Interesting correspondence from a friend in France

> Hello Don! This is L**** back on line after writing her review on
> Amazon.
> I hope you can get to it ! I rated 5 stars…but it apparently got blocked
> on
> 3; never mind…I just hope it will direct the book to many readers or
> researchers on the subject!
> I quite agree with you about Joseph Cater. Not being a scientist it’s not
> that easy to follow his footsteps, but as you see…it takes you to more
> findings. A friend of mine bought James DeMeo’s book. I did not read it,
> did
> not wish to, found it pompous through what she read to me and did not want
> to bother! Seems I had a good feeling! Discernment is growing the more you
> want to understand. I was listening to a French philosopher today who said
> that having a little intelligence makes one unhappy with the life one has.
> Little does he know how right he is. He would alter his views if he had
> the
> knowledge of orgonite. And would bring different philosophical answers to
> his questions!
> I know (webwise) about Didier Mollé and his gifting in Hon-Kong and Les
> Charentes. Might go there for a break now it’s clean !
> Why do the French want to stay anonymous I don’t know. You ve heard or met
> Franck HATEM. His father who is over 80 has managed to create a free
> energy
> device and of course cannot be as many before officially recognised. He
> is
> still alive and has two HHG in his vast house ! One can say that he
> validates his “creation”
> I will try to get the book you mentioned “Earth Energies” .
> Funny you mention Uganda where resides your witch doctor. I met my ex
> husband after he had spent 4 year in Uganda, days of Idi Amin Dada. He
> never
> went back. He worked for the French Press Agency, instead we went to stay
> for almost five years in Washington ! But that’s another story! And there
> I
> read tons of books I could get my handson, as being in the area of Capitol
> Hill, there was a bookshop with the latest publications on all those
> different fields of research !
> Bye for now…and let me know after you read my “candid” lines
> L****

Thanks, L****, and I’m sharing your note (anonymously) because I think others will be interested in what you have to say. Have you done any gifting, yet?

I’m glad to know that hackers are removing stars on my book reviews on amazon [Image Can Not Be Found]

There might be a successful free energy device inventor, or several, in each of most western and Asian countries, by now, and I even saw a good review of a British one on the What To Think Network a couple of weeks ago. To me, that signaled the coming end of the oil cartel. See, the talking heads are induced to discuss real news once in awhile becuase the intenet is stealing all their thunder these days. It’s similar to how some serial killers (MDs) are paying lip service to alternative healing in order to retain their death grip on many semi-awkening patients.

Uganda is quite unlike it was in the days of Idi Amin and the other bloodthirsty, British-sponsored dictators who followed him but the Uganda’s sure remember those days. Before Idi Amin, Uganda was as nice as it is right now, I’ve been told, which is probably why the Brits were so intent on destroying it, as they’d done to Biafra (another enlightened African region) successfully, sad to say. LIke Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Roosevelt, though Amin achieved some progressive reforms in order to get people’s loyalty and, like those other bloodstained tyrants, some are still loyal to his memory on account of that, strange to tell.

I saw that in Germany when I was there in the US Army in ‘69 and ‘70 and became well acquainted with some nice German World War Two vets. I was struck by how similar these friendly guys’ outlook on Hitler’s administration was to the American war vets’ genuflectilng to our own version of National-Socialism. After all, the American vets still idolized that socialist traitor and murderer, Roosevelt. In those days not many were making that connnection, yet, and the ones who (including the hippies) did usually fell into the trap of assuming that communism was only the antidote to tyranny. By now, many are seeing that orgonite, intelligently and persistently distributed, is the magic bullet that will end tyranny and exploitation in our lovelyworldCool and, also, the previously popular disinfo technique of conning masses of people into participating in blind-faith, personality-based, ‘save the world from your armchair’ newage sewage protocols is finally losing ground in favor of confirmaiton-rich, personal gifting strategies.


L^^^ had mentioned, before, that she eventually came to reading about orgonite by first reading Joseph Cater’s AWESOME FORCE, and that was also one of my first tutorials on orgone. Another useful source was James Trevor Constable’s books. I got nothing at all from DeMeo’s work except a bad impression, and Constable and DeMeo have attacked our work incessantly, by the way.

The drawback to getting information from very proprietary authors like these is that they don’t pay us the courtesy of describing the basis for their claims, so we have to expend a lot of time and effort to figure out which of their claims are worth applying.

Wilhelm Reich and other, more down-to-earth pioneers and acientists first explain to us how they arrived at their findings, then they invite us to experiment to see for ourselves whether their findings are valid. I’m not a scientist, but I took their cue in promoting orgonite and predator-blasting and it’s really paid off, which is why I have no substantive critics after five and a half years of public record.

Rudold Steiner was a pioneer and accomplished a lot but he also encouraged people to be sycophants by stamping his personality on everything he did and promoting his version of Theosophy, which he named Anthroposophy, which includes some mythology about devils.

When Steiner died, everythign he wrote became calcified as unquestionable doctrine among his followers and they’re characteristicaly inbred (socially) and closed minded. But when Reich was gone (almost nobody stood up for him toward the end) his work eventually inspired a global, grassroot network of experimentors (you and I) who are showing the entire planet what orgone can do. We’re just getting started, too.

I got my first big boost in orgone research, during the time I was also reading Cater and Constable (I had just met Wilhelm Muller and witnessed his free-energy engine in action) from Serge Kahili King’s book EARTH ENERGIES, and I look forward to meeting this interesting man, someday. In those days, I didn’t understand Reich’s language, yet, but King apparently did and found some functional applications, which he shared. He also gave a good history of the scientific research of subtle energy.

