Introducing myself

Hi everyone, I’m offering you this intro after having originally sent it to Don and we agreed it would be a good idea and so I want you guys to get to know me better.

I was born in Norway, June 11th 1950, my mother was a housewife, and my father a medical doctor specialist in Ear, Nose and throat. He was educated before WWII, so that makes him one of the good ones. And indeed he was. He warned me against all sorts of medications and vaccines. But of course I had to have vaccines like everybody else in school, but not more than what the government decreed at the time. I am still staying away from doctors…and their death-machines. I had to go once in the 90s because I almost cut the tip of my thumb off with a penknife.

The Norwegian system of education is different to the American, but after I had finished the equivalent of High School, a Commercial art and Decoration School and broken off an engagement to Norwegian Viking guy, I took off to sail as a Stewardess on a ship with the Norwegian America Line, for one year. Then I migrated to Australia (loved every minute of it) where I lived for 15 years as well as to Sweden to get educated as a building engineer. While in Australia, I never really worked as an engineer, they just didn’t know what a building engineer was and I was a girl, so no go. But I worked (among other things) as an interior and furniture designer within a technical college called TAFE. I loved that job. I left it all to be with my beloved father during his last year.

While in Australia, in the late 1970s on a spiritual quest, I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC, to better myself and all that. I did learn some good things there, but I decided to give it a rest in the early 1980s. And have not had any urge to rejoin, thank God. But I kept all the books and reading-material etc. until I woke up to what was really going on in 2005-6. It was a very rude awakening for me. I thought that some higher force would help us, you know. As I see it now, this is to my advantage, because I recognize all their symbols. When I see a web site with something remotely like it I am naturally suspicious.

Anyway, when I woke up to what the Rosicrucian Order really is, I felt really angry and betrayed. I took every book and paper and burnt it in the back yard! The membership ring in gold, I cut with a pair of pliers and put into an orgone-device (it’s gone). Gold is a good conductor, isn’t it? I cannot remember which degree I made it to, maybe 6 or 7 (they had 12), but I had monographs up the 11th unopened. I’ve kept a couple as a proof, because they’re called…you guessed it: “Illuminati”. Just thought I wanted to share this with you, after your comment about Don Bradley and the doc. I never made it big within the order. I never took any oaths against mankind, I know for sure, because when they wanted me to swear an oath to treat every RC member as brother or sister, I had my fingers crossed on my back…whispering “and the all of mankind too”. And that is the honest to God truth!

I’ve stayed clear of all kind of churches, religions and have only had 3 readings by psychics during my whole life. Of course, I went to see Margaret Birkin, but I discovered her lack of love and consideration for people generally and became suspicious even before I woke up.

As you know, I am reading up on a lot of things. Lately, it’s been mind-control; I want to make sure that I am free from the brainwashing of the world. The closest I ever have come to the military is when I took a job as a secretary to the Head Master on the Norwegian/American School in Oslo for a year. NATO runs this school, but I must say that I am OK, because I told the Head Master off before I left, and I’ve never seen so much Low-Life in my life. This was in the year 1989-90.

I never married, I always knew I never would, but Sheila is a very good friend and companion, and we’re a good team when gifting. She drives and I look around as we go. It would have been nearly impossible to do this completely alone. Also I trust her because she has a generous spirit, and doesn’t mind that we “throw the money away” with orgone.

And now, I am not affiliated with anything besides EW and Orgone, which is the only thing making sense in this mad, mad world of ours. I feel it strongly that this can actually change the world back to health…and it feels safe. I scrapped everything I’ve learned before, and now I am putting together pieces that seems right, to make a new world for myself. I felt totally naked, horrified, betrayed and destitute for a while, you know. And thank you, Don for making it possible to do so with a bit of dignity.

Things I have kept, is my love for artwork. I love oil painting and that kind of thing. So I still do whenever I find the time for it. I do not want to brag, it’s just my thing and I’ve given away a lot of it, so I’ve kept only a few for myself, knowing there’s more where it came from! Another thing is that I love making things. Like I made a lot of wooden toys for my nephews and nieces when they were smaller. Wooden cars and ships etc. Ducks on wheels too!

So that should give you a short but better picture of who I am and where I’ve come from. If I’ve forgotten anything substantial, it will come to me later…cannot cram everything into a little note after all.


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