How much mysticism is too much for EW?

“Unless we proceed cautiously, there might well arise a few generations of
mystics who conceive of the orgone metaphysically, divorced from
non-living nature and who do not comprehend it from the standpoint of
natural science. And it seems to me that we have more than enough
mysticism as it is.”

W. Reich

Thanks, Dr Dirk, for sending me that quote!

I’m not aware that Dr Reich paid much attention to the irrationalist Theosophy intellectual mischief that was being perpetrated all around him. In those days, there was a lot of pressure, especially in the West, to institutionalize just about everything and very few people even considered the option of unrestrained, individual examination of reality, which I think Dr Reich exemplified.

Theosophy epitomizes the opposite approach, which is to attempt to vitiate and institutionalize everything in the etheric realm, and that ideology has been propagated by the world odor in a top-down fashion for over a century–a pre-television version of the What To Think Network.

Steiner was a gifted contemporary of Reich’s who had been completely enmeshed in Theosophy but when he figured out that Alice Bailey was only interested in manipulating and exploiting others he reacted by taking most of the Theosophical doctrines, sans Alice Bailey, and calling his version, ‘Anthroposophy.’ Otherwise he seemed to have the same sort of driving curiosity and genius that Reich exemplified. Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, and perhaps Trevor Constable, followed in Steiner’s footsteps and have contributed some fine work and accomplishments while remaining faithful proselytes for the Theosophical/masonic ‘mystery school’ paradigm.

I think it’s destructive and an insult to human intelligence to institutionalize any spiritual or scientific concept; even worse to develop an organization around it but I admire Steiner et al’s insights into the processes of subtle energy dynamics and their productive applications.

I think that Steiner’s addiction to the Theosophy paradigm more or less parallel’s Reich’s youthful fascination with communism except that Reich grew out of communism (was then expelled from the company of Russian-sponsored Marxists) and Steiner remained addicted to irrational mysticism. The world, in those days, was in London’s materialistic headlock, after all, and most thinking people were herded into choosing between one or another of the world odor’s ‘alternative choices,’ the way Sunday schoolers in those days were presented, on the sly, with irrational Darwinism as ‘the alternative’ to the irrational Biblical creation myth.

Reich unequivocably said that materialistic science is a mystical concept, no more rational than Greek mythology. I think it’s fun and liberating for us to consider that because we Westerners were all trained, as elementary school pupils, to police our creative thoughts and aspirations by invoking the deadly Cartesian paradigm.

Part of the irrational, receding paradigm is the schizophrenic assumption that a scientist, artist, mystic or scholar shouldn’t be held accountable for his/her degraded behavior and affiliations. Under that standard we shouldn’t be concerned that Nietzche was an opium addict; Freud and Einstein blackballed Reich (as the commies did, before) because the latter cured mental illness instead of just ‘analyzing’ it and also demonstrated that materialistic science is obsolete; Picasso was a thug and it’s been uncommon for any modern artist to become successful without selling out in one way or another, Darwin and Marx were employed by Thomas Huxley and Darwin, at least, later recanted his claims; Bertrand Russell (an icon of the hippie generation) openly advocated the complete annihilation, via hydrogen bombs, of the African people, Ezra Pound, who introduced half of the substantive authors and poets of the early 20th century, supported Mussolini to the end and openly hated Jews, ad nauseum.

Reich felt and demonstrated that what we do defines who we are. He paid for his intellectual integrity and independence with his life, of course, and literally fought a war against institutionalism and the cancer of fascism, having even found it necessary to arm himself and his close associates at Orgonon in the face of the same sort of government interference that a few of us gifters have encountered. Thank God the sewer rats no longer have the temerity to openly drag us into kangaroo courts and imprison us, the way they did to Dr Reich, and their bioweaponry, poisons and electromagnetic and psychic assaults are ineffective or only partly effective when genuine activists have the presence of mind to use zappers, turn the tables on the psionic predators and get enough of orgonite around ourselves and our neighborhoods to create a substantial energy buffer.

