Just Me Wondering What's Going On?

Andy Schwarm
28 Apr 2008 12:39
Subject: Just Me Wondering What’s Going On?
I tried to access the Sunday morning Chat and this site was completely gone; just a 404 page.
Also, I have not received any reply to any emails from Don in a month and I wrote to Carol
yesterday and no reply. She always gets right back to me. I checked this site later in the day
and it opened just fine. My business is off 70% from last month and Steve and I are more than
caught-up; if we don’t get some business soon we’ll both be looking for JOBS. My injured back
is the least of my problems. Actually it’s healing pretty good.

I think Don’s a bit fed-up with me, breaking my back and all. I can think of no other reasons
for him to ignore my emails. Would I look less stupid if I had broken my back in an Ultrlight?
Mat Mladin nearly severed his ankle in an ultralight crash, but it didn’t stop him from winning
six AMA Superbike Championships and Andy will ride again, if I don’t have to sell my race-bike
to pay the bills I can’t pay due to low sales, which is staring me right in the face.

Steve and I keep seeing these white vans marked “Rezeneger, Shawnee Kansas”. Can’t
find any info on the company anywhere. See Aye Eh? We not only see them, they follow
us around and when we make them they split. I’ll put-up a pic when we get a decent one.
So far all we have is a cell-phone pic, which sucks. They manage to stay out of range when
we have the video camera aboard.

So, I’d love to hear from Don and Carol and I’d love to make orgonite products for you folks,
ten percent-off until I say no more and at this rate that will be a while!

Well, at least we have time to gift, probably go on a run today, no work!!




Don Croft
28 Apr 2008 13:53
Subject: Re: Just Me Wondering What’s Going On?
Andy, your email to me is getting blocked, that’s all.

The forum was hacked during the chat session, yesterday, for obvious reasons but we think they mainly did that, this time, because in Dooney’s chatroom, the day before, we worked on protecting some free energy device inventors. In fact,. as soon as Dooney suggested that activity, her chatroom was hacked so severely that we had to move the session over to the Etheric Warriors chatroom Cool where things went relatively smoothly/

We had to start out in Dooney’s chatroom yesterday and after an hour Etheric Warriors was back online, so we moved back to this chatroom, where we got treated to the same sort of hacking that closd Dooney’s chatroom the day before. Yesterday, though, they failed to shut us down. I think their tricks are becoming less effective, perhaps because the world odor, itself, is losing power at an accelerating rate. We sense that they’re being more reactive than proative by now, which is a wonderful development.

Two orgonite vendors are being severely sabotaged by the world odor’s $#!+bird agencies right now: you and Georg Ritschl. Since I didn’t get an email from you after last week, when we all worked at removing the CIA interference from your business, I assumed your biz was back, again. I wish you had let CArol know that your business is still being hit! Yesterday was ‘Wounded Warrior Day’ in the chat and we spent three hours helping our comrades, one of whom had been near-fatally poisoned (apparently by CIA in South America) the day before. Dooney has graciously been taking on the Big Targets in her Saturday chats in recent weeks due to the severe sabotage we’ve been attempting to help you, Georg and a few other associates overcome.

It’s typical of the CIA’s Psi Corps parasites to do their best to instill suspicion and doubt among people in this network and one of the most mundane of their tricks is to hack personal email, of course. For those who easily recognize these tricks and find other means to communicate the Psi Corps work directly on emotions and even bodily functions, if they can. Learning to recognize these tactics, too, helps ensure that we will remain relatively clear of their incessant attempts at manipulation and sabotage.

When all else fails, they attack our characters on compromised forums and with poison-email campaigns Cool

I’ll ask Carol to help me disengage the parasites from you and please keep us updated this week, okay? Since you can email Carol why not also CC to me, in case we’ve exposed the hacking enough for them to stop that, for now. All parasites dread exposure, of course ,and the CIA is essentially parasitic, even though they’ve murdered millions of innocents over the years.

