India needs a Georg

Hi everyone,

I’ve stuck this in miscellaneous because I’m not really reporting anything, except to say that I am in India and will be for a month, with a small number, about 70, of tb’s that have made their way to Kolkata and most of them will be in Chennai. An unbelievable number of towers out here, in fact the largest tower I’ve ever seen is right downtown Chennai and it is right in line with the entrance to Marina beach, where the “arc de triumph” of the city is, giant whale tusk entrance, a huge obelisk, and the sea. On the other side of the arc, away from the sea, stands this giant structure, not unlike the eiffel tower in its construction, a spear in the underbelly of father sky. Chennai is the first place where I’ve seen a weatherball right downtown, as well, in the midst of the bustling masses and shop-ridden alleys. Anyway these and more will receive gifts, and I take nothing from this except the knowledge that its sorely, sorely not enough.

India needs a Georg and Friederike.

Hi Toddplatzer,

I am glad that you have got TBs with you in india. I backpacked my way around india in 2001, around the south and did spent time in Chenai where one of my uncles lives. It has been 5 years now since i last been there and am curious on the number of towers and especially right now. I hope there is a gifter in that part of the region. If you are still in Chenai and still there for a whole month and have time, i’ll send a package of TBs to my uncle in chenai for you to pick up. PM me or email at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> . I would like to contribute a little to your gifting efforts there.

I mostly avoided the cities when i was there and mainly went into the jungles to see the tigers. I only saw lots of buffaloes, deers and elephants but… no tigers. Interesting place to visit.



A few years back I gave my friend about 30-40 TB’s to bring to India.
I gave him the instructions to place them where he felt it was needed or by old trees if he came across any.
He went to Taj Mahal with his wife and son and found an old sick tree in their garden.
He was careful that no one was watching as the place is(from what I understand) guarded and dug a TB next to the tree.
When they were leaving through the gates the guards stopped him and asked what he had placed in the ground.
He explained as best as he could and asked that they did not remove the TB since the tree was sick and that it would help it.
After a discussion with the “general” in charge I think they decided to leave it there.

So Taj Mahal has a small orgonite glow in its garden:)


Good thread, guys, and I can add that there are a few cloudbusters in India that I’m directly aware of, though they’re north of where you’re discussing. I’ve corresponded with a lot of people in India, so I assume some of the Indians are gifting and making more cloudbusters. If the present drought is HAARP-induced it’s going to take some concerted effort to free the subcontinent from the threat of famine, as you say.

70 TBs is plenty enough to retrieve some good local confirmations, so I hope you’ll share those here, Todd.

Most governments in the world aren’t intent on destroying their own populace the way some governments are. The relatively enlightened attitude of the guards at Taj Mahal is evidence that India’s government is ahead of the curve, I think.



We left about a week ago for Kerala, the night that Hari’s package of 50 tb’s arrived, which I quickly opened like an excited child. This delighted fellow ashram dwellers, Indians and Europeans alike, who will take their new, prized TB’s far and wide. It quickly became thirty, but I left those here in Chennai and took the remaining number of my own TB’s to Kerala, or “God’s Own Country”. This is the southwestern coastal province of India, with forests of palm trees over rolling terrain, and beaches with smooth rocky outcrops and lush green vegetation. On the 16 hour train-ride we slept through the night and when the morning came there was a curious blue hole in the cloud-cover, just in front of and above the train, and lasted until our arrival to Kovalum, one of the small beachtowns in southern Kerala. I saw blue above and around Kovalum in the sky for four days, when the surrounding area, including over the ocean itself, seemed hazy and opaque. There were, as I said before, a disheartening number of towers, many of them sighted from the train and each small town with its share. My supply of TB’s for the Kerala leg was modest, 15 at best, only 6 by arrival, and still a serious and highly apparent atmospheric effect was there. It appears that India, particularly southern India, has received very little orgonite, and would provide a wonderful testing ground for the new applications some of you on the board are interested in. I will be returning in July, and hope to secure a far greater number of TB’s that time around. Wanna come?

Returned to Chennai (MADRAS) yesterday, and this morning we rented a taxi which would obediently stop on command. The insane river of traffic would flow on, and I would hop out and hide a TB, all the way into the heart of Chennai, ending up at the (huge) Eiffel Death Tower noted above. Hari’s kind TB’s were used for this trip, along with a rare specimen Lemurian he included.

I’ll post any effects that come up. Thanks again Hari.


Thanks Hari, and thanks

Hi Todd,

Awesome stuff on what you are doing in India. I only wished that I could have contributed more TBs to your gifting efforts there but the shipping cost to get it to you quickly, was not affordable to me. In the package I placed 25 TBs that i made and 25 TBs of Laozu Kelly’s, which he had generously given to me before leaving Malaysia. I guess what comes around…goes around and TBs are never wasted .Thanks Kelly.

Hehe, I almost forgot how ‘insane’ the traffic is like in Chennai and gosh Todd, I really don’t know how you managed to gift around in that city. Great to read your gifting report! Very interesting to hear about the ‘blue hole’ that was following your train journey to the south.



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