Joseph Newman Video-Free Energy Machine

There’s been a bunch of guys that have invented over-unity devices that put-out more than they take in. They get bought-out or killed, usually. This guy seems to have survived and is telling his story, again.

As you watch this video you’ll notice that in the beginning he’s a young man and at the end he’s old. The video covers many years. That fact alone makes me wonder how this technology could be so surpressed for so long and you can feel this guy’s frustration with all that.

I present here a video concerning Joseph Newman and his simple, huge, but effective device. He demonstrates how it works and backs it all up with simple logic.

Newman has a gift for explaining complex physics in a way that even bobble-heads like me can understand. I have the attention span of a fly and I watched all one hour and eleven minutes of this video in one sitting; fascinating: