High Tension Wires

louis onder
08 Oct 2008 22:04
Subject: High Tension Wires
A couple of years ago I saw an article about a man from the UK named Richard Box who put hundreds of fluorescent bulbs under pylons that carried high tension wires and they lit up. So we decided to start gifting as many of these high tension wires as we could by burying orgonite and earth pipes directly underneath them in hopes of carrying ambient positive current everywhere the wires traveled. Well we never really found out if there were any benefits form this exercise. But recently, we buried an eighteen under some of these lines and within 2 weeks they built a cell tower less than a quarter of a mile away from it (the eighteen) under the same lines. I wonder if anyone else ever had something like this happen before?

here is the link for the article:

Pylon Ambient Energy Lights Fluorescent Bulbs
Hundreds in UK flock each night to see artistic display of 1300 fluorescent bulbs lit by overhead high-power lines. Lights ebb as a person walks near them. Tubes give a shock when held while jumping off the ground.

logo image from RichardBox.com

by Sterling D. Allan, with Andy Pears
March 6, 2004
Pure Energy Systems News Service


Hundreds of people are flocking each night for a close-up look at Richard Box’ artistic display of 1301 fluorescent bulbs that are lit by the overhead high-power lines – just from the ambient energy surrounding the lines.

The display, called “Field,” which opened on Feb. 15 and has been extended to March 6, is situated near freeway M4 in Bath, England, where passersby can view the spectacle.

photo from RichardBox.com

Box is the Artist in Resident of the Department of Physics at the University of Bristol, which is famous for its pioneering work on the effects of magnetic and electrical fields on human health.

Denis Henshaw, professor of human radiation effects, has praised Box’s work in its effectiveness in illustrating in a method the lay person can relate to, the fields that emanate from high-power lines.

“The result has surpassed all my expectations,” said Box, of the extent to which the power loss along over-head power lines is demonstrated by the display he assembled.

This story broke on the same day Pure Energy Systems News published a story about how some technologies that were thought to be extracting energy from aether – the “vast sea of energy that surrounds us” – may actually be tapping local high power lines, though a sort of wireless transformer principle.

courtesy TeslaSociety.com
Nikola Tesla invented
fluorescent bulbs.

Wireless transmission (intentional) and fluorescent bulbs were both invented by Nikola Tesla.

The fluorescent bulbs of Richard Box’s display, “planted” in the ground to pick up “waste emissions from the overhead power lines”, are in effect acting as wireless transformers as well, providing a graphic depiction of a phenomenon that could actually shed additional light on the mode of action of these other energy devices.

Andy Pears, an associate of Pure Energy Systems, recently visited Box’s Field display with an electronics engineer friend of his, joining a throne of around 600 people who mingled for about two hours.

He reports that “during the show, we soon discovered that if people link hands, hold onto a tube and collectively jump, everyone gets quite a big electric shock.”

The effect is not as dramatic for just one person, but can still be felt.

“People act as aerials collecting the radiation. The more people that hold hands the greater the amplification of the radiated voltage is.”

He said the tube glow brighter while the person or people are off the ground.

The most number of people he saw do this at once that night was six.

Pears also described another phenomenon. “As you walk up to the tubes, which are buried in the ground by about 6 inches, the tubes go out. When you move away they light up again. This is because your body is a better conductor of the electromagnetic radiation than the air is, so your body shorts out this potential to the ground.”

He believes that this phenomenon is related to the shock phenomenon. “When holding the tube, when you jump, the flow is then routed through the tube far easier as your body is a better conductor than the air. Like magic, the tube will be lit more brightly than on its own. An electric shock is the penalty for doing this.”

Pears says, “There was an eerie feel to the night, the tubes seemed to take on a life of there own. The tubes were constantly flickering between various states of excitation due to the fluctuation of field strengths being affected by the onlookers.”

Box says, “There’s sound as well as light – a crackling that corresponds to the flashing of the lights. There’s a certain smell too, and your hair stands slightly on end.”

Though the shows are at night, when the effect can be seen best, the fluorescent tubes are lit continuously, depending on the whether conditions. The dryer the air, the more the tubes act to collect the ambient energy. Humid air acts as a conductor to ground, tending to bypass the tubes.

