Huge NSA Hacker Spam Campaign from our Business Site's Email

Today, my email box loaded up with over a hundred ‘undeliverable’ messages that had been sent from '[email protected].’

Of course, I don’t know anyone by that name and this is a typical NSA hacker ploy. Since there were a hundred bounced emails from that address which came back to me, I assume that thousands of spam mail from the feds reached their destination and some of those may have trashed people’s hard drives if they use Outlook Express or other mail software programs that have ‘Bill gates’ in them.

It may be that their ploy is designed to discredit and the timing is interesting: my book apparently went online yesterday.

Someone emailed me, this morning, and said that THE LIFE ETHERIC WITH CAROL CROFT is on, available to be shipped to retail customers on September 11.

Just now, I tried from several angles to access and was unsuccessful. The book isn’t listed on, yet, and the Homeland Security Abominations may have prohibited its sale within the US, since they say I"m a terrorist. I guess I’ll find out pretty soon if that’s a valid, popular site for books and whether mine is, indeed, being sold there. I want them all to be sold online and I picked a Canadian pubolisher to get it out of reach of the Homeland Security Abominations.

I mention the word ‘treason’ a lot in that book, after all, and we have no more freedom of speech in America, in case you didn’t know–the sewer rats really are enforcing the ruinous Patriot Acts in low profile but insidious ways now and nobody can argue that the US Constitution has as much real value any more than toilet paper, sad to say. Etheric Warriors is hosted in Montreal and it’s deluged by hackers every day but Jacques Laselle and our sympathetic server keep us viable. There are lots of unsung French global patriots in North America and Europe and I hope to be able to spotlight them, some day. YOu already know about Jacques, STeeve Debellefuille and Alexandre Emarde, who keep this network’s profile high and unstained on the web in the French language.

If past trends are an indication, the sewer rats are now providing the best possible advertising for my new book by already striving to suppress it through subterfuge. Can you see why I have no tolerance for subterfuge within this informal, grassroot movement? Neither should you, by the way.

It doesn’t get any better than that, folks and these treasonous chumps aim at us constantly but usually just shoot their own cheesey feet.


Hi Don,

Check your e-mail.


Somebody’s been doing that for years now to my domain email.

It’s actually very easy. You just need to send out millions of spam email and put [email protected] as a return address. For that you don’t even need access to that specific website or domain.

Every idiot can do it. (even an NSA Hacker)


Hello Don,

Amazon canada is

Your book is listed here:

<a href=“”>The Life Etheric with Carol Croft</a>

It is likely the sending address was spoofed. Taking a look at the header of the message might give some insight as where it was coming from.

Best greetings,


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