"Hi, from the Host of Heaven"

Haven’t posted here is quite a while. I’m currently a fulltime student once again, because apparently I haven’t learned enough yet

Anyway, whenever my life, and things get nearly ovewhelming I always seem to get a boost from our angelic friends. Latest was a few nights ago in a dream where I got a really nice, and very appreciated, sense that we’re all doing the exact right thing. My angel friends always make me laugh, but I can never remember what’s so funny, but I do remember that they said we are doing a really good job and to please keep up the good work. Very specific about letting t he orgone community know, even if it makes me feel like an idiot. So that’s my message. Well their message. And I feel like an idiot, but that’s nothing new. So hope you all enjoy hearing from them as much as I did.


Thanks much PJ, for the message.

Thanks for sharing PJ, i think it’s a gift to be able to carry someone on one’s shoulder.

Thank you PJ for having the courage to “make an idiot” of yourself, I’m right there beside you. I love the message! I too, think Orgone is what makes the most sense in the world these days.

And thank you Don for making it possible.


It’s good to share instructive and confirming dreams, thx PJ. Confirmation is most of the game in tems of reporting our efforts here after all. That’s what inspires others to get into the work and also creates a nice bulwark of empirical evidence in case the world odor ever tries to initiate a media sabotage campaign against this unorganized, revolutionary movement.

We’re genuine revolutionaries because our 3D efforts are causing positive changes throughout the world; fake activists who rant and spin their wheels are merely revolting

When Carol and I started this movement, six years ago, we didn’t have a clue that it was going to catch on, which shows that The Operators are guiding the course of it and the posters on EW exemplify the fact that this is a grassroot network of doers and willing servants rather than self-seekers and grandstanders.


I actually hope many more, here, will start posting their significant dreams and visions, particularly the ones who meet dolphins and whales in that realm, since they have been specifically instructing some of us over the past couple of years.

In the etheric realm there aren’t many distinctions, I believe, which may be why Carol sees angels, dolphins, whales, departed souls, elementals, nice aliens and others consorting together, there, in complete harmony and they all seem to want us to succeed and are helping us in specific ways, often through dreams and visions.

One nice aspect of posting our subjective experiences is that the reader doesn’t feel required to blindly accept our offerings. This can’t be over-emphasized, I think


Hi PJ!

Nice to hear from you and thanks for sharing your dream!

A few weeks ago I had a dream where I was near the end of a shallow channel of crystal clear water. A dolphin swiftly swam up to me so that we were briefly face to face, and just as quickly as he came up, he swam away. At that moment in the dream I felt a strong urge to get him some orgonite.

During a private correspondence Don later mentioned to me that he had a dream about the need to gift the inland waterways of NJ. This was before I mentioned my dream, and I commented to him that his dream puts mine in a new light I thought.

Don asked if I recognized the waterway, and I told him that it was not like any I had seen, and that it couldn’t have been in NJ since the water was so clear.

Anyhoo, since you are in NJ too, I hope you’ll take the chance to gift any waterways you can.

Hello All,

Thanks for the lovely responses, now I don’t feel like such an idiot after all [Image Can Not Be Found] Dave, funny you and Don are thinking inland waterways, because what do we have here in beautiful Point Pleasant? The beginning of the East Coast inland waterway, which I have gifted in the past and will continue to. It’s one of those places, like the Rte 35 bridge (and now Route 70 bridge, which BTW “they’re” naming the 911 Memorial Bridge to keep reminding us all that they can blow us up any time.)

Since the water here in NJ is not exactly clear and clean, perhaps Don’s dream has to do with how it will look in the future after it’s been thoroughly gifted. I’m at the end of the semester (3 more final exams) and then can spend the break gifting.

Sorry Dave, I meant your dream. My brain is fried,honestly I really think my brain is full and I wish exams were already over.

Thanks Satish, will try your techniques. Three more days of finals and I’m finished!

hi, p.j.,

i was thinking… as your post kind of got stuck in my mind…. that the meaning of your dream may be, especially that it was a message to the orgone community through you, that we should call on the angels specifically now in some of our etheric work. maybe they want to coordinate with us in the direction it takes and the targets we choose. the things we do in the chatblasts certainly do strike at the core of the dark agenda.

i’m just wondering if they are telling you that we are ready for more direct contact with their realm as we are working from below upwards and they are working from above downwards, so to speak. this thought is pretty much unfathomable to me at this point… but what if they specifically wanted to help us now with , say, stuff like directing energy or maintaining energy flows and such.

i realize this is pretty far-fetched, but as an example, i have read that d. bradley has contact with angelic types of beings. perhaps others here could do the same.

dave, your water channel/dolphin encounter dream is very interesting too. the intracoastal waterway, known as “the ditch” has been gifted pretty well in south florida. i’m sure there are stretches of it that have been gifted all along its length. thinking about it as a single project might be a clue to your dream. from n.j. to florida is only about 3,000 miles. that’s only 3,000 tbs at one per mile. that would be a wonderful and very helpful cruise for someone. hundreds, maybe thousands do that very cruise every year.

i feel a little sheepish here, too as i do not want to come off as the dream interpreter or project manager. however, this board if safe in that way where we may just put our ideas out there for all to see and interact with, without attack or subversion. the open consultation on this board and in this thread are very uplifting and empowering.

HI Jackson, I’d say anybody is free to call on angelic help. My dreams are more surprising to me than probably anyone. They’re not just dreams, I guess they’re visions. I’m not a visionary so not sure how I ended up as the messenger of some of this stuff. I feel compelled to share it with this community and hope everyone takes it in the spirt (ha-ha) in which it is given.


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