LA Chemtrail Protest 5-20-06

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Today we marched and handed out handbills to at least a thousand passers-by. Wilshire Blvd is very busy on a Saturday. I unfortunately got there a little late and missed the KNBC Channel 4 News crew that interviewed the protestors, for their Toxic Chemtrails Report that airs this Tuesday night at 11PM. Paul Moyer and Jim Sheehan reporting.

This is huge news, folks. I shouldn’t have to remind anyone that reads this list of the black-out that’s been ongoing regarding Chemtrails! For a major, network What To Think channel to put this out, is simply mindboggling to me! We all dread the negative spin, but they named the report, TOXIC Chemtrails!!!

I’m aout to place a link to a photo-slide show I made. I first want to admit being an idiot for not getting any shots of us pressing flesh, talking to passers-by as they waited for the redlight and we passed out a lot of flyers! My shots are mostly of the noble protestors during the odd, brief lulls in traffic:


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Better link:

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Check out KNBC4’s promo for “Toxic Skies” due to air 11PM, May 23:

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The really freaky thing about this promo is they used the same type font and design for the chyron (text) as DB used in “Chemtrails; Clouds Of Death”!!! Coincidence??? Is this KNBC’s way of giving DB kudos for being the first to produce a solid, chemtrail truth video?
This gets more interesting by the day!