Interference Of Email And Craigslist Account

Im being blocked , interfered from logging into my craigslist and email accounts to sell used furniture.
I also sell various orgonite locally and have sold it directly on the street years ago.

The interference is obvious because at times i can get through and others i cant. Pages requiring to reset passwords, to many varification notices etc…

I see a pattern of fake shoppers and flakes in the beggining of listing an item for sale. Then after awhile the item will sale, but i will have to field an average of 4 to 6 calls per item. Theese customers call and ask good questions, they set a time scale they would like to get it , then flake. wierd stuff.
Second hand furniture sales are good, orgonite sales locally are poor, but they do exsist from time to time.
Paying for the cost of supplies, decent. For the record ive personally handed out directly to strangers 100’s of pieces of orgonite over the years, not including the gifting.
all my email addy’s have the name orgonite in them too, correspondence will have an orgonite pic with my email. They love it. lol

I was getting alot of internet interference while making this post yesterday, and made a double post by accident.
I saw it and deleted it.
logging in today seems to be smooth so far.
posting this stuff does help.