Holographic Chemplanes?

I am fairly sure most of the chemplanes I’m seeing at this point in southern Britain are holographic. Gradually they just started to look wrong to me… The trails too far out and back to match with the plane’s form. The movement seemed too fast and smooth. Under magnification the planes look bland and featureless. I saw one, I think, at low altitude the other day. I was driving so couldn’t look for too long, but the perspective of the plane – foreshortening – looked wrong in relation to the altitude and angle. (I am an artist so I have a fair eye for these things.) It was quite low, but no sound at all. They are not even all that convincing – I could do a better digital compositing job myself – are we supposed to notice?? Hmm…Passing by Heathrow recently, I saw real passenger planes making real noise – these give an entirely different perceptual impression.

However, the chemtrails are real enough. Vast zones of grey swirly chemcrud are also being drifted in from the west. The solar hours are very low now for three months. Even my cat is depressed! [Image Can Not Be Found] The good news is every 7-9 days there is massive sylph activity and the sky is cleared rapidly, usually lasting for a couple of days. [Image Can Not Be Found];

Anyway, it would be interesting to know what other folks think or are noticing re. the planes. (Sorry if this is not a new topic, but I couldn’t find another similar one when I searched)


Quite cloudlike whitish planes?

Usually without any trail?

They are just tracking the sky and whatelse I don’t know. They are usually there when someone does a gifting-run or when the sky is very good, many sylphs…

Afterwards they usually strike hard with combined chemtrails, HAARP and whatever else I don’t know. I would say they are not holographic, but they more like stealth planes that look like white clouds or a bueish-whitish sky.


The ones I am seeing here definitely have trails. I seem them quite often.

I do not know if they are holograms. They might be… I had an experience twice where I live. A chemplane followed by its chemtrail just disappeared in a clear sky. Chemtrail remained unfinished! I saw the same scene twice in two different dates. I discused about that with a friend and he told me that those planes probably use an advanced technology which enables the move through dimentions, or in other words, they use parallel dimentions in order to be transfered fast over another spot of the globe and continue spraying where it is planned to be sprayed. A kind of teleportation maybe…

Sometimes I see a black beam infront of the airplane.

Thanks for all this sharing with this topic. Here in Hong Kong I have observed an OBVIOUS correlation between the appearance of sylphs and then chemtrails. But what comes first…the chicken or the egg…I don’t know.

Second in observing and also feeling the energy of these chemtrail “jets” something feels “off”…meaning they quite often don’t feel or appear like real jets. Their ability to teleport quickly to an area of many sylphs could very well be a valid explanation. I feel they are a negative frequency weapon that try to attack the higher frequency of the sylphs. Thats why i feel gifting orgonite is important, since it elevates the frequency, but also keeping in a “boosted” state of mind and just feeling real love as often as possible boosts the frequency as well.

I think it all comes down to FREQUENCY for me. Feeling the frequency of a sylph…of a chemtrail. Feeling the frequency of a person you meet or an etheric being that shows up in your bedroom.

Of course the “physical chemtrail” people think we are crazy to make such observations. Thats why I think that some of the “Physical fear chemtrail videos” are witting or unwitting disinfo designed to keep people locked into the “physical only” paradigm of looking at the world. I think the old-controllers know that if people start thinking in FREQUENCY and feeling things then the game is up and they will become obsolete. But i think their obsolecence is a done deal over time anyway…

Let’s see…hkj


A black beam or a black guiding chemtrail? They sprayed black trails for years and exactly on this black trail there will be countless chemtrails following. I saw themn spraying the black trail, but a black beam could also exist.

In the last couple of years you don’t see this very often.

Again about those holographic-like planes without trails.

Maybe also advanced technology. I once saw three soundless, bleck, stealthlike UFOs above me. They came, stopped hovering above my car, then left.
I cannot say they were good or bad, though.

All the observations, also the one with possible teleportations to other spots, are probably being used – this would explain the sudden appearance of chemplanes in masses at different places.



I have seen black trails and after that cehmplanes very often, but here in Vienna I saw last year a plane that was “drilling” the clouds ahead with a black ray!! And of course after him some chemplanes… Anyway here in Vienna they have no longer so much success.


But all this new tech won’t help them. The whole world is turning to the best, slowly, but unstoppable.