As you know,. every time we’ve gone to bat for you in the chat sessions, before now, your business returned to normal immediately. In Georg’s case we’ve found direct Chinese interference on a level that hasn’t yet been matched by the CIA, MI6, Vryal,. Jesuits and African subcontractors and this is apparentl tied to the Chinese effort to plunge Zimbabwe even deeper into chaos and poverty in a bid to plunder the country’s resources unabated, as all colonizers have done there. They’re failing in Zim, thank God, and we think that they’ll also fail to harm Georg. They apparently unerstand that when Mugabe has been deposed, Georg will be free to return to Zimbabwe to teach people about orgonite. MUgabe had Georg and Axel jailed on their previous attempt to network wth their friends in Zim. Payback will be a mo’fo Wink

We’ll certainly give more attention to your problem, since what we’ve done recently wasn’t enough–thanks for letting me know, however roundabout your method was.

I want you to realize that you’re not ever isolated, Andy, and that we’ll continue to help you whenever the CIA try to trash your business. This much effort thrown at you by this parasitic agency is actually a feather in your cap and free advertising; they’re essentially telling the world, through EW, that they consider ctbusters.com a viable threat to their masters’ malific hegemony.


Andy Schwarm
28 Apr 2008 14:22
Subject: Re: Just Me Wondering What’s Going On?
Thanks Don! The last email I got from your wildblue account is dated Feb 25. I have sent you, I guess, a couple dozen, unanswered emails since then.

I’m writing this on my laptop computer as I think my desktop main-guy is hacked! It has several problems. For instance, if I try to open the administrative pages for my site, I get an MS warning that the site I am attempting to open has no security certificate, which is complete crap as I recently paid for a new security license!! It opens fine on the laptop. Also, when I go to ctbusters on my desktop, none of the pics will open! Another weird thing; I just added to the ctbusters blog on my desktop and when I open ctbusters on my laptop, the new blog does not show, even after refreshing the page.

Then there’s the Rezeneger’s following us around. If you play-around with that word you can come-up with a pretty vulgar sentiment, towards resin-tossers.

Yes, Don, I have always had an improvement in business when I was boosted in the chatroom. Always, that stuff works, for sure.

I’ve even noticed that I am getting far less email than I used to. I even get lass spam! I think someone’s working me pretty good.

Thanks for the feedback,


Don Croft
28 Apr 2008 19:39
Subject: Re: Just Me Wondering What’s Going On?
I’m pretty sure I answered an email from you as recently as two weeks ago, Andy, so apparently the hacking was being done from both ends.

It’s useful to post about these specific CIA/NSA/‘New-SS’ intrusions, as I mentioned, because parasites do their worst when other people won’t discuss it. This is exactly how the US Government has managed to erect a facade of New Patriotic Tyranny, for instance.

I wonder what would have happened in Germany in 1932 if people laughed at those ridiculous-looking louts in their brown shirts instead of cowering or cheering them on. Maybe the homeland security schmucks are shy about parading around in their uniforms. Carol says they’re gray, by the way.

Email me and I’ll do the same, then we can post in this thread whether either or both of us receive the emails, okay? I’m not at my own computer so I’ll email you tomorrow morning and will post in the afternoon or evening.

Thx again,

28 Apr 2008 23:22
Subject: Re: Just Me Wondering What’s Going On?
Hi Don

You didn’t reply back to the e-mail I sent last friday about how the Montgomery MD bomb squad pulled all my stuff out of my car at 12:3O a.m. either Confused

I had just drove from Mystic CT to Gaithersburg MD on Thursday and got to my friend’s at 8:00 pm, so I was bushed. I had gone to my car in the parking lot behind the apartment building and had left my car doors open. The older japanese woman who runs the sushi bar below had noticed my car doors open at 10:00 when she was leaving and became concerned so she waited to see if someone would come and close up their car. She didn’t know who it belonged to so after 20 minutes she called the local police and they came to investigate. The local police told the woman to go home and that they would handle it, that was 10:30 p.m. , so for 2 hours the police had control of the situation. I don’t fault the woman for not just shutting the doors or calling the p.d. , after all leaving car doors open at night would raise eyebrows anywhere about what may have occurred to leave them open. The local cops were also doing there job as well by coming by.
The gray area is that they became alarmed when they decided to search my open car and discovered 2 cupcake tb’s on the driver’s floor. I suppose it was another
safe decision to call the bomb squad in complete with 3 geared up bomb experts to determine what these resin and metal filled cupcakes were and whether they were bombs or not.

How I know this all happened is that I heard the engine of the bomb squad vehicle and saw the bright lights of it illuminating my car at 12:30 a.m. , the bright lights were on so the bomb squad experts could see while they removed all my bags from my car. Seeing this from the 3rd floor window I immediately woke my friend up and went downstairs to see this show of law enforcement in action.

