Johnny Depp Caught Shapeshifting

It’s not just Cbswork’s finding them shapeshifting on film anymore.

There is a stampede on to find them in movies and on tv shift then to upload that part of the film to you tube.
It gives the name gotcha a whole new meaning .
Goto and search shapeshifting reptoids and you 'll see

Seeing the toids shift to me is one of the top ten most rewarding events to happen to one who is aware.
If the pajama people only knew how much fun spotting their favorite celebrity shifting was.


The Viper Room is a nightclub located along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California. It was opened in 1993 and was partly owned by actor Johnny Depp…


I’m respectfully asking that this subject be left to websites that are more oriented toward mere sensationalism.

It’s a fun subject and many of us have seen reptiles in various stages of disguise and even without disguise. But since even DB discovered, a few years ago in Ojai, California, that not all reptilians are evil and that some are even benevolent, I wonder whether it would serve us to operate under the assumption that they are all intrinsically evil. Maybe even Johnny Depp is a sweetheart–who knows? Who cares?

To me, that would be a little like saying that all Americans are evil, or that all aliens are evil, for that matter.

Thanks, guys! I don’t want to stop anyone’s fun but I hope you’ll consider that gifting and related healing activities are a lot more sensational than anything else we’ve come across, so why not post more about that? Just because there’s no personality charisma or Hollywood-style fanfare connected to it (thank God) doesn’t mean that we can’t discuss the genuinely liberating, miraculous aspects of what we’re all doing.

Thanks a lot Don, that definitely rings a bell with me! Entirely my sentimet too!


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