HUGS (wear A White Arm Band)

I ended up finding this video and the concept in it is really great!

Human United Global Society

Two thousand years ago, a Roman Senator suggested that all slaves wear white armbands to better identify them.

  • “No,” said a wiser Senator. “If they see how many of them there are, they may revolt”

I’m not so much for revolt or violence, but the idea that all of us who are in ‘grassroot movements’ whichever they are, I mean some people make orgonite, some do traditional healing, other learn natural agriculture, other spread valuable info, some write inspiring books, some just spread happiness by being there etc.

I would find it fun to walk around the streets are recognize who is at least partly thinking like me by just looking for a white armband.
I don’t like to wear things on my wrists but a piece of white cloth suits me, I’ll make my armband tomorrow

Reminds me of the highly publicized White (or Black, Blue etc) parties that last 24h and supposedly raise money for the HIV/AIDS “cause”. Maybe if they would raise money for zappers they would quickly run out of reason to have those parties.

It also reminds me how the Nazi regime had jews wear armbands. Perhaps the people who made the video thought asking us to put a six-pointed star on the armband would be too obvious.

This kind of possibly well intentioned but probably distracting idea has a major flaw in it that one who honestly wears a white armband is more likely to trust another wearing the same armband. That system is too easy to infiltrate.
Can you imagine French president Zarkozy (that lizard) wearing a white armband?

I believe the only afiliation one really belongs to is the Human Race. Apart from that, any grassroots movement should be disorganized and effective, like the worldwide movement of orgonite tossers.
Sure, we have our metal-resin-and-quartz armbands but we end up turning death towers with those.


Noble idea but take into account experience of nations who went through this shit – NO, NO, NO and once more NO !!!

The controllers are only waiting for us to mark-ourselves for further “processing”. So it is not a brightest idea. To know “who is who” is great idea (better one is our Polish version “who is huj” – literate translation = “who is dick”), but marking yourself for slaughter is simply stupidity !!!

I understand you are from different part of world where you did not experience this. Therefore I will find English version of Alexander Solzenicyn’s “Archipelago Gulag” to let you read how it looks like. I tried befoe, but I could not find it in English (coincidence ??? – at least 3 prints and nothing on the web ???). I found only 1 copy of Polish translation and it’s already in audio version out on the net.

Trust me – no such stuff or you will be first to go down the drain.

Piotr from Poland.

I think simply recognizing the "energy’ of another who has a genuine heart is enough. Genuine energy of the beautiful heart cannot be counterfeited. Just learn to feel everything with your heart and bodyand a white arm band will become unnecessary…

Love hkj

Haha what do I care if I can be recognized! I have already helicopters and chemplanes tracking me. The ones we’re against know where we are, it’s the ones we are with who don’t know where/who we are.
Well it’s anyone’s choice, I’m wearing my arm band