Interesting Email I Got Concerning Chemtrails

Mt. Shasta, near Redding, California

I can’t vouch for this info but it’s quite interesting. ~Andy


Deluged with powdered aluminum
from US govt planes.




Don’t be fooled – normal airliner
exhaust evaporates in minutes –
chemical sprays DO NOT!


. . . . They say that “you don’t play tricks on Texans.” – but I can tell you this: You don’t “play tricks” with the folks around Redding, California, in the area of Mt. Shasta… . . . The devilish bastards that are designing and operating the national poison program from the air, got a big surprise when the local newspaper of Redding, California, ran a twelve inch wide, full page long ad in the daily paper – (the Record Searchlight.) It appeared August 24, 2008… . . . We’re all very fortunate that the folks of this area are determined, courageous activists willing to give an example to the rest of the country, and provide an example of what will have to be done, to break the back of this criminal conspiracy… . . . The constant spraying simply did not go down well with the large population being interested in outdoor activities, and watching the garbage fall on them day after day. (Yes, garbage can be snow white in nature.) These sprays contained 4600 times – the maximum contaminate level for aluminum in drinking water, as specified by the state of California… . . . A pond in Shasta County, in a “filtered location,” forested hilltop away from any highway or industry, tested “ZERO” for aluminum contamination prior to the spraying beginning. After a year and a half of exposure to the spraying, the pond tested at 375 times the maximum contamination level (MCL.). . . . A recent snow pack sample taken from the Ski Bowl on Mt. Shasta tested at 61 times the MCL for aluminum in drinking water. . . . . These were tests performed by a state certified laboratory in Redding, California, operating under the name Basic Labs. . . … We called this laboratory, and very quickly realized that they had been put under some very serious government pressure, either by the state, the FEDs, or both, as they would not release a copy of the test results, and did not indicate the usual friendly conversation of most westerners. . . . I had intended to publish the entire report in the magazine, or make it available to our readers if space did not allow inclusion. . . . Unfortunately, I am unable to do that.LAWS ALLOWING CHEM-TRAILS ARE WAITING TO BE PASSED !

. . . . As their newspaper advertisement stated – “While the US govt continues to deny the existence of these, so-called “weather modification” programs – the Congress is planning to legalize such schemes.”. . . . The ad points out – that if such modification programs are not being conducted, then why would the bills be needed in the first place ?? . . . . Proving their existence!. . . . These programs are conducted with no warning in advance. . . . There is no opportunity for any state or local oversight, or voting options. . . . Farmers from Texas to Nebraska have made public outcries about altered weather patterns and drought, blaming weather modification programs, such as chemical sprays in their states… . . . Let me repeat: – Exhausts from airliners evaporate in a few seconds. They do not linger for hours, as do the chemical sprays, and become more and more visible as they fall down toward our precious landscapes… . . . What about my home town of Cincinnati, Ohio?? I can guarantee you that this population area is a favorite target, and is doused every single day that it is not raining. I have travelled extensively in this part of the country, and have determined. . . . that the spraying stops – when you get outside the populated areas, and it begins again when you approach the next city.

. . . . This indicates the desire to drop these poisonous materials in the most populated areas. . . . where it affects the largest number possible. This method of distribution clearly indicates. . . . an attempt to attack and sicken, with deadly results, the entire population… . . . I realize that this is shocking and disturbing to you. . . . I certainly understand that, but my readers have courage. . . . If they didn’t they wouldn’t be subscribing in the first place. They would be reading the nationally published magazines and their daily paper, and sit back and suck in the polluted air and water.

. . . . The Weather Modification bills are as follows: – in the US Senate, it’s bill #1807. . . . bill #2191 – and #3036. In the House of Representatives, it’s bill #3445. I have copies of these bills, and I will be happy to send them, at a nominal charge, to any subscriber who requests them. Just give us a call at 1-800-543-0486… . . . It is very important – to contact your two Senators regarding the Senate bill, and your Congressional Representative regarding the House bill, and indicate that. . . . under no circumstances is this sheer insanity of spraying aluminum and chemicals over the water supply to be permitted… . . . Of course I would assume that they would not dare to spray over Washington, DC. . . . That may explain why these bills are even considered by the Congress, as surely they wouldn’t consider them – if they had to deal with years of wide bands of material slowly sinking down over the Capitol.