In case you haven’t noticed, the US Government, at least, has recruited and deployed millions of Homeland Security Abominations in recent years, perhaps most of whom are Russian expatriates. If they ever don their (gray?) uniforms there will probably be an instant, bloody rebellion by outraged PJ folks, who still think we have political freedom, in spite of overwhelming evidence, and aren’t sufficiently terrorized by the ‘Muslim terrorist’ paper tiger to support an overt Gestapo-style roundup of people like you and me.

An armed rebellion against the federal government would probably succeed in an afternoon because the self-policing aspect of the PJ folks, which was strong in Reich’s day, has more or less collapsed by now. We sure don’t want to see the old war to control the PJ folks’ thoughts and emotions to deteriorate into a shooting war because the feds would quickly lose and anarchy is nobody’s friend except the world odor’s in the long run. Nothing is more frightening, to me, than to contemplate what the world would be like if the PJ folks had no outward constraints to their behavior, even for a short time. There really should be an organic transition from excessively centralized government to local, empowered, representative government so that people of conscience will be able to facilitate the process.

I hope to keep EW online as an object example of what a few independent people can accomplish by empowering ourselves through gifting (and some timely surgical, etheric stikes on the world odor’s hierarchy to prevent genuine terrorism) and by steering clear of institutionalizing or organizing the process.

Lately, several threads on EW have been devoted to entirely mystical aspirations and in my view this counteracts the grounding effect of the work we’re doing and draws way too much attention to mere fantasy and speculation. I hope the few vociferous people, here, who seem inclined to chase metaphysical rainbows will get back on track and start focusing on work, again. I’ve sent private messages to some of the more persistent ones to encourage them to get back to exemplifying what we’re trying to accomplish together and I don’t doubt their high intentions and sincerity but the problem is that it’s part of human nature, at least in the moment, to disregard earthly phenomenon in favor of hazy but titillating metaphysical concepts so it’s a bad idea for us to indulge those urges.

You can visit any number of websites where mysticism gets free reign and you’ll quickly notice that they’re nothing but pissing contests for grandstanders and armchair wizards. Expressive people who don’t work usually end up making mischief. God forbid my forum would ever degenerate to that level!

The fact that we tend not to notice miracles in the 3D realm, because no Hollywood soundtrack is running in the background, is further undermined by the fact that the induction of endorphine squirts in the brain by metaphysical trigger words produces the same emotional response as compositions by Roger Williams and Danny Elfman do, so the deck is stacked in favor of people who write or speak the trigger words and phrases.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir of fantasy will probably never be seriously challenged by the quiet voice of discernment, unfortunately, so people like Dr Reich, who demonstrate the steeper path of intellectual integrity and actually have something useful to offer the world, need to be given a fair hearing in an environment where mere fantasy and idle speculation are discouraged, which is what I’ve been trying for six years to do.

Nobody posts more bizarre stuff than I do, of course, but I’m only telling my perceptions and they usually relate to something I’ve observed and/or experienced in 3D; there’s not much speculation or ideology there, nor do I ever imply that it’s authoritative. This is why I’m not laughed off the internet. When others have similar experiences and report them the speculative aspect diminishes. Most of what we all accomplish is outside the realm of materialistic science, of course.

When Reich set up his first cloudbuster in order to repel spaceships that were poisoning the atmosphere and ground around Orgonon nobody laughed at him because anyone could see the ships, which were out-of-place bright stars, gradually turn red, then wink out after the CB was aimed at them and Orgonon and vicinity brightened up, again. Nor was he scorned when he caused grass to grow around Tuscon and brought rain to the deserts.

See the difference between unrestrained mysticism and working productively, free at last of the boring materialistic-science realm? If we don’t make a case for this distinction, here, who’s going to do it? If you mention any of this on just about any other English-language forum you’ll probably be shouted down by the omnipresent brain-police MKids and paid character assassins.


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