Hillary Finally Lands A Useful Job!

Don Croft
09 Nov 2008 17:56
Subject: Hillary Finally Lands a Useful Job!
…And the current fake president’s future is assured, too! Cool ~Don


10 Nov 2008 14:00
Subject: Re: Hillary Finally Lands A Useful Job!
very useful indeed

Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world
Don Croft
11 Nov 2008 12:04
Subject: Re: Hillary Finally Lands a Useful Job!
This reminds me of the thing that first caused me to be surveilled by the $#!+birds in 1995.

I was in business at the time, living in my sign shop, and had just lost my home and family to the corporate satanic courts, so I was kind of smoldering with the recognition that I’d been victimized in that old, neo-global scheme to destroy the concept of ‘nuclear family.’

I got a phone call from some gal, apparently in India, telling me that Price Waterhouse was conducting a survey on how business people perceive the Federal Reserve Corporation. She asked me if I was willing to fill out some questionnaire forms that were bing mailed to me.

I told her, ‘The only appropriate way to relate to the Federal Reserve Corporation is to arrest them, then put them in the middle of a swamp in the Central African Republic, employed as orderlies in a charity maternity hospital.’

That night, I got my first visit from a huge, black helicopter (no lights on it) and my phone was tapped. A CIA guy moved in to the shop next door to monitor me. I liked him, actually, and he had a lot of good stories, including one about being arrested, imprisoned and tortured in Chile right after the CIA destroyed that gov’t. If I didn’t like him, I’d say his name Wink

He was one of the funniest people I’ve known. He never said, ‘See you later,’ or ‘bye;’ he always said, ‘See you in court!’ Cool

If someone magically turned the Board of Directors of the Fed into toilet brushes maybe that would be more appropriate than my suggestion.


Don Croft
14 Nov 2008 11:22
Subject: Re: Hillary Finally Lands a Useful Job!
HorribleHilary is going to be O’Bomber’s Secretary of State. Carol and I got a chuckle from that, since it’s clear that this is yet another way that BushSr is consolidating his control of the next alleged regime Wink

Don Imus got into huge trouble during the Clinton years when he said at a televised meeting (which the lovely couple attended) that ‘Clinton’s cabinet looks like the bar scene from Star Wars.’ It didn’t help that he insinuated, in the same meeting, that HorribleHillary was responsible for Vince Foster’s murder, either.

This is from the fellow who sent us the toilet brush link:

Howdy, sometimes i post good news articles and humor on craigslist forum, to educate the local sleepy heads. What was wierd though is that my confirmation code said [don haynes] and then when i tried the link to the toilet bowl presidential cleaners, it was offline and not accessable, so i thought it was mildy wierd and funny and sent the info to ya…

cheers. chris

Thanks for that, Chris–all of the public forums are pretty much set up or are taken over by CIA, NSA and/or MI5/6 assets, of course, and their hackers apparently block people who post any of a large number of key words, URLs, etc. Sites like Etheric Warriors get routinely destroyed by hackers on account of exercising the rights of free speech and free assembly, though that hasn’t happened to us since we moved the site to Chile a year and a half ago.

Attempting to post enlightening material probably bumped you up to the next level of surveillance, like the rest of us, but that’s an honor, these days. If the $#!+birds bother you with psi attacks, hit back! donebydooney.com has good, usabble information about that. Let me know if you want help after you try the latter and you feel it didn’t work.


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