I Want To Be This Sharp When I'm 82

Don Croft
22 May 2008 17:44
Subject: I want to be this sharp when I’m 82…
The following is from a customer and new gifter in Southern Spain (I think we’ll be hearing more from him soon):


Just one more thing about the Zapper, I call it CTZ because it sounds more interesting Croft Terminator Zapper?) Smile , my aunt, who was born in Indonesia and lives close to me, has a natural healing gift, and she can also “see” fields of energy, even with her eyes closed. She is 82 now and still has massive amounts of energy she seems to be able to pull down or from the environment just by “asking for it”. Never quite understood that but I´m starting to.

Anyway, I showed her the [zapper] box and she immediately said that there was turbulence a few inches above it. So I opened it and showed her and she said AHA. So I go AHA what? “It´s a collector right?” Eh, no it is a zapper auntie, and that is orgonite. (At the time I didnt know she was probably right in making the collector statement).

She knew exactly what it meant! She knew about Orgone! She knew about Reich! Gave her a big hug for that… I left the box with her and she tried it out. Her experiences were she "couldn´t stand it more than ten minutes at the time, because all her Chakras were being excited at once, giving her an eerie shakey feeling (her words). Gradually she could do longer runs when placing alternatively on her left and right thigh.

Her biggest win was regaining most of the sight back in her left eye, this eye had been almost disabled because of an infection for many years, contained, but infected tissue around the retina caused her 90% loss of vision in that eye. So again she was very happy and almost hopping like a child when she told me that her eyesight was so much better within two days. Should have seen the sparkle in her eyes it was brilliant!!

Anyway, she is ecstatic about me building a cloudbuster. A quick question, she sees the box as having a blue-ish turbulent field around it, is that because of the Orgonite or is that something else? Is there a way for me to see that field using a filter? Just curious……………

So there you go, a second testimonial…

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