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Can anyone look at the format below and figure out why my photos are not posting?

This is the same way I’ve been doing it for some time.

Thank you,


Louis, I’m trying to fix this problem, all I know for now is that is has something to do with the server configuration(permisions), not the forum software itself. I’ve contacted the server guys and hope to fix this soon, in the meantime please use photobucket or other similar online photo service. The forum has alot of “bugs” that have to be fixed, so I ask for a little patience to get this all sorted out. Thanks,


Hi Louis

I have to repost all my photos from previous posts that were deleted by the shitbird nsa , but first I have to find them on my laptop and then upload them to a photo sharing website like flickr or picassa.

I use both, but lately seem to be using flickr to upload too.

Heck, you can even upload to facebook or myspace if you want too.

Try [FLICKR/url:1xatq2f8 and then all us can look at your photos without having to dig through the forum for your links to them in the future. It’s FREE too. You’ll have to post the image link with the image tags rather than upload them when you are posting a thread .

I will soon have photos of at least 200 Gifted Death Towers on my flickr account shortly.

This is a link to my flickr account [Eric’s Flickr account

Thanks Eric and Alejandro !!!


Uploading photos directly to EW is now working again. I just ask that you to not overuse this service and use photo hosting websites whenever possible. Thanks,


Great news, as well as a wonderful idea! This way we wont overload ew and the folks who really want to see our photos can do so.

By the way Ale, you have done an incredible job and the future of etheric warriors looks brighter than ever!



Thanks Louis, unfortunately the file uploading is not working again, trying to solve the problem, I’ll try to have it working asap.


this info is prolly somewhere else on the EW site, but i never found it, so now it’s here too. hope it helps and is correct.
i am no expert on the subject, but this is what worked for me.
Here is how to insert a photo that is hosted on flikr or other outside server:

  1. your photo has to have a home somewhere on the appropriately named “net”. let’s say you choose flikr for example.
  2. follow their instructions to upload your photo. you will have to join their site. flikr is yahoo and photobucket is google if you are already a member of one of those it will save time.
  3. once your photo has an address on the “web” you need to find out what the address is, so hit the embed button that is on the right side of your personal page that shows what photos you have on flikr (using our example). alternatively, do what ever it takes to find out the address of your picture. the page that displays your photo has a different address than the home of the photo. if you put the address of the page where you look at the photo in your post on EW, it will just make a link in your post rather than display the photo in the post. i digress…
  4. hitting the embed button brings up html code and for the EW board we need bb code which is easier. use your computer to copy just the part of the code between and including the http:// and the .jpg (command + c key combo on the mac, control + c windos, after highliighting the address)
  5. paste this address (command + v) into your post where you want the picture. before the http of your address add the bb code which is [ img] after the .jpg add this [ /img] The real bb code doesn’t have the space after the bracket, but the space is there so you can see the code in these instructions, since real code turns into a link. you will need to delete the spaces for the code to work.
    there doesn’t have to be a space between the [ img] bb code and the http address either. same with the ending .jpg[ /img]
    here is a made up example of an address for a photo before you add the bb code: http: // user_160_youth_1233152155_655021.jpg -Again spaces were added to disable the code so you can see it.
    your photo could end with .gif or .png but the process is the same
  6. hit the preview button to see if it worked.
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