Orgonite usage while living near high voltage overhead power lines

Hi, I was wondering if you have any experience with customers who buy and use organite while they live near high voltage power lines, and if they have given any feedback after a year or two of using it for that purpose? I live about 55 - 60 meters from a 60 KV line and have other residential power lines, transistors nearby on the street. The phone signal isn’t too strong, but other wifi in neighborhood homes shows up on my computer wifi settings. What feedback have people given? I have seen the youtube video, but that is just a few and really not pertaining to any long term use or my issue. Please advise. Thank you…

Thank you for the message. If the phone signal is weak, generally it means that the transmitter on the phone will be working at a higher output, emitting more EMF than if it had a stronger signal closer to the mast.

There is a video in this thread that shows orgonite blocking EMF/EMR from the mains:

The last post at the bottom of the page there includes a pdf file, which is very interesting with regards to EMF/EMR and health.

Although the video suggests that orgonite blocks it, it generally scavenges ambient EMF/EMR. A Faraday cage would be needed to completely block it.

I’ve pasted a couple of FAQ answers below that are relevant:

Will orgonite cut out wifi and 3g/4g/5g/mobile phone signals completely?

Scientifically speaking, although orgonite scavenges EMR/EMF, it will not completely eliminate it to create a black spot like a Faraday cage would. If it did, it would be classified as a mobile phone jammer and be made illegal.
However, depending on the size of the piece, you may notice a reduction or loss of phone/wifi signal within a few inches of it.
EMR/EMF seem to disrupt etheric energy (known as orgone, prana, chi or life force energy), causing it to stagnate and go bad. In addition to the physical scavenging, orgonite seems to not only restore the disrupted flow of natural etheric energy, but also enhance it.

With regards to orgonite physically scavenging EMR/EMF (such as wifi, bluetooth, 3g, 4g, 5g, etc), it is thought that the metal shavings insulated from each other by resin in orgonite act as electrical inductors, conducting and storing electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from the surrounding area. The embedded quartz crystal converts this electromagnetic charge from the inductor matrix into small movements, via the process of electrostriction.
The result is the continuous scavenging of ambient electromagnetic radiation, converting it into movement, and dissipating it as heat.

With regards to orgonite restoring the natural etheric energy (orgone, prana, chi or life force energy), water is thought to be a superconductor for etheric energy, and certain types of EMR could possibly split moisture in the air into hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions (H+ and OH-), neutralising or at least disrupting the natural transmission and flow of etheric energy.
Placing orgonite in the vicinity of sources of EMR could essentially lift the sterilising effect of the EMR, enabling orgone or chi to function properly again.

In addition to restoring the natural flow of etheric energy, orgonite then enhances it. Very little is known about how etheric energy works, and exactly how orgonite interacts with it, but the general theory is that the organic material in orgonite’s matrix (resin) attracts negative orgone energy, and the inorganic material (metal) repels it. Once attracted to the matrix, it has both pulling and pushing forces applied to it from all directions at the same time, causing friction. This chaotic, scrambled energy is then cleansed and converted into positive orgone energy via the embedded quartz crystal.
Large electrical appliances, and wireless transmission devices specifically (such as mobile phone masts or wifi routers) seem to generate large amounts of negative orgone. This is sucked in by orgonite, and transformed into positive orgone.

I am concerned about the effects of wifi and mobile phone signals in my home, which pieces do you recommend?

If you are constrained by budget, 12 or 24 field grade orgonite tower busters scattered around inside and outside the property is the most cost effective way to make an impact. However, please note that these are really made for use outside, and are a little rough – they could scratch worksurfaces, so you would need to use coasters or other materials as barriers to surfaces.

If budget allows, one or two of the 17 piece bundle deals would be the most ideal solution. The deal price is significantly less than purchasing the pieces separately.
Field grade pieces are included in the deal, as well as the personal grade towerbusters, Lemurian cone and gold tipped Lemurian cone. All of these (apart from the field grade pieces) come with felt bases for protection to surfaces, and include upgraded materials such as:
Double terminated Lemurian seed quartz crystals – master crystals, and able to communicate with other crystals. Naturally double terminated crystals can simultaneously absorb and transmit energy. This bi-directional transfer of energy facilitates energy exchange between chakras, and is especially useful in balancing energies between two people.
24-karat gold flakes – often referred to as the master healer, able to clear negativity from chakras and energy fields. Works very well with other gemstones, increasing their power while providing a stabilising influence on them.
Selenite crystals – clearing, charging, and enhancing the properties of other crystals and stones in the piece.

The personal pieces also have an increased processing capacity, and their materials are much more suited to use within personal spaces. The field grade pieces can be placed outside, and indoors in areas they won’t cause damage to surfaces, and the personal pieces in areas where people congregate or spend most of their time, and close to electrical appliances, especially wireless devices.


For the last 10 years, I have only made pieces for myself and family and friends, and about a year ago I launched - in this short time I have received a lot of very good feedback.

However, I haven’t heard from anyone specifically using it when living next to power lines - although they could have done but just not reported to me about it.

Like I say, it will scavenge ambient EMF/EMR but not block it out, with the main work of orgonite being turning negative orgone associated with EMF/EMR sources into positive orgone, and restoring the natural flow of orgone.

If I were in the situation of being in such close vicinity to overhead power lines, and couldn’t avoid it, I’d probably scatter quite a lot of TBs, both buried and on the surface, directly underneath the lines, and between the lines and the property.

Inside the property, I’d concentrate the pieces along the walls that are closest to the power lines.

Don Croft invented the towerbuster, and there are some posts about power lines here. One quote from Don is below:

Alejandro told me about someone he knows in Santiago who got some productive results with a little orgonite under high tension wires but I’d like him to repeat it, here, if he’s reading this. Firsthand reports are better but what he learned will build on what you reported, Louis, because the fellow, a retired electrical engineer I think, measured the before/after effects with a TriMeter–hard science is golden. I think that post was lost, the last time Etheric Warriors was destroyed by CIA hackers in June, 2007, but some things are worth repeating again and again and that’s one of them.

A retired University of Washington professor whom I once worked with in the field (he wanted me to make an orgone accumulator that he could wear on his torso to improve his dowsing, which it did) told me that the power companies employ helicopters to hunt for passive wires under the high tension lines. Anyone who will string even a thin wire close to the ground under those lines will get free electricity and it pays for the power companies to prevent that revenue loss, of course. The wire can’t be on the ground or the current will go to ground. The way it works is that the pulsed electromagnetic field for a hundred yards or so around the axis of the high tension lines is powerful enough that a parallel wire, within that energy field, will turn it back into usable electricity if it’s run to a household Cool

This is the basic principle behind transformers, of course, including the Tesla coil.

When we first started gifting entire cities, Carol suggested dropping a single towerbuster every mile or so under the high tension wires that went through the cities and she watched the DOR from the powerlines turn into radiant blue orgone in each case, within a few minutes. I think DB was fond of doing that on his city-gifting sorties, too. It doesn’t take much at all to get this done, though I think it’s always very nice to deploy an 18, of course, when the inspiration strikes.
High Tension Wires

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

Hi Adam,

I want to say thank you dearly for all the information you provided. It is taking me a while to go through it and I really appreciate all of the information. Prior to this email and seeing your site I had already bought some on line and was waiting on the order to arrive. I’m going to go ahead and spread it around as suggested, see how it works and feels and then may order some from you as your approach to making them is very good and your prices for the sets are quite reasonable. I am interested in yours. Thank you so much for your help and being open to questions.

Thank you!

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