It only took 3 minutes of me explaining that the tb’s and the metal shavings were HARMLESS and that is was all orgonite . I also had 50lbs of quartz crystals in the car and explained to the bombsquad that I was gemstone dealer and even pointed out boxes packaged and ready to ship to my latest customers.
Did they look dumbfounded when it all became evident that nothing sinister was going on with the car and it’s contents.
The local cops in their 2 cruisers didn’t even come up to me, but stayed in their cruisers while the bomb squad took control of the situation.

It all ended on a friendly note at close to 1:00 a.m. and they took off and left me to put my stuff back in my car and close it up for the night.

What a bizarre event though to experience after all that driving. The question I have is since when does a cupcake of metal shavings and resin look like a bomb and require the resources of the bomb squad to figure out that the cupcake is in fact Orgonite ? At least I had the opportunity to show them up close what tb’s look like, so maybe the next time a local cop finds a tb they wont send in the padded suits and the huge bomb disposal team to diffuse it . Cool

Don, did you get this e-mail ? Just wondering, since I sent it first thing friday morning .


This is the truck, I declined to take a photo so as not to hurt anyones feelings Rolling Eyes

Don Croft
29 Apr 2008 10:09
Subject: Re: Just Me Wondering What’s Going On?
Eric, I got that email but haven’t answered it, yet. When we take a trip it generally takes me a month to catch up with email, afterward, but I try my best not to let email go unanswered for more than a few days. I focus on answering business email, meanwhile.

It’s never a coincidence when cops intimidate gifters, no matter how much the rational mind wants to explain it away. I think any of our readers can see that the bomb squad incident was not random. We leave ‘coincidence’ behind in our lives as soon as any of us become a viable threat to this world odor.

I just emailed Andy–it’s around 8AM. I’ll check my mailbox for something from him around 5PM and will post about it in this thread.


Don Croft
29 Apr 2008 19:58
Subject: Re: Just Me Wondering What’s Going On?
Andy got my email as soon as it was sent, this morning. There was nothing from him in my mailbox, then, though this afternoon, when I got online again, I saw that the one he sent, yesterday, showed up today, sometime and another one that he sent, this afternoon, showed up immediately.

This sort of ‘hacker sludge’ is typical whenever the CIA/NSA chooses to bother individuals’ email, please note. Exposing them usually makes them turn you loose and I hope you don’t automatically change your server every time this happens because it doesn’t matter, much, which server you use in terms of hacker access.

For Americans, using servers outside the US is helpful, though, because the federal sewer rat agencies have a little bit harder time accessing those.

Earthlink is owned by the NSA, Yahoo and AOL is CIA, etc. In the US, all servers are easily accessed by the sewer rat agencies, we learned the hard way–perhaps they use tax-police extortion on the smaller server-owners who want to remain free of their dalliances with activists’ email.

Also, please remember that if you’re using any mail programs on your hard drive, the Bill gates make it very simple for the feds to destroy your computer through those programs, so please do your mail online and let your server worry about these criminals, okay? It’s unlikely that your firewall and backup is as effective as your server’s.

I only lost one computer due to using that popular mail program with the Bill (NSA hackers’) gates in it–I forgot what it’s called.

These fascists count on the PJ folks’ programming that assigns ‘accident’ or ‘random hacking’ to these frequent hacker intrusions but that programming, which kept the Depression Babies in line (policing each other) and enabled the felonious American feds to even burn books publicly in the fifties, a la 1930s Germany, is finally breaking down, thank God.


Don Croft
29 Apr 2008 20:16
Subject: Re: Just Me Wondering What’s Going On?
As I was writing the above post, my server’s email function was suddenly cut off by hackers.

This often happens at telling times, like right before our chat sessions or after I’ve posted something revealing about how the feds operate.

Thanks for the confirmation, CIA scofflaws! Cool


Don Croft
29 Apr 2008 20:44
Subject: Re: Just Me Wondering What’s Going On?
By the way, Eric, it’s likely that all alleged-law enforcement agencies, including the airport Gestapo, know what orgonite is by now, otherwise they’d have at least taken your cupcakes and blown them up, as they used to do, years ago, whenever they found anyone’s gifts in the field.

