Keyboard Activism

09 Jun 2008 10:33
Subject: Keyboard Activism
The message is for those Orgonite aware people who would rather support us all in the field making and gifting Orgonite globally, even to the far reaches of the planet in some cases without leaving their desktops. Every Orgonite tower buster counts and every tower gifted is a nail in the coffin of the global elite to enslave us and to eventually kill us.
Between your computer time and daily comings and goings would you please either buy some pre made tb’s from my sponsor(me) or from another vendor and gift your towns death towers or make a small contribution to my efforts or anyone else’s who is gifting on a regular basis ?

Paypal something today, that little bit of cash goes a long way towards gifting the planet.
If you know me from reading my posts you know I am mover and a shaker when it comes to gifting towers, nature, land and water and I am photographing and videotaping my efforts to boot.

Thanks to all those who have been supporting me by donation or buying Orgonite supplies to make their own Orgonite. Everytime I get an order from someone who wants to empower themselves to make a HUGE difference in the global healing taking place I get INSPIRED and my spirits are lifted even more.
Someday soon I will make 1000 tb’s in one 24 hour period and I will make it happen because you all helped me make it happen. I did make 300 tb’s in one day once, Mr. Yellow

Thanks, gotta run and make a difference in the world this afternoon. Cool

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