that wading through disinfo sewage is a waste of time, demoralising and sapping my energy. We are so accustomed, through brainwashing and conditioning, to live everywhere else except within ourselves, which is where we can ultimately find the real and lasting inspiration once we’ve dug through the acquired debris, assisted by the grace of like-minded people.

Not to mention the fifty-odd years it’s taken me to realise that there IS a damn conspiracy/deception going on at all, that most authority is hollow and that approval is a drug to keep us asleep. What is so gratifying at this time is to experience how soooo many more people are waking up all the time, it’s spreading like wildfire and is unstoppable. Let the doom-mongers choke on their own creations, WE know where we’re going; what we imagine today will manifest tomorrow.


Don’t feel bad, guys–I also occasionally get sucked in by disinformants, still

There’s never any harm in talking to someone if we’re willing to suspend belief, judgement and denial while we’re doing it. The intention of disinformants is to get the unwitting to promote them. These are the folks who remain in a rut, spinning their wheels and perpetually crying to sometimes huge personal email lists, ‘The sky is falling!’

Eric, that’s a really cool helicopter story! Thanks for reposting it. We used to get a lot of chopper visits/confrontations until about four years ago, when I posted a little aviso that the next chopper who flies within range will get a roll of surveyor tape in iits rotor, shot from my crossbow, which I keep by the door. That brings them down withot harming the freaks inside.

My old friend, ‘Shane,’ is one of the first militia types I met in the mid-1990s. Carol had known him a lot longer than that and I hadn’t met her, yet. When I was visiting him in 1997 he told me that on the day that during the few days that a whole lot of foreign troops showed up to close the highway through the North Cascades National Park in Western Washington a green, foreign military helicopter showed up over his house in Northern Idaho and just hovered there. The Russians have helicopters that color. Shane immediately went outside with his SKS rifle and pointed it at the chopper, which screamed away [Image Can Not Be Found] and he wasn’t bothered any more, though the feds later framed him for skinny dipping (swimming naked) in the wilderness and put out a nationwide warrant for his arrest, causing him to become a fugitive. He had also subpoenad a local judge and county prosecutor (the same filthy prosecutor who later tried to frame Carol’s kid and whom Carol more or less ruined for it) so the feds didn’t just frame him for skinny dipping, of course. We still see him occasionally and he’s doing fine.

When you factor in the sleazy disinfo mongers with the horror of the American ‘criminal justice’ system the liars aren’t funny, at all, but it’s possible to find real humor in most circumstances.

I like to get acquainted with characters–the interesting folks. It’s unusual to find characters who actually have character, though.


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