Unlike Constable, King doesn’t insult your intelligence by insising that you blindly accept irrational ideology, which is Theosophy in Constable’s case. King is apparently accepted by reputable Hawaiian traditionalists as a kahuna, which he doesn’t mention in the book, so he’s not a flyweight when it comes to understanding and applying subtle energy dynamics on a deeper functional level.

It’s all about function, after all. The dying paradigm glorified mere theorists over functional scientists, which is why Newton and Einstein, with their lifeless, stunted and mechanistic theories, got a whole lot more air time and institutional accolades than Tesla and Reich did, for instance.

It’s been nice to discuss this with L*** and I hope more folks in this network will do a little more reading. What we’re doing is groundbreaking and brand new on several levels but it’s also based on the work of some phenomenal, out-of-time pioneers who went before us and they should be recognized and honored, especially since most of them were victims of the World Odor in one way or another and their reputations were unfairly savaged or suppressed by the Odor’s saboteurs. In Reich’s case, shady people with letters behind their names, whom he no doubt would have scorned as sycophants or government agents during his lifetime, were given the role of ‘representing’ his life work until orgonite came along and eventually blew them out of the water (thank God!).


Caters books are informative. The Ultimate Reality is his follow up to The Awesome Life Force and it is basically the same book with a few addendums. (Health Research Books sells these) He covers an incredible number of topics and always gives praise to the genuine scientists and their research, tearing down the outdated world of “academic science” the whole time. He loves Reich, of course.

I guess I took everything he said as gospel, which was kind of stupid, I ended up having all these fancy machines and tests done on my eyes after I took his “sun-gazing” paragraph to heart and, in southern Spain, stared at the summer sun for about a minute straight through clenched fists to direct the sun point right to the retina. No, it wasn’t a good idea, and it was a lot of fun explaining to my fiancee’s parents whom I had just met, incidentally, to tell them I have asked for their daughters hand in marriage and they will be grandparents shortly. Conservative, spanish, and catholic as they were, the whole ordeal was like a sloppy “Meet the Parents.”

Joseph (Cater)called me “unwise”, in later correspondence. I wasn’t happy about the perpetual blind spot, right in the focal point of my vision. I was terrified, in fact, unable to read signs at a distance, or see stars, so I wrote him for advice on how to get rid of it. I thought him karmically responsible, somehow, for my plight. You know what he said? More sun-gazing. Apparently it can be a healing thing, and eliminate the need for opticians once and for all, to stare at the sun as it descends, near the horizon. The ultra violet light, according to Cater, can actually improve vision and heal various eye dysfunctions. Just like salt water and dentists (or salt water dodecs and etheric parasites).

It wasn’t sungazing which ended up healing the eyes, though. Just time. Apparently the retina is composed of several layers, like a pizza, and the top ones had been burnt. These top layers are capable of regenerating themselves, and the lower ones, if damaged, are incapable of this regeneration. It was a happy moment to wake up and have recovered my vision.

Joe prides himself on his open-mindedness and is willing to contest any point, but much to my dismay, when I described to him orgonite and how its capable, to my understanding, of actually generating Reichs orgone energy, he was stone cold silent. He discussed everything else in my letter but didn’t go near the orgonite. Joe if you’re reading this, what’s the big idea? It seems completely plausible that orgonite generates soft electrons, and to me it seems that soft particle physics might actually explain orgone in all its mysterious functioning.

At any rate Cater claims his best work “by far is still ahead of me,” and I look forward to studying it. He is working on some kind of system to take out the guesswork in musical composition, whatever that means. Incidentally, his Brunler number (Oscar Brunler evidentally had a system of measuring brain radiation, which is actively employed by our beloved CIA but never made it to public use, i guess it would be too easy to oust politicians, etc. if we knew what dunces they were) is supposed to be closer to five digits than four. Da Vinci’s was 725. I’m just repeating what he wrote, here.

Best, Todd

Hello all,
I just can’t remain silent on your friend’s correspondance, Don. In bold italic character the quotes from your previous messages

In what she said, your friend seems to be a she under the name of L…(?) here it goes

<em><strong>“Why do the French want to stay anonymous I don’t know.”</strong></em>

Please tell her she is free to either contact MISTERD, Bluebird or disundi at FRANCE orgone &nbsp
on this website she will be able to see that not all french (and belgium) people want to remain anonymous. She will be most welcome to join in and we will be happy as well to know if “L” stands for Laure, Laurence Lily … or else ! <img border=“0” alt=“Laughing” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-laughing.gif” />

<em><strong>You ve heard or met Franck HATEM. His father who is over 80 has managed to create a free energy device and of course cannot be as many before officially recognised. He is still alive and has two HHG in his vast house ! One can say that he validates his “creation”</strong></em>

As far as I’m concerned -and I’m sure I will not be the only one- I’d love to know how to produce my own energy <img border=“0” alt=“Laughing” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-laughing.gif” /> . Imagine yourself having your own energy system -respectful of the environment that is- that produces enough energy to sustain your needs! I am even willing to share it with my neighbours if I produce more than needed.

So if anyone wants to share his ideas on alternative energies and ways to survive, even if the governments do not officially recognise it, I think a growing number of people are going to accept trying.:

-free energy production

  • unpolluting recycling techniques

  • Water management (drinking and others…)

  • and any other thing that allow one to be more independant …

After all, knowing the governments do (and will do) nothing against pollution but everything to increase it; the only way to solve the problem is not waiting for them to make an hypothetical move in the right direction, but do something by ourselves.

… after all that sounds very much like gifting!

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