IRAN: Rafsanjani poised to outflank supreme leader Khamenei



According to the above, Rafsanjani already has the votes, in the Council of Experts, to remove Khamenei who has been outed, by his actions and recent rhetoric, as a political operative and partisan; a posture that is antithetical to his role as The Supreme Leader of the Shia faith. However, Rafsanjani is continuing to lobby his peers for the establishment of a ‘Troika’ of three or more clerics to replace the current unitary leadership structure. I hope he pulls this off. It would represent checks and balances in their religious, underlying, governance and so the ‘civil’ politics would also, logically, be somewhat less prone to despotism.

I think the NWO would lose a great deal if they lost their lever in Iran, by losing Khamenei and Ahmadinejad (who I believe is in, or was in, Russia with his buddy Putin).

Its pretty clear that the Sh1tB1rd$ would love a limited WW3 upheaval to make zillions and further consolidate power; but, they won’t get it without a polarized Iran vs. the ‘West’ scenario. This is trouble for them… I hope Rafsanjani has REALLY good security, not so much against Kamenei, which would be bad enough, but against some Mossad hit squad potentially facilitated by Ahmadinejad’s gangsters with the tacit approval of Kamenei.

The below comment from the head of Mossad is illustrative:

It would be interesting if the psychics see anything ‘interesting’ in this wheels-within-wheels development…

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