Interesting Timing for the Swine Flu Scam--Thx Matthew!


Here’s something else that you’ll probably find interesting and might want to post on EW:

My parents, despite being addicted to BBC “news”, have noticed that the media hype about the alleged swine flu “pandemic” appeared only a few days after this:

“Senate implicates Bush aides in prisoner abuse” – … ate-report
“Bush’s willing torturers” – … bush-memos
“Rice gave early approval for CIA waterboarding, Senate report reveals” – … erboarding
“Condoleezza Rice gave nod for ‘torture’ techniques” – … 154255.ece
“Publish and be damned, Mr Cheney” – []
“Obama’s torture memo dilemma” – []

The report by the Senate Armed Services Committee, 232 pages long, can be found here, albeit heavily censored:


Yeah, every disaster has 3 designed silver linings, in this case anyway

bury bad news

Vax coming out []

no doubt they worked that in with the ‘outbreak’

sales of tamiflu soaring–dumping them into schools

this pic says it all:

don’t miss the Brown UTubes

gordon brown doing standup
Gordon Brown – the dance of the comedian

Also noticed the main thorn in the Education for slavery agenda is dying from MND— Chris Woodhead … sease.html

You have to wonder if he is being poisoned.

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