. . . . Those resourceful folks in Redding, California, also researched the Patent Bureau, and found shocking evidence of patents granted to Hughes Aircraft, including patent # 5,003,186 filed way back in April, 1990… . . . The patent calls for: . . . . “particle seeding to be done at an altitude on the order of ten kilometers. . . . the particles may be seeded by dispersal from seeding aircraft. . . . . the solution to the problem of global warming involves the seeding of the atmosphere with METALLIC PARTICLES. . . . it is therefore an object of the present invention to provide for the reduction of global warming due to the greenhouse effect.”. . . … . . . “Said materials to be sprayed contain one or more of the oxides of metals, including aluminum oxide, barium, and strontium.”

. . . . I have stated in the CP Magazine, any number of times, that projects will be undertaken to sicken the American public. These include poisonous vaccinations, such as the flu and anthrax vaccines, and many other vaccinations as well. It also includes the production, licensing, and approval of poisonous prescription drugs, particularly those made by Eli Lily, although many other companies are involved as well… . . . The vaccinations have resulted in massive autistic development of newborn babies, leading to a life-long necessity of personal, day to day, and hour by hour care – an exceedingly difficult and expensive situation for any family to deal with, no matter how wealthy. The autistic numbers of children could easily be in excess of several million cases, which are still, to this very day, “INCURABLE,” due to brain failure… . . . So you should not be surprised – at these and many other illustrations of purposeful population degradation of the satanists of the Bush clan, and the Clinton group. I would hope that our subscribers would take action to contact their Congressmen, and should you be able to afford it, to place an ad in your local newspaper, with a call for public action by your local, county, and state governments. I am presuming you have personally seen the evidence in the sky of these sprays, on clear days, as we have noted here in the mid-west, and most certainly in Redding, California. . . . . Don’t be put off by nonsense from you local officials. For example, the state of California claimed that the aluminum and barium had originated in Red China !!! However, tests taken by aircraft from Pacific clouds from China have shown no aluminum or barium, contrary to the California and Shasta County officials who claimed it was caused by the Chinese… . . . The advertisement from the newspaper in Redding, California, is available here at Criminal Politics. If you would like a copy of it, along with a copy of the bills mentioned above. Dial us at 1-800-543-0486, and we will be happy to forward them to you, and tell us about what you see in the sky in your home town… . . . We praise the efforts of those citizens who took it upon themselves to raise money for these tests and to place the ad in the newspaper. I am in the process of trying to reach the organizers of this group. . . . and will advise you, in due course, of any additional information that I can discover. God bless you in your efforts… . . . As we go to press, I have not yet discovered – conclusively – a water purification product that will completely eliminate aluminum from the water supply available from government sources. . . . I will continue to examine this topic. I would be happy to hear from any subscriber who may already have a suggestion regarding this, please let me know if you have a suggestion via e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone at 1-800-543-0486. I would be very grateful for any information.< < Previous


. . . . A member of our staff has just completed a very disturbing and upsetting phone call with one of the activists in Redding, California, that we have written to in connection with the chemical spraying of northern California… . . . The gentleman does not wish to be identified, as he is concerned about a large volume of phone call contacts which may result. . . . He has already contributed a mountainous amount of his personal time to fight this federal activity. The news could not be any worse!. . . . Mr. X reported that Boeing is the manufacturer of the planes that are doing this spraying, and that the number of planes being manufactured by Boeing has been increased from 500 to at least 2000 planes to be extending the spraying more heavily, each year, across the United States… . . . The only superficial – (and obviously phony) – excuse for this, is to counteract the phony condition: – “GLOBAL WARMING.”. … . . I have have already identified global warming as completely phony nonsense and lies, perpetrated for satanic purposes a few months back, when I explained that the South Pole ice cap is expanding, and has experienced NO warming whatsoever. . . . The warming that has melted some ice in the North Pole is, quite clearly, part of the purposeful activity of HAARP, of which several books have been written, such as Weather Warfare by Jerry E. Smith, subtitled “The Military’s Plan to Draft Mother Nature,” and a DVD, Holes in Heaven, HAARP Advances in Tesla Technology (both available from CP Magazine, call 1-800-543-0486, or order online.). . . . The acronym, HAARP, refers to High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, which I have identified as the source and cause of Hurricane Katrina, and other lesser hurricanes that have hit the southern United States. HAARP is able to heat up the ocean’s waters and that enables the controllers to guide the hurricane into the land, at points so desired, resulting in death and destruction of monumental proportions (as in the Katrina hurricane.) Yes, it’s murder!. . . . Mr. X has worked with solar power in his lifetime, and reports that the effectiveness of solar panels is reduced by 50% or more by the spraying, and he has been studying the climate conditions caused by HAARP, for the last 10 years. The man mentioned that he owns 2000 acres, and his fir trees are slowly dying, along with the entire forestry industry of California (for that matter, across the country.). . . . This is caused by the soil PH being “radically altered.”. . . . The fishing industry is down 90% in the state of California, and precipitation is drastically reduced. I have been fighting a lack of precipitation in my own home property, with the death of several trees, including a 150 foot tall fir tree, forcing me to provide deep probe water supplies to the many other trees on my property to avoid losing them… . . . Mr. X states that the upper layers of the atmosphere are badly damaged, and they are in contact with a renowned scientist from Lawrence Livermoore Laboratories, who is attempting to fight this activity. The official term for the chemsprays across the country, in case you would like to know, is GEO-ENGINEERING. This is the official government term… . . . The gentleman mentioned that the planes produced by Boeing are KC-130 tanker aircraft doing most of the spraying. Incredibly, each of these planes can carry a lift capacity of – wait for it – 100 Tons of poisonous material. In California, they report that this activity has now been going on for the last 20 years… . . . However, Mr. X says the Junior Bush administration ramped up the spraying dramatically, killing revenues from fisheries, forestry, and many other agricultural projects. The aluminum parts per billion, before this attack began, was only seven parts per billion. . . . Now, the aluminum parts per billion is 3450 parts per billion – (deadly.)

