Irish Gifting Confirmation

06 Oct 2008 15:28
Subject: Irish Gifting Confirmation
Good evening

while the topic of this post isn’t about gifting i feel it is important for me to post it anyway as it is all linked to our gifting of Ireland . I hope that it is of relevance .

i am writing this post to expose what Ted , my gifting compadre has gone through over the last two weeks or so .
I consider it was an attack from the dark side . It is a subjective thing to just say that but here are the facts .
Ted shares and apartment with his brother who owns the place . His brother has been away for last year and again this year in a different part of the country at college and rents out his own room while he is away .

About three weeks ago Ted was telling me that someone had taken the room . His brother usually posts the room on the internet i think . Ted has no say in who he shares with as far as i can see .

I will relate now in what Ted told me about this person .
Initially Ted told me that he was Latvian but had come from Denver to Ireland in search of work . That he was into meditation and they had a conversation about energy . I thought nothing of it .
The next morning while i was outside having a cup of coffee , something warned me about this person . I can only describe it as the way you see the hackles go up on a dog at someone for no apparent reason . I just got this foreboding .

I let Ted know about this feeling and he agreed with me and said he felt something was askew also .

Over the course of the next week Ted was finishing a final project for his year in college , immersed so to speak .
This person who moved in was apparently looking for work but was about an awful lot and constantly trying to engage Ted in conversation . Ted said that the conversations were deep and he always left this person with a raging headache . He felt that he was constantly trying to distract him from his studies . He said it took immense effort to complete the project .
In the meantime i was getting the alarm bells , seeing that this character had bad intentions . I dropped round one evening to go gifting i think , and wouldn’t go into the apartment . I waited outside .In our conversation i learned that Ted was being put through the mill .
In the heel of the hunt Ted got his essay completed and we met up , he was headed away for a week down the west of Ireland , i had some tbs for him he wanted to gift the dolphins and whatever towers he found . He also had plans to try and find some amethyst on achill island . The evening before he left i called around with a fairly large hhg and plonkled it down on the coffee table in the living room of the apartment . The other person wasn’t there at that time so i didn’t meet him .
Next morning Ted was away and i didn’t hear from him till he was on a crowded boat dropping tbs into the ocean . He sent a text message to say he was getting wondering looks : )

A few days later , this would have been roughly a week or so since Id dropped the large hhg around , I got a call from Ted who was still down the west but coming back from his break . He called to say that i wouldn’t believe it but the person was moving out . Apparently going back home wherever that was . I smiled to myself and thought of him with all that lovely orgone energy on his own for a week unable to get up Teds nose , practicing being a secret agent .

Last weekend then Ted and his brother returned and this person was to get to the airport on the saturday night / sunday morning . Ted was worried about coming back , i wanted to call around and meet this person and see if i was imagining things or getting paranoid .
What happened then was remarkable . We were there in the apartment talking when this person came in . Immediately i became distressed . The energy i felt was extremely bad . I knew instantly that this person was sent because of our gifting around Ireland . Part of me wanted to leave but I knew i had to stay though . The next few hours were incredible really . Immediately i was being attacked quite harshly , and developed a stabbing pain in my lower back . I could feel it coming directly from the next room where this person was packing . It felt like there was one of those dark riders from the lord of the rings not very far away . Later on when i told Ted about the pain he said that he was getting a stabbing pain in his chest . I went down to the car for another bit of orgonite and we stepped out onto the balcony and i got out the sp . My heart was racing and i calmed myself and started to return the energy . I summoned all the love that i could and asked for help from the dolphins and even sylphs and asked for protection . I put the person in two huge spirals of orgone going different ways . I looked over at Ted and he was sending the love too , eyes closed , standing calm .
For a while it was the most intense thing i have ever been involved in . I knew that there was a meeting of good and evil , and gradually a smile spread over my face and i became calm . It worked and i knew it . This was the first time i had first hand experience of such matters . Normally we dont get any interferance while gifting just some attacks but never from someone in the next room . The energy i can only describe as black , and this character was dressed in black too and even dark looking .
Even that evening he tried to engage Ted in conversation , about who else but Doctor Reich ( maybe following from an earlier conversation ) and even had a book that he had got about him that day . Ted didn’t even look at it and i couldn’t talk with someone like that . He wouldn’t come into the room anyway where we were . But i could feel the dark energy all around outside the room .

One particular strange thing though is that Ted’s brother was constantly harassed by this person over the phone to provide him with internet access . One of his text messages was something to the tune of ’ i need the internet , ive seen something i need to report immediately ’ . Was he trying to intimidate us , which he didn’t because i know he went with his tail between his legs or to poison Teds brother about the orgonite or something . I don’t know ?
In fact in hindsight i was happy for the whole experience, while at the time it was unnerveing , it has made me way more committed to gifting now . It was a good confirmation and a first hand experience of boosting or blasting was quite incredible , i had read all about it but never really perceived it first hand . I hope you seasoned etheric warriors aren’t yawning by now : )

That night i stayed till about four and Ted sat up all night watching wait for it ’ the assinnation of jesse james by the coward robert ford ’ . while i know we had beaten this character with love we were still a bit concerned for Teds brother who slept like a baby through the whole affair .
That is the bones of the whole thing . I met Ted the next day and asked him about the night before . He said it had been exactly like that for the whole week that he was trying to get that final essay in for his year of college . My jaw dropped .
We would love some feedback on the whole thing

Apart from that two to three week long incident , gifting is going well for us here in Ireland . A couple of other people have expressed interest in gifting which is great .

I am glad to announce that Christmas came early for the weatherball at Dublin airport a couple of weeks ago and Dublin gifting is going well . I can see the place becoming more peaceful with each passing month .
I have also contacted good Homer and plan to get one of his cells into my little car which i will post about in the future . Hopefully it will save on petrol and we will have more money for resin .

Ps another lad moved into Teds brothers apartment today ! Hes from France . I hope that he is good but won’t hold my breath on that . Looking forward to trying out the brand new powerwand i’ve just made though : )

oiche mhaith ( good night )

07 Oct 2008 00:30
Subject: Re: Irish Gifting Confirmation
Hi Vincent,

Thanks for relating that great story. I smiled when you talked about boosting with two spirals going in different directions. We used to boost like that in the chats all the time, with one person boosting in a clockwise spiral and the other boosting in a counter-clockwise spiral, like two strands of a double helix. We would imagine our target being in the middle of the spiral. It was a wonderful experience for a love-based being and a horrible experience for a hate-based being. Very effective. I’m so glad you guys had the wisdom and intuition to do that kind of boosting. It reminded me that I need to use the double helix more often. The other thing I do in double helix boosting is to imagine the spirals of energy as ribbons that have words stitched on them, like “Love” or “Truth”.

Good job guys! I’m glad Ireland is getting some much-needed orgonite. The chatters can help by working on the natural earth vortices in that country to complement your gifting, and we’ll do so.


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