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       this is my first introductory post so please excuse the akwardness of it, I feel like in this sort of a setting it's reasonable to have a brief description of where I am and what phase of doing what we're all doing I am in. My name is Fred, I live on the big island of hawai'i , which occupies 19.45 degrees  lattitude, which I believe so do the pyramids in egypt because of the merkaba (if you will) energy shape of the earth, and so on and so forth, short story, strong vortexes, huge volcanos.

        Hawai'i seems to be a reptillian interest point, maybe because it's warm, maybe they appriciate natural beauty to some degree, or maybe it's the geothermally warmed lava tubes. for whatever reason it seems that ALOT of orgonite is needed. I've been constantly chiseling away for around 3 years now but if anyone wants to fund a cb or two it would be well welcome by myself and the entire earth energy grid I believe.

Welcome aboard Fred!

I believe you are correct when it comes to the reptilian interest permeating this very beautiful as well as strategic location. Although I’ve never been there, I always wanted to go. The fact you pointed out about alignment with the pyramids is a dead ringer, and the fact it’s surrounded by H2O is another. I wonder how much quartz is in the rock there?

“It’s good to know there is someone like you who cares enough about the place to gift it and help mother nature do her thing.” You have enormous potential to tap into the earth’s grid and utilize it for the greater good of all humanity. You’re sitting on a major artery dude, and it’s no accident. You are there for a very good reason, and that’s a miracle in it’s own. I am convinced your hard work is already paying off.

Good Luck,



    I realized I neglected to mention that the island currently has at least three cloud busters, but I feel like seven or more would be more appropriate.

as far as the geology of the rock as I understand it there is some quartz deep down in every island, and in certain places one can find crystaline magnetite and halite and of course olivine.

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