. . . . The deadly threat from lighting strikes in DRY weather have caused many injuries, and created tremendous fear on the part of the population, with regard to outdoor activities. The number of deaths due to these dry lightning strikes is unknown, but surely have occurred many times… . . . Official testing has shown that the California atmosphere has four times the normal electrical conductivity, which causes dry lightning strikes from out of nowhere, even on bright sunny days, inhibiting outdoor activities, and causing parents to be too frightened to allow their children to play outside in their own yards.

. . . . Respiratory Deaths: Death due to respiratory failure has risen in California, from the 8th most common cause of death, to the 3rd most likely cause of death, in the last year tabulated. . . . Multiplying this number nationwide would yield a number of chemspray caused deaths in the hundreds of thousands, and possibly more. Over the 20 years of spraying, the number could be millions of deaths caused in this manner.

. . . . What are we to do with this hideous news – ?? – being delivered by an activist, who is a part of a large group of activists in northern California??. . . . The official laboratory tests prove the water samples are full of materials, including all three items, with aluminum being the heaviest, followed by barium and strontium… . . . I realize that our readers may not be fully aware of the volume of spraying going on, as older people are not necessarily active outdoorsmen and women, who are thus exposed to what they may see in the sky. . . . By the way, the gentleman that we spoke to reports that the spraying goes on over the top of the clouds, even when it is raining hard. As I have indicated in driving around in the mid-west, there are breaks in the spraying in thinly populated areas. This can only mean one thing – it is designed to kill as many as possible – sooner, rather than later… . . . After 20 years of spraying, and the number of planes being increased to 5000 planes that are running continuously, day in and day out – (including holidays.) Yes, even this past Christmas Day. . . . we were subjected to this spraying over the greater Cincinnati area. Sooner or later, our agricultural products will be loaded with this material, and we will become sicker and sicker, and our respiratory function will collapse… . . . No, it’s not going to happen in the next six months, and maybe not even in the next 12 months, but it is happening! . . . . I am hoping that our subscribers will take this to heart. Yes, I know this is an ugly burden to carry around – as it is with me, but we must take some action, and visit our elected representatives, in groups of three or four at a time, who are willing to insist that laws be introduced to terminate this activity forthwith… . . . Any elected official, either federal or local, who refuses to cooperate, should be marked with a black mark of the worst kind, leading to their expulsion from office in their next election cycle. . . . We can supply you with copies of this advertisement, that appeared in the paper, for you to carry in to your elected officials, and show them the details in this article. . . . and as published in the California newspaper in August 2008… . . . God help you in your deliberation on how to proceed, and may God give you the courage to carry out what must be done to terminate this satanic and deadly activity.This is a topic regularly discussed in Criminal Politics Magazine. Subscribe today, and stay up to date on our efforts to stop the health damage caused by the purposeful poisioning of Americans by federal agencies!

News travels Fast Andy
Pretty Consistent Chemtrail Spraying the first two weeks of February 2009 above Washington D.C.

They even spray their own tools, shills, sociopaths, agent provocateurs and political hacks.

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