Incredibly Good News from Uganda--spread this around!

Nathan Kagina’s HIV/AIDS Cure Testimonial

Feb. 10, 06

A few weeks ago my good friend and coworker in Uganda, Dr Rushidie Kayiwa, emailed to say that a fellow had gone on national TV to say some nice things about our zappers and he was pretty excited about it. He mentioned the name but I forgot to write it down.

A week later, Nathan emailed me to ask about ordering one of our Terminator zappers and the name seemed pretty familiar, so I asked him if he was the man who was promoting our zappers in the media. The photos mentioned, while quite striking, are htm files, so I’m waiting for some professional help to get them in shape to put on the web. Here’s his response:


Yes, I am Nathan Kagina and I did promote the Terminator on National T.V., Radio, and Newspapers.

The response and requests for more information and availability is overwhelming.

Uganda has a population of about 30 million people and 20% are now living with HIV/AIDS and need this treatment.

The government chemist, Ministry of Health Dr. Grace Nambatya Kyeyune has now included the ZAPPER for HIV treatment in Uganda, officially, on the basis of my own research, testimony and case study.

The Zapper is amazingly the most important scientific discovery since the Atomic Bomb but based on laws of magnetism.

In just six months of using the Zapper my viral load fell from millions per sample to an undetectable level.

This is bad news for the drug cartel and good news for millions living with HIV/AIDS, world wide.

Thank you for your quick response and for your offer to give me a couple of Terminators.

Attached, find photos taken on the point of death (a memory photo with my wife and children) then the second photograph, after recovery .

Thank you DON for saving my life!.

Kind regards,

Mr Nathan Kagina


Doc Kayiwa lately told me that ‘Secret Supporter’ had asked the Doc to come meet Nathan in his office and to give him one of our zappers.

‘Secret Supporter,’ our host when we visited Uganda, two years ago, has been an avid reader of ‘The Adventures of Don and Carol Croft’ on and told Dr K, whom I had been corresponding with, that he wanted to meet Carol and I, so the Doc invited us to come visit. I’d been regularly sending the Doc and our sponsor Terminators, which they had been handing out to Ugandan leaders and government officials who were ill.

At that point, Nathan was quite close to dying, as he mentions in his note. ‘Secret Supporter’ has stuck his neck out to promote this in officialdom and to foster the early distribution of orgonite cloudbusters in the country but his name, family background and position will remain secret until he says otherwise.

When I asked him whether I could mention his name in my subsequent reports he declined and said, ‘Just call me Secret Supporter.’ Everyone loves a mystery, no? This very reputable, distinguished and accomplished elderly gentleman whisked Georg Ritschl ( and I past customs when we arrived in Uganda in November, 2003, which felt nice, and he provided transportation for the extended orgonite distribution sorties throughout the country for Georg, Dr K, Dr Paul Batiibwe and myself, also personally took Georg and I, with a new cloudbuster, to his gorgeous home province.

Carol couldn’t make it to Uganda, that time, but she’s the first person to take zappers to Africa for use in a clinical situation—that time in Western Kenya in September, 2001.

I’ve been saying right along that progress in Africa may be slower than elsewhere but it’s steady and unstoppable. I’ve also said that Uganda is the most progressive country on the continent. I certainly feel vindicated by the present development because in my own country all the zapper innovators except Carol and I have been driven out of business or imprisoned by the government and the medical/drug cartel are conducting a fear campaign about them in the UK, Canada and USA.

My other claim for Africans (the noble race), that they will lead humanity to the sane stage of civilization, might be vindicated before long, too, because Dr Rushidie Kayiwa has pledged to distribute zappers and orgonite throughout East and Central Africa. It’s possible because the people there, unlike here, are quite receptive to progressive concepts and technology. He’s already made inroads in Uganda, Sudan and Congo. Watch this man!

Another exclusive sign of progress in Uganda is that there is growing support there for the establishment of a medical school based on traditional naturopathy/homeopathy, as taught by Dr William von Peters (, and allopathy. Land has been donated and construction has begun, in fact, and Dr von Peters has visited Uganda and was also hosted by Secret Supporter, by the way.

The funny part of this development is that, now that the zapper has been promoted in the media, the top government people want their own zappers all of a sudden: Doc K told me that Presdent Musaveni’s brother and the Finance Minister want two, each.

Dr Yahya Sekagye, whom I was privileged to meet has pioneered a coordinated, grassroot effort across equatorial Africa in which traditional herbalists have been pooling their knowledge and information with a view to extensive research, standardization and marketing. Drs Batiibwe and Kayiwa took me along when they attended one of the society’s award ceremonies.

We toured the experimental gardens that Dr S had sponsored on his own land and it was encouraging and refreshing for me to witness the competence and networking among those herbalists and traditional healers, some of whom had traveled quite a distance to spend the day there. Dr Sekagye, who is a gem, subsequently cured his malaria in a few days with one of our basic zappers. Malaria is more widespread in some areas than HIV/AIDS is.

~Don Croft

I shared the news with Dr von Peters (the ‘Etheric Conquistador of Chattanooga,’ by the way–an avid gifter [Image Can Not Be Found]) and here’s his response:

Hello Don:

That is wonderful! It is obvious that they haven’t been sprayed like we have here, in that his immune system was able to function after the zapper removed enough of the viral load.

That gives me an idea for a new product, specifically for viral load. I’ll let you know after I think about it more.

Good article! Thanks for the plug. I hope they can come through with the letters and we can get the funding to go over and really get the things going with the school and healing. The zapper is a great lead-in, not to mention doing a lot of good by itself.

Dr. K was pointing out while I was there that what I have to offer is cutting edge natural medicine, which when combined with native herbals has the ability to offer a sustainable true healing system that won’t bankrupt the country like the phamaceuticals. And, it actually heals people instead of just palliating them while taking their money. You know it is said that the average American now dies with an estate of less than $10,000 because the medical system (hospitals, doctors and drug companies) suck up everything they have, including their house, in the last 3 months before they die. I’m afraid that within a few years we will see natural medicine outlawed again. In this regard I have been working on something the past few months that can be spread as a grass roots movement. I’ll let you know more when I get it put together a bit better.

God bless,


Great news and great work!!!
I look forward to hearing more:)