Important! Need Input For Upcoming Video Production

Andy Schwarm
19 Jul 2008 20:01
Subject: Important! Need Input For Upcoming Video Production.
Here’s the deal gang, in a couple of weeks I’m driving up to visit the Crofts.
The reason I’m not flying is becuse I want to take all my video gear. Got
a van now, perfect, except for the 1350-mile drive.

We are going to make a full-on DVD. It will be very special. You’ll probably see
us out in the boat, gifting Puget Sound and a lot of other gifting. I’ll show you the
Croft’s At Home, how they work as a team to create the wonderful products they
make together. There will be lot’s of relevant conversation and I’d like a question
and answer period. In that vein,please submit to me at andy [at] ctbusters [dot] com your
questions and Don and Carol will addresss as many as time allows. Please don’t post
the questions here, let’s leave it all a surprise.

Ifirst have to take my HD camera in to Sony for expensive repair. It blew-over in
the wind shortly after I got it. It unbelieveably works perfect and only suffered
cosmetic damage. Actually it’s glued and taped together. That would be fine,
except I shot at a dirt-track race and the unprotected lens got hit with a small
rock and it left a hole. That’s the dark spot you see against the sky when youwatch
my YouTube videos. I want Don and Carol’s video as perfect as I can make it,
so into the shop. It’ll cost at least two grand.

So I’m asking for several things, I realize.

I need these questions from you and
I also need to put together some serious cash. $2,000 for the cam and gas to
drive 2700 miles in a truck at $4.50 a gallon will be tough.

I first request orders, I want to earn the money and also, I think for the sake of this
very important project, I might as well accept donations, to be used only for this project.

One way to make a donation is to buy something on my site and in the Comments
box write something like, “This is a donation, no shipping neccessary! Croft Video Fund!”

That’s it for now…



(edit) I forgot to mention I am not going to be selling this video, I’ll supply DVD’s for costs only
(I’ll even be offering this on Blu-Ray in high Def) I’ll also put the whole thing on the net via
torrent files and I’ll make a bunch of YouTube clips.

This is for the planet. Please help. Look around, time is of the essence!

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