Introduction - 2

Hello everybody!

I thought I should give a proper introduction. My name is Christian, (Eric’s nephew) currently live in France and am new to the forum. I’ve been reading for a few years, and have gifted alongside my uncle during his visits a couple of times. I will be administering the forum for a while, so if any one has a problem regarding the forum, or any questions altogether, you can send me a private message, or e-mail me at sorgi dot christian at ethericwarriors dot eu (dots removed for some sort of privacy).
Orgonite has definitely changed the overall atmosphere around me, including at school, which seems to repel most mean spirited insults and bullies. I feel great purpose in what you all are doing, and admire it.
I’m sure the French villageois are happy to have their clear blue skys back down here, and overall better feeling!


Christian will be handling the admin job of EW until September, I will be unavaliable until then. Please send your questions or requests regarding the forum to him from now on.
Thank you Christian.


Welcome aboard Christian to the ethericwarriors !

Please post any hack attempts and their IP’s if you can trace them.
We have to keep these %^$ birds on their toes.

P.S. Anyone with the need of pc help, Christian can help you for a small paypal contribution to get you back
up and running. He can conference remotely thanks to skype, IM and diagnose your problems, fix them and get you back to the internet in no time .

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