Is It Already Time To Get Up?

Time to wakeup, this could be your wake up call, and if it isn’t it will continue to knock at your door until the day you finally do wake up and REMEMBER who you really are and what you always have been.

How can I describe the world? Let’s see, the unconscious leading the unconscious. How can someone be knocked unconscious when they were never awake to begin with? Maybe you could say someone was knocked awake atleast until they THOUGHT they regained consciousness if only in their MIND.

Every morning our alarms go off and we THINK we wake up to start a new day. In reality we all just keep hitting the snooze button and REMAIN asleep until the day comes when we truly AWAKEN.

Nothing that happens in this universe is ever an accident, BUT our minds convince us everything happens by chance so we just hit the snooze button again and again CONCEALED in our mind’s domain. It’s not an accident we were all brought together at this time to help each other WAKE UP by seemingly ordinary things (however trivial or damning) which happen in our daily lives. All of the shock and awe happening around the world at this time being escalated at such an ALARMING (hint) rate is no accident either! It’s intricately woven into the very fabric of our dualistic reality to act as an alarm to what…yes, wake us up. Why do you think we are here?

Let’s not wait for anymore 9-11 type psyops to disengage the somnambulistic people from hibernation, let’s get gifting! I’m not exactly sure when we will actually hear the last YAWN on planet earth, but something’s brewing everywhere and it’s designed to wake you-ins up NOW.

At this time, I want to thank everybody in SILENCE for helping me to WAKE UP!

-Louis Onder 09-11-2007

true freedom

true freedom is never having to think again

-same dude 09-13-07

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