House of 7 arches, Sharon Stone, Zeta Jones, monks

Gave a tb with orgonite website address, to 3 Tibetan monks that are drawing a ‘World Peace Mandala’, and fundraising for Tibet Freedom, it is done in a hardware gifts and furnishing store in Milano called Cargo, they use colored sands, on Sunday they are destroying the Mandala, conlcuding the ritual and giving parts to visitors. Since the young monk was checking his phone with assiduity I hope he gets a chance to chek the pictures, and see what orgonite is used for etc. usual propagation. They are connected with Dalai Lama as in othe cover of one the pamphlets

Sharon Stone is friend of Dalai Lama, Catherine Zeta-Jones is bipolar, I presume now they both wear pants with experience, and also or alternatively wedding rings.

The twinning of sites is the House of Seven Arches in Sedona, Arizona, and the (non celebrity) Staffarda Abbey near Cavour Rock in Piedmont.

Lucille Ball house