How does the Predator Buster Work?

This is my personal opinion and it is not intended to infringe on anyone’s personal religious philosophy or belief system(s).

I can only tell you how I think the Predator Buster works. We have learned in mystical teachings that everything in this holographic universe is made up of atoms that vibrate at specific frequencies with the exception of love which has no vibration because love is perfect balance. Hard objects are not really solid as most of us think and their atoms move much slower than softer objects. The only way I know how to help bring balanced energy to people, places, cell towers, etc. is with orgonite/and or love energy from a person’s heart chakra. We have also learned that a person is composed of a higher or true self and a lower or false self. The higher self is often referred to as the man upstairs, the one from above, God, etc. The lower self is the devil, lucifer, satan, etc. Those who do not recognize or acknowledge the higher self as our ultimate self or goal in life live with the lower self in control and believe this illusion or holographic universe is solid or real. Jesus was the embodiment of a human being living totally through his higher self and said the kingdom of heaven is within and we all could be like him if we did as he did (and he was right) How many people have you heard say they could never be like Jesus?

I’ll bet a bunch.

Now let’s get to the meat of the situation!

Predators such as child molesters for example most definitely live completely from their lower selves and the veil is pulled over their eyes because they are totally shut off from their higher selves. The fact that most of us already know that orgonite can bring balance to a given space will help to start and loosen the veil between their 2 selves. In the first movie the Matrix Neo was the ONE, not because he was the only one, but because he knew his true self and could differentiate between his true and false self. Agent Smith knew this and shot him in the heart chakra. Remember when the Oracle said Know Thyself? Know thy true self. Bingo! We have also learned that certain types of quartz exhibit specific properties that enable us to custom-make orgonite intended for specific tasks as we see the need. Given, a lot of hardcore devilish type fiends (with closed higher chakras) will bolt and exit an area that starts to vibrate at a finer higher rate but atleast they will leave that space and no longer be a threat to the residents. Others who decide to stay and ride it out will become frustrated and try to understand what is bothering them and making them to feel so different. This the first step that we hope will cause a person to start to awaken and see the bad things they have been doing and thinking. This is called self-observation and this process allows the higher self to enter the person’s life and start the healing process. True healing must start on an etheric level before it can make it to the physical level. Orgonite helps to correct problems at an etheric level first, then to the physical level. The best thing is we don’t have to be present for the orgonite to do it’s thing.


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