Home Shrines

I felt compelled to comment on Louis Onder’s fantastic little orgonite temples but didn’t want to intrude on his vendor thread so here it goes

These things feel great, at least from afar – I bet from up close too!

They remind me of something that was widespread in Europe, before the Roman Empire adopted what is more widely known as the Christian Religion. They actually had to pound the unbelieveing “pagans” into dropping all their silly superstitions and one of these “blasphemies” was to have a shrine at home, honouring whatever gods these people felt appropriate – and by gods I’m guessing local Guardian Spirits and Elementals too.

Interestingly, a lot of pagan elements survived in the Christian Religion, including the home shrine, as you will find many of these in the bedrooms of older people, througout Catholic Southern Europe. These little shrines can be as simple as a few images (including Jesus on the cross of course…) some of these images are 2D, others 3D, carefully placed on top of a cupboard. This is a place where those people go and pray.
Some people have actual full blow standing shrines with little doors that open, like miniature wooden altars – Hollywood likes to show these in Italian mob movies for some reason.

Now it’s 2013 and more and more people try to find their own way into the spiritual – isn’t that why different versions of the same New Age Fakery have been popping up like mushrooms for decades? I bet everyone here has their way of “praying” (boosting?) though, and it’s great how the place of spirituality has been moved from the big stone building back to people’s hearts – there’s no Inquisitition out to burn us either [Image Can Not Be Found]

Meanwhile the Jesuit, supposed leader of the Catholic Church said today something along the lines of:
“looking for Grid-God-Jesus-The-Operators-Whatever-You-Believe-In outside the Church is an absurd dichotomy”
Only parasitic institutions try to make us believe that they have the Teat Of Truth, or the Exclusive VIP Backstage Passes To Greater Knowledge And Understandment and fail to see the emerging paradigm – I think they’re scared too!