Most cops are simply Pajama People and bear no ill will toward others, which is why we gifters get into so little trouble with them. I figure that the ratio of predators in police forces is pretty much in direct proportion to the ratio of predators in the general population, which is perhaps to say 30 or 40 percent in Southern California and 10 to 20 percent, elsewhere.

It seems to me that the ratio of predators in any population is normally about the same as the ratio of potential activists (people who have consciences), with the possible exception of Southern California, where people of conscience are somehow numbed down, perhaps artificially.

The fact that this minority can, under the right circumstances, create a reign of terror, as happened in first Russia, then China, Germany, Russia, Italy, Cambodia, Cuba, Zimbabwe and a few other countries in the past century, is mostly a commentary on how willing the people of conscience are to let these fake governments disarm them, I think. The PJ majority will always move according to how the prevailing wind blows because they only care about the three Fs in life: food, fun and the other thing.

In Uganda, there are guns literally everywhere but not enough bullets to conduct a war. Seeing that made me realize that warfare is more about bullets than ‘arms,’ and the Chinese shipful of bullets, bound for Zimbabwe, that was turned away by the dockworkers in South Africa is perhaps a case in point.

The Brits were unable, somehow, to send enough bullets to Rwanda to conduct genocide in the early 90s, so the CIA lent them some omnipresent airborn death transmitters to ‘encourage’ the predators to kill masses of innocents with knives, instead. That backfired, obviously, otherwise they’d have tried that in Kenya earlier this year. The slaughter was initiated right after the Brits induced the Rwanda gov’t to issue photo ID cards, by the way. That’s how ‘Hutu’ and ‘Tutsi’ were distinguished from each other at teh checkpoints. I wish I’d kept the URL that discussses & documents all of this and shows the pictures of the death transmitters aboard the CIA’s C-130 cargo planes. Actually, Eric’s photo of the cops’ mobile death transmitters reminded me of all this.

See how the militant pacifists are programmed by the What To Think Network to assume that warfare in the Third World is all about ‘bad rich white men who sell guns to bloodthirsty savages?’ Can you see how a subtle form of racism is promoted that way? It’s kind of funny that militant pacifists, who live to preach about political correctness, exhibit this and other forms of racism Wink

One of my doctor friends in Uganda told me an interesting, confirming story about some local cattlemen whom he knows. When a rogue general in the Uganda army sent some men to steal the cattle, these cattlemen defended themselves with their own assault rifles and the raid failed. This is an advantage of any armed populace, which is exactly why the implementation of the New Patriot-Acting Sicherheitsdienstshuetsafl Administration’s wetdream (martial law) would fail in America if they’re stupid enough to attempt it. Of course, we won’t underestimate the shortsightedness of these stupid tyrants in and under the White House.

The funny bit of the cattle-rustling attempt is that a few wounded soldiers and cattlemen were in the same hospital ward but they did nothing more than glare at each other.

The Uganda gov’t let the attackers off the hook, by the way, but the cattlemen at least kept their property. Those cows in Africa are really beautiful–more like wild animals than domestic ones. One of my friends told me that they’re called, ‘Nsagala,’ which means, ‘walks with grace.’

I think the Chinese are unwittingly demonstrating anew the century-old, previously ignored habit of colonialists to foster genocide and chaos in Africa in order to rape a country’s natural and human resources. I wonder why it’s much more obvious when China does it–food for thought, at least. Maybe the veil of missionized Christianity distracted white PJ folks from seeing what routinely followed in the missionaries’ wake. White people used to get sentimental about missionaries, after all, which is why the CIA set up theological seminaries right away, after that poisonous agency’s creation in 1947, hence Reverend Sun Myung Moon and the latest Christian fundamentalist movement, a few years later.

There are some very fine contemporary African authors who give justice to the Sucker Punch (not ‘Succor’ of course) tactics of missionaries but you might have to actually go to Africa to find the books Cool

When China wants more real estate they just grab it; maybe that’s what’s so different about their Zim ploy. I’m tickled nearly to death that China lacks the subtlety of the CIA and the old missionary freaks because that blatant forcefulness rips the cozy veil from the PJ folks’ eyes and it’s going to bring this world odor down quicker than otherwise. Even the New Patriot-Acting Sicherheitzdienstshuetstafl Administration pales in comparison to that level of tyranny.


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