The tubes are carefully arranged in triangular/hexagonal shape such that they are 1 meter from one another. New tubes perform differently from old tubes. Pears was asking Box how so, when he had to run off to stop someone who was breaking some tubes. Box is replacing about 10 bulbs a day during the display.

Ken Rauen, Science Advisor for Pure Energy Systems, says there is “no new physics here, just a new twist for common folk. It is no more bizarre than dropping a permanent magnet down a copper pipe and watching it float down like a down feather in still air.”

He says “It is an old trick to take fluorescent bulbs near a radio tower and light them by holding them vertically in one hand. Hold them horizontally and they don’t work. The reason is that the vertical electric field being radiated by the radio tower is high enough to produce 100 Volts per meter or more, which is about 100 Volts across a long tube, so it lights up. The electric field near high voltage, high power transmission lines must be as strong, though only at 60 Hz instead of megahertz.”

louis onder
09 Oct 2008 17:14
Subject: Re: High Tension Wires
I am 95 percent convinced that the eighteen we buried under the wires is so powerful that they are trying to offset it’s ability to do it’s thing with the nearby cell tower by charging the system with negative energy instead. We buried it very deep in a place where it would be very difficult to find and they may have made a major error by erecting a death tower in the immediate vicinity. (we may have caught them with their pants down this time) Therefore, I will populate the grid of high tension wires in as many areas as I can with more eighteens and watch their reactions. This way, we can dis-assemble the network above and below meaning the power lines that are close to the ground will be gifted and since the eighteens work great in the atmosphere we can realistically honor the phrase as above so below. I plan to report the results as necessary.

“If we can pump positive energy through the electrical wires that literally go every where, we could slam-dunk the elite because even they would be filled with this wonderful energy.”

BTW it rained yesterday and they predicted an inch but we ended getting several inches much to everyone’s suprise!


Don Croft
31 Oct 2008 03:15
Subject: Re: High Tension Wires
Good work, as usual, Louis, and thanks!

Alejandro told me about someone he knows in Santiago who got some productive results with a little orgonite under high tension wires but I’d like him to repeat it, here, if he’s reading this. Firsthand reports are better but what he learned will build on what you reported, Louis, because the fellow, a retired electrical engineer I think, measured the before/after effects with a TriMeter–hard science is golden. I think that post was lost, the last time Etheric Warriors was destroyed by CIA hackers in June, 2007, but some things are worth repeating again and again and that’s one of them.

A retired University of Washington professor whom I once worked with in the field (he wanted me to make an orgone accumulator that he could wear on his torso to improve his dowsing, which it did) told me that the power companies employ helicopters to hunt for passive wires under the high tension lines. Anyone who will string even a thin wire close to the ground under those lines will get free electricity and it pays for the power companies to prevent that revenue loss, of course. The wire can’t be on the ground or the current will go to ground. The way it works is that the pulsed electromagnetic field for a hundred yards or so around the axis of the high tension lines is powerful enough that a parallel wire, within that energy field, will turn it back into usable electricity if it’s run to a household Cool

This is the basic principle behind transformers, of course, including the Tesla coil.

When we first started gifting entire cities, Carol suggested dropping a single towerbuster every mile or so under the high tension wires that went through the cities and she watched the DOR from the powerlines turn into radiant blue orgone in each case, within a few minutes. I think DB was fond of doing that on his city-gifting sorties, too. It doesn’t take much at all to get this done, though I think it’s always very nice to deploy an 18, of course, when the inspiration strikes.


07 Nov 2008 12:14
Subject: Re: High Tension Wires
Don, it was not high tension lines but a couple of death towers that we gifted an measured the results.

Here’s the original post: 13 Apr 2007 22:46

About three weeks ago Javi and I went to small party at a friends apartment. We imediately noticed a couple of death towers on the small hill right next to the property, about 400 meters away.

Our hosts told us that there was a small campaign to remove the towers among the residents, spearheaded by a German guy, Hans, who’s wife was suffering from some kind of “chronic” disese. They also told us that this man had an instrument to measue EMR and had refered the extreemly high readings to the responsable authorities, to no avail. The next morning we climbed the small hill and planted a single TB in the vecinity.

We emailed Hans and told him what we had done and if he could compare the readings before and after. He was out of town on vaccations at the time so we could not meet him yet. He returned our mail a few days ago, very exited, telling us that the EMR readings had gone down from 200-300 uW/m2 to 60uW/m2. Acording to the official charts about EMR safety he had obtained, the readings had come down from extreme radiation to medium-high. He also told us that before the orgonite was placed, he would measure readings of up to 1000uW/m2.

We explained to him that its not the EMR itself that is noxious to human health but the DOR these transmitters produce. We didn’t get into the whole sewer rat thing and that specific frecuencies are chosen that produce the most DOR and that all of this is done on purpose, basically to dumb down and eventually kill people.

You can’t hammer PJ folks with the whole truth of what is going on, or they will freak out or simply dismiss you as a nut. He’s going to lend us his notes, which he has taken over the past year on the EMR readings on his balcony, so we can photocopy them and post them here, I love German people, so neat and resourceful.

Although orgonite basically operates transforming DOR into POR, some of its secondary effects can be measured through changes in EMR so this is strong empiric evidence of orgonite’s effectiveness, I don’t think scientific instruments suffer from placebo effect or collective hypnosis Wink .

Don Croft
08 Nov 2008 17:52
Subject: Re: High Tension Wires
Thanks a lot, partner!

In fact, it’s the hard science evidence that does us the most good in the long run in terms of credibility Cool

Dr Reich noted that a Geiger counter gives the same reading for DOR and healthy orgone, as I probably mentioned, so a trimeter and a geiger counter are two instruments that can measure the effects of orgonite.

Trimeters are quite expensive but Dr Reich also slightly modified a simple Gaussmeter to indicate the presence of an orgone field. We’re kind of lazy, so we use reputable psychics and energy sensitives for that.

When I got a Zapchecker, over six years ago, I was elated to see that it measured the field strength of death towers, also measured the strenght of the same death towers after gifting (zero, in that case Cool ) but within a few months of publicizing that process the $#!+birds somehow contrived to make zapcheckers useless for this job, also made it much harder to find implants iwth a zapchecker. I think that was also araound the time that the $#!+bird agencies figured out how to shoot implants from fake cellphones and fake sunglasses into one’s heart meridian, apparently causing the entire meridian for some distance from the implant to light up a zapchecker.

Within a couple of years of that, we lost interest in looking for implants–maybe it became apparent that implants were vastly overrated by disinformants. I don’t know. I think the older, surgically implanted ones are still problematic but they’re kind of rare, apparently.

When talking to PJ folks it’s a good idea to pay attention to their countenance. You can sort of tell when the iron gate slams shut and they start feeling threatened by information, then it’s a good idea to just shut up or say, ‘Hey, how about them Dodgers!?’ or ‘Check out the rack on THAT chick,’ or something.

You can sneak more info into them if you’re cheerful, of course. Carol gets a chuckle from the fact that most people, even PJ folks, simply don’t want new info because they know that they’d feel compelled to do something about the problems they’d been ignoring Wink

Years ago, right after ‘Doktor Demento, PhD’ took a trip to Germany and Austria to slander orgonite cloudbusters, there was an explosion of interest among German speakers and a new, dynamic network was born, thanks largely also to the fine efforts and example of Georg Ritschl in Jo’burg, ZA (Zuid Afrika). I share Ale’s admiration of Germans and some of them have made huge and exemplary conributions to this unorganized movement.


Don Croft
08 Nov 2008 18:02
Subject: Re: High Tension Wires
Ale, if you manage to get some feedback from Hans about whether his wife’s health improved after you gifted the death towers that would be worth sharing.

I dont’ remember if you told me whether there have been chemtrails over Santiago (most of South America has been free of these corporate bioweapon assaults) but the vast majority of the new chronic sickness cases we’ve encountered in the West, Australia/NZ and parts of Asia over the past twelve years had been caused by the bioweaponry in chemtrails between 1998 and the middle of 2002.

If the latter is the case with Hans’ wife, I think she’s only going to recover if she or someone treats the cause of her illness–ChemBuster has been very effective, on its own, curing these new endemic chronic sicknesses and zappers, alone, have not been consistently successful curing them. ChemBuster was formulated to induce the body to start repairing itself, again. It’s usually that simple.