John Erb Arrested (Big Pharma Attack)

[Looks like he is onto something. They managed to get Glutamate into every vaccine under the term ‘hydrolyzed gelatin.’ And the obesity epidemic is likely due to MSG and Aspartame. They tried the psychiatric trick with a UK psychologist recently, failed there, I gifted her society HQ, which they shared with Tavistock.]

[2009 Feb] John Erb arrested
John Erb was the man who spoke at the end of the last IACC meeting,
and said that he would be announcing a probable cause for autism in
the next 50 days. His research has been focused around MSG/
glutamate in vaccines and food.

Notification of his arrest has been published on a few boards, but
there is no press coverage:

From Age of Autism post on Feb 14:

"I just got off the phone with John Erb. The officials in Virginia
Beach have arrested him WITHOUT criminal charges and have locked him
in a cell there. They are officially going after him for wanting to
further investigate the vaccine link to autism. They are trumping up
charges of a psychiatric nature due to his announcement last week
that he will be opening a center in Virginia for INDPENDENT research
on autism.

They are going after anyone who is not buying the official Offit
line that vaccines are safe.

Please call who ever can help, John. I am currently unable to get
there. He sounded calm considering the circumstances, but John was
supposed to appear on a radio program today. They arrested him
before he could host an autism picnic and speak on a radio program.
He has been arrested without charges and is being held in Virginia
at this moment. If anyone can please find out more – he was only
given a minute to make one phone call.

John has apparently angered Big Pharma once again. Please help if
you can. Please spread the word. This is unacceptable that you can
now be locked up for questioning Big Pharma based on one recent
court case involving only three children. In America. I can’t
believe this just happened.
Dear Visitors to MSGTruth,org,

Just a few days ago, MSG activist John Erb was physically arrested by police without charges in Virginia Beach and locked up in Virginia Beach Psych to keep him from formally announcing the opening of his new global autism research institute there. They restrained and injected him with drugs even though the attending physician there said there was no reason for him to even be there. John is supposed to be released tomorrow after being held for days without cause.

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t spoken to him and John’s wife Michelle yesterday. Please spread the word that now, autism activists who question vaccine additives like glutamate are now being grabbed on the street and locked up to discredit and silence them.

I still can’t believe this has happened. Please call the legislators in Virginia to tell them you are outraged.

Thank you.

Carol Hoernlein


“He was picked up on Friday by what appeared to be police
officers, and since they could not charge him, they brought him to a psych
ward where he was restrained and drugged as well as force catheterized. The
doctors there did not diagnose him with anything but “Attitude Adjustment
Disorder” and kept him against his will until Monday when he managed to
argue for his own release. He walked out of the hospital only to find that
they had impounded his car, cut off his phone and internet access and pulled
his business license in Virginia Beach so he could not open his research
center. He is basically on the run from people who wish to silence him, and he has done
nothing illegal.”–Carol Hoernlein

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