Hemisphere Dream

Hi all,

I had this dream/strange experience last week, that I thought I should
share anyhow. Nothing much. I just thought I should mention my out
of the ordinary things (for what it’s worth), in reaction to Don’s “consultation
post”. Don replied it might be worth sharing in a post because lots of people
have useful dreams like this.

I was dreaming about my sister helping me to flee from ufo’s (I thought I
had grown over that) – which I knew were there but didn’t see – because I
knew too much about the etheric and orgonite (ha ha). As I was grabbing
my bike, she threw my backpack to take with me, at which point I woke up.

My heart was thumping and I heard a high pitch tone in my left ear. There
was this hemisphere hanging over me, like the ones I used to see before
going to sleep when I was young. This hemisphere was different, jelly-like
and transparant. It consisted of transparent circles or bubbles, with
colorless simple pictures or symbols in them, mostly flowers.

Because I could see it so clearly and hearing this high pitch tone, I got
scared and instinctively called “my” whale. As soon as I did (in thought),
a ‘blue ball’ appeared (these I saw often when I was young) which
comforted me. These blue balls are light blue with darker red edges and
dark red letters or symbols in them, which I can’'t read because these
things spin fast. I could see a symbol in this comforting one, though. It
was a V-shape with a _ under it (a whale’s tale?).

I could also clearly see the jelly-like hemisphere bumping into something
from the inside (from the cry I uttered in thought?). It looked like the
circles when you throw a stone in water, but more slowly, like it was a
thick substance. Later it reminded me of this SF-film with Jodie Foster as
a stargate astronaut, when she arrives on a “beach” somewhere in space.
When she reaches out her hand to feel the environment, the image of the
night sky also wrinkles like water.

Anyway, I was scared. When I boosted the hemisphere it desintegrated
slowly. But it moved in on me, when I felt myself falling asleep again. So
I got out of bed and went downstairs to tell my man all this. The thing
which struck me the most, was I had seen all this very clearly.


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